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Potter Valley Man Arrested for Allegedly Shooting at Juveniles Feuding With His Stepchildren


The following is a press release issued by the Ukiah Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Jesse Reynolds [Mugshot from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Booking Logs]

On 6/20/23, UPD Officers responded to the 500 block of Clara Ave. for a report of shots fired. Officers were told shots were fired from a moving vehicle and multiple vehicles were involved. Upon arrival, Officers spoke to several witnesses of the incident as well as some of the involved parties. The involved parties included the suspect, Jesse Reynolds and several juveniles.  

Officers learned that an ongoing feud had been occurring between Reynolds’ stepson and another unidentified juvenile male. This juvenile male was suspected of being part of a larger group of unidentified juveniles. Just prior to this incident, the group of unidentified juveniles arrived in the area in a vehicle and were circling Reynolds’ residence. At some point, the unidentified juveniles made threats to kill Reynold’s wife and stepchildren.  

At one point, Reynolds’ stepdaughter ran after the unidentified juvenile’s vehicle with a baseball bat as they drove away from the residence. Reynolds got into his own vehicle and chased all of them westbound on Clara  Ave. At one point, the unidentified juveniles turned around and started driving back towards Reynolds and his stepdaughter. His stepdaughter started hitting their car with the baseball bat. At the same time, Reynolds saw a  rear passenger put his hand out of the window. Reynolds claimed he saw a gun in the hand and heard the person fire one round in his direction. Reynolds then produced his own pistol and fired one round back at the vehicle,  striking the vehicle on the trunk lid. The vehicle then sped off eastbound on Clara Ave.  

After interviewing several witnesses, officers learned that only one shot had been heard by all parties. Based on the totality of the circumstances, Reynolds was placed under arrest for assault with a firearm and shooting into an inhabited vehicle. He was booked at the Mendocino County Jail.  

This is an ongoing investigation and identification of all involved parties is still needed. If any member of the public has information regarding this incident, we would encourage you to call the Ukiah Police Department and speak with an officer. 

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    • Open the floodgates you may want to look before speaking. He is Native American. Not that is reason enough to do what he did cause it absolutely isn’t! The governor of this state has allowed the crime to stay rampant and isn’t going to change it! It was one of his “covid” executive orders he signed. So instead of welcome to America you should have said welcome to comifornia where Gavin lets anyone and everyone run the streets!

  1. And what of the little aholes in the car? Not that the shooter was justified in what he did, but what are local cops doing about out of control youths causing isues in our city? Lately in on line news there has been a local shop owner punched in the face, a band of youngsters entering properties and banging on houses scaring occupents (how long before someone shoots at them?). Reports indicate little to nothing is being done by local authorities. Why are we paying taxes for law enforcement when there is little evidence of them doing much of anything proactive?

  2. Hey Mad- It’s not the local cops job to do ANYTHING about out of control youths causing issues in our city. This my friend is the job of PARENTS. SHITTY PARENTING MAKES SHITTY KIDS.
    The governments job is not to be parents to our kids or anyone. This starts in the home.
    I find it funny that the same people that say “what is our government doing about…(fill in the blank with whatever issue here)…..” the next day will complain wanting more “freedom” and less government, yet they somehow in this instance want more government intrusion because they expect them to nanny our kids. Can’t have it both ways. This is a PARENTING (or lack thereof) issue.


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