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[UPDATE: Help Is on the Way]Calling All Off-Road Rigs: A Motorist Needs Help Recovering His Jeep Cherokee From Cow Mountain

Romer needs some fellow off-roaders to get his rig out of a tight spot [All pictures from Aaron Schuster]

Anyone in the off-roading community knows that when you find yourself in a sketchy spot, don’t count on a tow truck to winch you out.

Garrett Romer’s Cow Mountain adventure was cut short this morning after his Jeep Cherokee ended up a little further off-road than he intended.

His rig currently sits at a 55° angle and will likely require multiple vehicles with winches to get pulled to safety.

Romer told us he is south of the Red Mountain Campground in the South Cow Mountain Recreation Area southeast of Ukiah.

The vehicle is located precisely at 39°4’16” N 123°5’35″W (check out the map below for a visual reference). After attempting to extricate the vehicle himself, Romer is waiting for some off-road rigs to help out.

If you can help Romer get out of a tough spot, call or text him at (732)977-5739.

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UPDATE 4:15 p.m.: Romer told us three rigs are on their way to help him get his Cherokee out.

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  1. Durrrr… moron. Why don’t you get a different hobby you idiot or while you’re out there, be productive and trim some trees and do some firebreak clearing. Just driving your truck off road for the sake of driving it off road is a stupid and meaningless hobby that is bad for the environment. Learn to paint or play an instrument. Or maybe Bonsai?


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