Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Alleged Cloverdale Stalker Taken Into Custody by Local Police

The following is a press release issued by the Cloverdale Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Margarito “Tito” Segobiano being taken into custody earlier this morning [Photograph provided by a Cloverdale resident]

In response to an alarming incident, Cloverdale Police Department apprehended
Margarito “Tito” Segobiano, an alleged stalker, who terrorized a Cloverdale family. The arrest followed a violent confrontation that occurred on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, and resulted in Mr. Segobiano sustaining severe injuries and subsequent admittance to the Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital.

Following the release of Mr. Segobiano from the Intense Care Unit, officers from Cloverdale Police Department began the process of obtaining an arrest warrant. An arrest warrant was served on Mr. Segobiano and he was taken into custody at 10:50 am on Sunday, June 25th without incident.

Mr. Segobiano was booked into Sonoma County Jail with a bail enhancement of $750,000 on the following charges:

646.9(a) PC stalking -Felony
459 PC Burglary – Felony
21310 PC Possession of illegal dagger- Felony
602 PC Trespassing – Misdemeanor
1377(a) HS- Misdemeanor
11364(a) HS Possession of drug paraphernalia Misdemeanor, 594(a)(2) vandalism –

While the incident remains under investigation, we acknowledge the importance of due process and respect for all the parties involved. The legal system will determine the appropriate course of action to address the allegations against Mr. Segobiano.

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  1. It had to be Angela Cordova I guarantee she’s basking I the attention! She even called the news ro tell “Her Story” because she Really believes she is someone special!

    • You are sick! She is traumatized and so are her children and Husband. Karma is a bitch! You got a good dose coming your way for this statement.

    • So Preston why are you not using you name in your comment? Mine is displayed for all to see. You know why? I am not a COWARD. And next time you send one of your minions up to my house, ignoring 3 signs that say “Private road, no trespassing, turn back”, I will not hesitate to protect my family from your intimidation tactics!

  2. I’ve know Angela for years and she is a very nice person. Anyone taking shots at her after what she and her family has been through is out of line to say the least. Thank God she and her family is safe. Good thing her husband protected his family. This is a good reason to stay armed and never let your guard down. This world is sicker and sicker. Our politicians are making things worse with their social engineering bringing more and more homeless drug addicts to our county. Time to fight back like Max did to protect ourselves, our families, our culture, and our country.

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