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‘He Was Going to Rape and Murder Me’: An Alleged Stalker Was ‘Beaten to a Pulp’ After Terrorizing a Cloverdale Family 

Angela Cordova with her husband Max who protected her when she was attacked by Margarito Segobiano on June 21, 2032[Picture provided by them]

Cloverdale resident Angela Cordova awoke this last Wednesday morning, June 21, 2023, and found a stranger’s smartphone on her property. At that time, the discovery was odd but failed to foretell the violence that would follow. 

By day’s end, that smartphone would prove to be the first clue that a stalker by the name of Margarito “Tito” Segobiano had allegedly infiltrated her rural property and laid in wait supplied with a 7” dagger with intentions to attack Cordova.

Unknowingly, Cordova says she walked into his trap while in the company of her 11-year-old daughter and found the stranger in one of her outbuildings.

Angela Cordova told us that after what happened, she knew immediately that her story had to be told. 

According to her account, It was around 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday when she found a smartphone inside her perimeter gate that allows access to her property. The phone’s lock screen had an image of a family she did not recognize. 

An avid contributor to the Community of Cloverdale CA Facebook page, she took a picture of the image and asked the group members if they could offer any insight into the identity of the owner. 

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A group member privately messaged and identified the image as a family portrait of Margarito “Tito” Segobiano’s son and his son’s children.

Upon learning this, Cordova realized she knew Segobiano, and the cell phone oddly placed on the inside of her perimeter gate belonged to the man that had been sending her strange, troubling texts over the previous several months. 

Cordova told us she first met Segobiano around September 2017 when he worked as a security guard at a lumber mill not far from her home. They had exchanged numbers at that time so they could easily share information if/when there was a security concern in the immediate area. They spoke on a few occasions regarding community safety issues and then their correspondence stopped until April of this year when he began texting her unsettling messages. 

On April 20, Segobiano texted Cordova “…you’ll always be here for me” and she never responded. On May 19, he texted, “Can you come by and see me?” and Cordova responded with a simple “?”. Segobiano’s answer: “Nothing really just wanted to talk to you about spirtuality.” 

On June 13, he sent Cordova a long-form text that indicated to her Segobiano was possibly on drugs or falling into mental illness:

I'm in a lot of trouble both financially and spiritually. You're the only one I know and trust mostly on the level of spiritually. I've been fighting your spirit for the last six months. Not sure if you believe or understand but it's the truth and I need your help. No I'm not loaded just in case you're going to ask. My spiritual battles have been so tough that I have talents now that I've never had, I can sing I can dance, I've tapped into the essence of martial arts. I'm so fast I'd be considered a lethal weapon. I've turned into a fearless warrior who fears no death but I have no one in my life who can help with it all. You're the only one I know in this town the only one I trust who hasn't turned her back on me. I hope you'll respond or maybe come by so I can show you my talents. You're the only friend I know. I truly need your help please.

Cordova ignored the text. She could never imagine Segobiano’s spiraling would culminate in the violence that occurred on Tuesday afternoon. 

A nearby neighbor of Segobiano told us she has watched his downward spiral since the winter of 2022. She maintained what she described as a cordial, “neighborly” relationship with him until that time.

The neighbor described Segobiano pacing up and down her neighborhood chain smoking cigarettes wearing a bathrobe and a cowboy hat. He would spend hours in his driveway punching and drumming on a five-gallon bucket sporadically screaming about God and spirits while telling passersby he was training. The neighbor’s two children would come inside from playing. They were afraid and asked her why that man was shouting to no one.

The nearby neighbor told us that last December her husband was out of town when Segobiano knocked on her door. He had come over before borrowing various items, so she answered the door and let him inside.

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Once inside, Segobiano was clearly not the neighbor she had come to know. His energy seemed manic. He told the young mother and wife that he had been “talking to God” who commanded that she become Segobiano’s wife. He assured her that he would provide, that she would never have to work again and that he would take care of her two kids.

The young neighbor told us she was terrified. She did not know what Segobiano would do if she pushed back. She spoke to him kindly asking him, “Are you okay, Tito? Do I need to call someone for you?”

She said the questions seemed to “snap him into a moment of clarity” and he said, “I fucked up.” After this, he left her home quickly.

As time passed, the neighbor has watched Segobiano continue to fall into what she believed was methamphetamine addiction and mental illness. On some days, he could be heard shouting about God in a British accent. On other days, he shouted with a Southern drawl.

When she heard about what happened to the Cordova family, she said, “It was just a matter of time.”

The control box on the Cordova’s gate was damaged by Segobiano’s alleged attempts to bust his way into their property [Photograph from Angela Cordova]

This last Wednesday, Angela Cordova shook off the strange discovery of the smartphone inside her gate and went to work. 

Back on her property, her husband was checking out their gate where the phone had been found that morning and realized that their electric gate’s control box had clearly been tampered with and damaged the evening before. He called Angela and informed her of the discovery. 

The combination of the damaged control box and the abandoned smartphone sparked a troubling realization: someone had been trying to break through the Cordova’s front gate the night before.

She called the Cloverdale Police immediately. 

Chief of Cloverdale Police Jason Ferguson told us an officer was dispatched to the Cordova residence around 1:13 p.m. and documented that someone had damaged the family’s gate and a phone was recovered belonging to Segobiano. The officer also took note that Segobiano had texted Angela about “spirituality” and other “weird circumstances.”

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After taking the information, Chief Ferguson told us his officer set out to check in on Segobiano at his home on Cloverdale’s Butler Court. Upon arrival, there was no sign of him. 

The dagger found in Margarito Segobiano’s backpack. Both the hilt and sheath are decorated with a jaguar, a pack of wolves, and a nude woman [Photo provided by Cloverdale Police Chief Jason Ferguson]

Though uneasy, after Angela Cordova and her husband Max met with the police officer, they tried their best to continue on with their day. 

Angela decided to work from home. In the company of her 11-year-old daughter, she walked to an outbuilding on her property approximately 250’ from her main house to get some work done and upon opening the door was aghast at what she saw.

Margarito “Tito Segobiano”, the same man she suspected of attempting to break into her property the night before, was sitting in the doorway. He wore a sleeveless red shirt and blue jeans. Anglea’s room reeked of chemicals and cigarettes. 

Angela started screaming for her husband Max who was 250’ away in her main house. She screamed for her older daughter who was also back at the main house to grab her personal firearm. She screamed to scare the intruder and draw his attention worried that he would notice her 11-year-old daughter and set his sights on her. 

Angela told us, “He charged me. I ran backward to lure him towards my house so he wouldn’t gain sight of my 11-year-old.”

Angela’s husband emerged from the main house and went into protector mode immediately. According to Angela, with full force, Max plowed towards Segobiano who swung his fists as Max got close. Soon the intruder was on the ground, Max had him pinned, knees on top of his shoulders, and as Angela put it, Max, “beat him to a pulp.”  Despite the beating he was receiving, Cordova said Segobiano was fighting back the entire time. 

Angela’s oldest daughter had retrieved her mother’s personal firearm in the tumult and given it to her mother. Angela had Segobiano in her sights while Max incapacitated him using his fists. 

Angela called Cloverdale Police directly who she said arrived in less than one minute.

Chief Ferguson told us officers arrived on the scene and found that the “reporting party was exercising his right to protect his property and family” by holding down Segobiano awaiting law enforcement’s arrival. “Given the injuries on Segobiano’s face, he was transported to a local hospital immediately,” the Chief said.

Margarito Segobiano on a stretcher with dramatic facial injuries [Picture from Angela Cordova]

A picture of Segobiano Angela snapped as he was being wheeled away by medics shows his face swollen and bloody, contorted by bruising and fluid.

Max walked away with bruised knuckles and knees, as well as bite marks on his forearm from Segobiano.  

Officers found Segobiano’s backpack in the outbuilding where he had been lying in wait. Inside was a large dagger, a methamphetamine pipe, and a small baggie of methamphetamine.

Chief Ferguson told us Segobiano faces a felony charge for stalking as well as misdemeanor charges for burglary, carrying a dirk or dagger, vandalism, trespassing, and possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

The methamphetamine pipe found in Margarito Segobiano’s backpack [Photo provided by Cloverdale Police Chief Jason Ferguson]

When we interviewed Chief Ferguson on Thursday, June 23, 2023, Segobiano was in the hospital receiving treatment for his wounds. 

Angela Cordova has since learned that Segobiano was released from the hospital due to a mix-up between the hospital and law enforcement. He reportedly was dropped off at his residence in Cloverdale. 

We reached out to Chief Ferguson on Saturday evening to confirm but as of publication have yet to hear back. 

Looking back on Tuesday afternoon, Angela Cordova told us, “You will never understand the adrenaline and fear.” She worries for her daughters who watched their loving father “beat a man’s face in.” 

The Cordova family has been fluctuating between gratitude for Max who subdued the intruder, bewilderment as to why the man who threatened their safety is back on the streets, and fear that he could return. 

Angela says she cannot stop thinking: “He was here to rape and murder me.”

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  1. R u kidding me they released this freak just to without doubt harm more people they should have used there 2nd amendment , cops are incompetent

  2. I hope the police find this dude and arrest him.. out on the street again..yeah he will do it again..there was nothing but a beat down to stop him…just another example of why we do desperately need a mental health facility in this county, as well as more in Ca!!!!

        • Well then why does the evidence collected say the contrary? I understand your shock at what your family member did, but nothing about this article is exaggerated. This family has been severely traumatized, including 2 children. It is sad, that you have no compassion for them. God bless.

          • Look they all knew each other he was never a security guard at a lumber yard he was the person who hired the temps and that couple, my cuzin, and my cuzins wife use to hang out all together, she knew who he was. There is a lot more to it than this one sided story.

        • The evidence collected speaks to the contrary! I am sorry you are in shock over the actions of your relative. However he planned this attack, with intent to rape and murder. This family is severely traumatized, including 2 children! It is mind blowing to me that you have no compassion for the victims. God bless.

  3. These news people make things sound worse than they actually are. Tito is my cuzin and he is not that kind of person. Yes he did wrong and he will suffer the consequences of his actions but for the people that are calling him a freak or whatever, ur opinion is based only on what the news tells u. I love my cuzin and he wouldn’t normally do something like this, hopefully being in jail will help him clear his mind and put him back on the right path with God.

    • Unfortunately you see the good side and want to believe in him. The truth is he terrorized my family. He was on a mission to rape & murder me. You were not here. You do not know what happened. Tito is so strung out on meth, he may never recovered. At this point, embrace he’s alive (literally) Max hospitalized the guy. Brain injury. Bleeding on the brain. Facial bones are crushed and broken. He could’ve been shot. Have some respect for my family that was traumatized. Visit Tito & pray for him if your so concerned but don’t dare tell me he had no fucking ill intentions when he sat lurking with a fucking dagger and gave chase. My god. Prayers you open your eyes

      • U knew him better than ur letting on. u knew him very well, and trust me I do feel for u that must have been some scary shit and Tito got beat down for it, ur husband was right in protecting his family, I’m not saying ur not wrong for being in fear my cuzin needs help, but he did not plan to rape or murder u, it was not pre-meditated.

        • I only met the guy a handful of times from 2017 to current. Far from saying I knew him well. That is a fucking joke. People came forward and spoke on what is premeditation was. You should really stop defending this situation and look at reality. He is sick minded.

          • He is my cousin and I will always have his back no matter what he does, that is how family suppose to be i dont care if he was some wild serial killer i would still love him and protect him for life! I’m sorry he scared ur family but that is not my cousin drugs took his mind he just wanted help.

            • if he wanted help….he would have gotten help… not hide on a property waiting with a fucking dagger smoking a meth bong…….. just saying.

      • Angela- Sounds like there’s more to this story. Why did you give this man your phone number in the first place? You’re a married woman. From the article you in 2017 “exchanged numbers at that time so they could easily share information if/when there was a security concern in the immediate area.”
        #1) What are you talking about- a security issue in the area?
        #2) Why in the world would you give a random person who is a security guard your phone number or even strike up a conversation with him in the first place? That makes no sense.

        This makes as much sense as if my wife went to home depot and just randomly gave a security guard there here phone number. You want to keep abreast of “security issues in the area” you listen to a police scanner, follow twitter, contact local law enforcement. You don’t randomly talk to some junky at a lumberyard.

        • Obviously you didn’t read the article. He was security at a company that is near my property. We exchanged numbers so that if we heard anything on that property since it is in a rural area, we would notify the company security #1….. #2 Me being married has NOTHING to do with being a watchful property owner. LMAO. I see your stretching here buddy, good luck with that.
          #3 I didn’t meet some random at home depot and handed out my phone number.
          there has been serious homeless issues, theft and fires from 2017 thru 2023 near this company because it backs up to the River….. so we all watch out for each other. How am I supposed to know he is some random junky? How would you have known that? I dont sit around and listen to police scanners or follow twitter.
          He was fired about a year later in 2018… no reason to speak to him after that. As you can see he sent me messages that I clearly ignored.

          We live in a small town and look out for each other.

          Does that satisfy your stupidity, accusations and ignorance???

          • I told u to read it backwards my name is star is that better does that suit ur society needs i don’t give a rats ass what u or anybody for that matter thinks of me i will always stick up for anyone of my cuzins guess u just dont have family that’s tight like that and wouldn’t understand, what’s the point in having family if u don’t have one anothers backs. Smh

  4. Honestly it sounds like “Tito” is possessed by demons and needs deliverance.

    I have seen into the spirit realm more that i care to admit lately, and this stuff is for real. Its so obvious by Tito’s own admission in his text that he’s dealing with demonic possession, but people are spiritually blind for the most part.

    Sorry to the the Cordova family. I understand the fear they felt. Next time a demon comes your way say the name of Jesus.

    @Rats, if you love Tito, you’ll take him to a deliverance minister. Google Isaiah Salvidar, Derek Prince, Dr. Sumner.
    See the movie Come Out In Jesus Name

    Witchcraft, new age,false religions, and drugs are portals for demon possession. God has been replaced with satan and now you will all see how bad things are getting. Many will die lost and go to hell for eternity unless they repent and submit to God.

    Bring back the Ten Commandments and prayer in school. Buy a Bible and READ IT.

  5. The reporter did an excellent job, nothing exaggerated. This is a list of facts of his behavior and actions. It is important that the public knows. Because he is not behind bars; he is out in public where he can do it again or worse. His words, behavior and actions clearly show he is a threat. To the first woman, and to the second woman and to her family. But also… to the public. His personality, add meth, add he was caught, beaten, arrested, and publicly exposed. And you have a man who now may want revenge in addition to his violent and psychotic personality. One who any reader of this article will tell you they do not want around their family. A supposed “misunderstanding” between hospital and law enforcement is a HUGE issue. It’s also very questionable. So is the department not responding to calls including those from the media source. Very alarming. This isn’t an officer forgetting to get someone to sign a speeding ticket. We’re talking about the release of a dangerous man who has specific targets in mind… people he has already gone after. I hope (and trust) Mendo Fever and others keep this in the spotlight until some satisfactory information is offered by law enforcement and DA, and until the public knows he is behind bars; and especially so that the first woman and this woman here and her family can feel safe.

    • The coo gave him release papers said charges were dropped he was cleared to go home and so he went home the cops got a warrant and arrested him the very next day

      • FACTS
        No charges had been filed yet. Because he was in the hospital. So not sure how charges can be dropped when none were actually filed ?. Your facts are so inaccurate it’s ridiculous. Are you getting your information from your meth head cousin? If you believe anything he is saying right now, you need to put the pipe down, or go seek a mental health evaluation.

        • I saw the release papers ass i was at the hospital visiting him and it was real mature of u to harass his wife on Facebook messenger girly

          • Release papers are not the same as dropping charges. And BTW I have no idea who his poor wife is. So retract your libelous statement. The fact is he is in now, with a $750,000 bond. If you love him son much why don’t you put up the $75,000 to bond him out? BTW if you do, even if he is found not guilty, you will NOT get that money back. So put your money where your mouth is. God bless.

          • because his wife lied. she told me that she had NOTHING to do with him and here she is at the hospital picking him up and taking him home AFTER she told me AND the police to watch out because he has a ghost gun! and he is out of his mind etc… she gave a fucking statement to the police….. did she fail to mention that. She lied to me and said she had NO contact with him and never will…. yet here we are

            • You are contacting his Wife! More I read more looks like that man was set up and framed up by you psycho comment lady. the cops will find out lol cant wait ?

              • Thank you! Everything in this whole situation does not add up. Everyone is only getting small facts by a women who wants to label my cuzin as a rapist ur quote says he WAS going to rape and kill me, no that is just what u thought (conceded) he did not get charged with attempted rape or murder so ur falsely accusing him and labeling him for some serious shit. Ur quote could have said i thought he was, or I feared he was but no u said he was going to. That is we’re ur wrong!

            • And why was his wife obligated to tell u anything, sounds like the two of u know each other pretty well too. Lol u sound betrayed by her why, is it that u know her on a very personal level?

      • For rats or star to defend their cousins actions is disgusting! Your family member is a sick dangerous person! I was a drug addict and never did anything like this piece of crap did to Angela and her family! If you defend any of his actions you’re part of the problem as well!! Support him getting mentally stable but to defend his actions… You’re sick in the head too!! Get help!!

  6. Wow what a story, As a former security guard I have had people ask for my number and give me theirs so that they would be informed as to problems in the neighborhood. It was something we were happy to do as a professional. It also allows us as guards to be more aware if something is happening in the neighborhood. If someone is doing something on a neighborhood property it allows us to form a better protective situation. Many tend to trust a person in uniform as it is a sign of a vetted and trained professional. In this situation it became a train-wreck. He whole family will now have some PTSD. As a former Firefighter I have seen such events in my life and I am most concerned for the 11 year old. There is nothing the family involved here could have done to prevent this as the person involved was on a mission. I pray that Angela can get help for her daughter and for the rest of the family. As far as Margarito goes he clearly needed help a long time ago. People can say he was not a threat all they want but he was not hiding in the shed waiting to start a volleyball game.

    • Thank you and he was not there to just sit and talk. He was stalking and waiting. My little girl will be ok. She is already showing signs of relief now that he is in jail and we have reassured her safety. I appreciate your support

  7. There’s definitely some deeper “”spiritual ” things going on here.

    Lets get a statement from the suspect.

    Allow him to speak

    • Allowing a person who was clearly in a mental health crisis a public forum can make the situation worse. It is best IMO to simply let the man heal and deal with what he has to in court. Hopefully he can get the mental health help he needs otherwise it will be a never ending series of problems for him in life. Hopefully his family can make sure he is well cared for so that his name never is heard over a scanner again.


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