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Fireworks Are Illegal in Mendocino County


The following is a press release issued by CALFIRE Mendocino:

[This photo was taken by Flickr user “David” entitled Kids in the neighborhood setting off fireworks]

The Fourth of July is synonymous for sun, fun, barbecuing, and fireworks. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Mendocino Unit Chief, Luke Kendall, is reminding everyone to do their part to have a safe holiday and help prevent wildfires and injuries caused by fireworks.

Two out of five fires on the 4th of July are caused by fireworks. CAL FIRE is reminding the public of the state’s zero tolerance regarding the use or sale of illegal fireworks. CAL FIRE is working closely with local law enforcement and firefighting agencies to seize illegal fireworks and prosecute those found in possession of them.

In Mendocino County, all types of fireworks are illegal, and their use is punishable by law. Anyone possessing, transporting, or using fireworks in Mendocino County is in violation of the law.

Fireworks are inherently dangerous and can quickly change a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday into a sad and costly one. Children are at the greatest risk of injury. Any person can be held liable for the fire-fighting costs as well as property damage costs associated with the start of a wildfire. Often, these costs are in the hundreds of thousands and sometimes, millions of dollars. For information and tips to prevent wildfires, visit www.ReadyForWildfire.org, and download the ReadyForWildfire App at google play or the App Store to receive alerts for wildland fires in your area. Have a safe Fourth of July and help prevent unwanted fires. One Less Spark means One Less Wildfire.

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