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Mendo Coast’s GrassRoots Institute Will Host Senator Mike McGuire For a Virtual Round Table

The following is a press release issued by the GrassRoots Institute:

[Art from the Grassroot Institute]

State Senator Mike McGuire will discuss the recently adopted state budget and legislative initiatives with constituents in an open zoom session hosted by the GrassRoots Institute. The session will be held on Monday, July 17th at 4 pm. Arrangements for the zoom session are still being finalized. The zoom session will be open to the public and information about accessing the event will be provided in a separate press release a week before the event. To sign up, please email grassrootsinstitute707@gmail.com.

Senator McGuire is Majority Leader in California’s State Senate. As such, Senator McGuire has a key role in shaping the California Budget and enacting legislation that impacts all Californians.

Senator McGuire is a lifelong Californian. The Senator’s family farmed the Golden State’s rich soils for decades. The Senator’s early life was marked by the importance of work and family. He’s proud to note that he was raised by two incredibly strong women, his mother and grandma.

As a legislative leader, Senator McGuire has been a champion for kids and public schools. He marshaled a successful effort to stop the Trump Administration’s offshore oil drilling initiatives, led the charge in the legislature on wildfire prevention & response, and is a leading voice in holding PG&E accountable for triggering catastrophic fires. The Senator is also recognized as a leading legislative voice for action to combat homelessness and build affordable housing in rural California. Most notably, he’s spearheaded efforts to build a landmark rail to trail conversion project running from Eureka to the San Francisco Bay.

Previously, Senator McGuire served as a city council member and mayor of the City of Healdsburg and later as a Sonoma County Supervisor. He was elected to the California State Senate in 2014. In 2022, he became Majority Leader of the State Senate.

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