Wednesday, October 4, 2023

‘Mendocino Refuge: Lake Leonard & Reeves Canyon’ Now Available Throughout County Bookstores and Museums

The following is a press release issued by Dot Brovarney:

 Lake Leonard, “Wood in Morning Light,” Robert B. Taylor, 2013 [Image provided by Dot Brovarney]

Mendocino Refuge: Lake Leonard & Reeves Canyon, a new book about a remarkable North Coast watershed and its inhabitants, is now available at Four-Eyed Frog, and bookstores and many museum shops throughout Mendocino County.

Kirkus Reviews calls it “A captivating homage to a wilderness sanctuary marked, but not spoiled, by human presence … [Dot] Brovarney deftly mixes regional history, ecology, and character studies of people who shaped and were shaped by the land, writing in lucid … prose dotted with flights of vivid lyricism.”

In full color with 200 images, Mendocino Refuge tells the story of Mendocino County’s largest natural lake, and the canyon and Upper Russian River creek that it feeds. Longtime regional historian Dot Brovarney takes the reader along on a fascinating journey through nearby history, from geologic time through today, as the U.S. Geological Society conducts climate change research at “near to pristine” Lake Leonard. Besides a USGS paleoecologist, you’ll meet Pomo peoples, pioneer settlers, loggers and hunters, and others, including two intrepid women who made the canyon home for decades. For more, including how to order on-line, go to http://www.mendocinorefuge.com.

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