Saturday, September 23, 2023

Mendocino County Employees Vote Yes in Strike Authorization Vote 

The following is a press release issued by SEIU Local 1021:

A member of SEIU Local 1021 presenting their concerns to the Board of Supervisors on June 20, 2023 [Screenshot from Mendocino County’s Youtube Channel]

On Friday July 28, 2023, Mendocino County workers represented by SEIU Local 1021 voted to authorize their bargaining team to call a strike, should a strike become necessary. The strike authorization vote passed overwhelmingly, with 92.4% voting yes.

Despite total revenue for Mendocino County having increased 44.8% since 2019-2020, the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors has continued to bargain in bad faith with its public health nurses, children’s social workers, road crews, and other employees. In repeated negotiation meetings, the County has insisted that its employees pay more for their healthcare and retirement – an overall pay cut. This effective pay cut will only exacerbate the current staffing crisis by pushing even more County workers to opt for better-paid positions in neighboring counties, cities, and the private sector.

“Our members are frustrated with the lack of leadership from this administration,” said SEIU 1021 Mendocino County Chapter President Julie Beardsley, a senior public health analyst for the county. “Mendocino County has amazing people, natural resources, and the spirit to move forward. This strike authorization is a clear indication that things need to change.”

Mendocino County has a county-wide vacancy rate of 29%. Among the critical staffing shortages jeopardizing the health, safety, and well-being of county residents, including the most vulnerable, are:

  • A nearly 40% vacancy rate in Family & Children’s Services — putting at-risk kids in danger;
  • A 44% vacancy rate in Department of Transportation road crews, meaning our roads don’t get paved or repaired in a timely manner; and
  • A 70% vacancy rate for mental health clinicians.
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SourceSEIU 1021


  1. And how in the hell is a strike going to help anyone? It won’t! State of CA needs to step into mediate. Dumb & ignorant on both sides. Figure it out ASAP – the community expects better from both sides. Also, if you are not making enough money you might not be qualified for the next upper position and if so go get a part time job to help out your situation. I know that means getting off the couch and actually working.

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