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Unveiling Summer’s Wonders at the Skunk: Experience the Return of the Chiggen Steam Engine

The following is a press release issued by Mendocino Railway:

The Chiggen Steam Engine [All photographs provided by Mendocino Railway]

The Skunk Train is excited to announce the return of a sensational experience that will transport visitors on an unforgettable journey through time and immerse them in the beauty of the Redwoods. Prepare to be captivated by the historic Chiggen steam engine.
The Chiggen, a legendary steam locomotive that graced the tracks of the California Western Railroad just last year, is making its return to the Redwood Route this summer. Weekends in August and September, adventurers of all ages can step aboard this remarkable piece of history and embark on a one-of-a-kind voyage through the heart of the Redwoods.
Pulled by an authentic, historic California steam locomotive, passengers will relish a scenic 7-mile round trip along the stunning Pudding Creek Estuary. Immerse yourself in nature’s wonders as blue herons gracefully glide over the waters, ospreys command the skies, and elegant egrets dot the landscape. Departing from our Fort Bragg depot, this enchanting journey lasts one hour and 15 minutes round trip, with a captivating stop at Glen Blair Bar.

Transporting you back to the Days of Steam, the Chiggen mirrors the original locomotive that traversed these very tracks in 1885. Experience the nostalgia and grandeur of the era as you travel in authentic passenger cars from that time, including an open-air car that allows you to breathe in the fragrant air of the towering Redwoods. This remarkable expedition through history promises to be a cherished memory for everyone on board.

Tickets for this experience are $79.95 per person, visitors will experience a living testament to locomotive engineering and history. Don’t miss your chance to step into a bygone era and experience the wonders of the Chiggen steam engine. 

Book your tickets now on  https://www.skunktrain.com and be prepared to embark on an extraordinary adventure that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

About The Skunk:

The California Western Railroad / Skunk Train has been a pillar of community and natural beauty in Mendocino County, California, for over a century. As a Class III common carrier, the California Western Railroad / Skunk Train has a rich heritage of both freight and passenger service, stunning landscapes, and commitment to providing unforgettable experiences, the Skunk Train invites visitors to embark on unique journeys that blend history, nature, and nostalgia.

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  1. Inflation indeed ! Maybe this expected infusion is meant to fund their move into eminent domain land gobbling as a “freight carrier”.


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