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Ukiah Man Booked For Murder After Shooting Alleged Trespasser in Redwood Valley

The following is a press release issued by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. This has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

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On 08-09-2023 at around 7:50 PM, The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center received a 911 call from a person in the 2900 block of Richards Road in Redwood Valley, CA. The caller identified himself as 46-year-old Clinton Maxwell, who told the Dispatcher that he had shot his neighbor who he found trespassing on his property.

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the location and requested that EMS stage in the area until the scene was deemed safe for them to enter. Upon arrival, Deputies encountered Maxwell who was detained without incident. Deputies located Timothy J Abshire, 46 of Redwood Valley, in a remote area of the property on a dirt road. Deputies and EMS performed life saving measures including CPR however Abshire succumbed from the gunshot wounds and was pronounced deceased. 

During the course of this investigation, Maxwell was subsequently arrested and booked into the Mendocino County Corrections Facility for homicide, a violation of section 187 of the California Penal Code. Maxwell will be held in lieu of $500,000 bail. 

The circumstances leading up to and during this incident are still under investigation. Any persons who might have knowledge of this incident or any information leading up to the shooting are encouraged to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

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    • I of course do not know all the facts but the basic ones are clearly evident. The deceased came back onto the property where he had trespassed before when he threatened to “Kill Everyone” and was later shot by an officer. I am not a gun lover but as a citizen I would have a hard time convicting Maxwell as there would be no good reason for Abshire to be there. If I was Maxwell would be concerned that Abshire was carrying a weapon and willing to use it. If I was a Juror I could not convict as I would also be afraid both for my family and life in the same situation.

      • Exactly, convict the ones that defend themselves and let the ones that do harm out to cause more ongoing problems.. What a waste of tax-payer money? Good luck with that conviction DA.

            • So you responded with a slur you are more despicable than anyone could have ever thought vile and sick I feel sorry for your family

          • Are You Gone Yet why is it not ok to stand up for what you own and have built? I’m not understanding? I mean maybe I missed something somewhere?? I believe it’s ok to stand up for what’s yours and protect what is yours. I believe that when you trespass you are taking a risk. You don’t know what’s beyond that fence gate property line and so on. I mean I am old school and believe you stay in your property and I will stay on mine. I also believe criminals don’t care about boundaries and know they will get a slap on the hand and let out to roam more and do more crime. I also believe the rest of the story hasn’t came out yet so pointing finger and calling names makes an ass out of someone until they know the facts! This country was built on freedom and we as citizens have a right to protect what’s ours. If you don’t like that then allow them all to come to your house and stay. It will be less for us to worry about. Just saying! 🤷🏻‍♀️

              • So you’re saying because someone believes in standing up we should move out of California?? Why is standing up for what is yours such a bad thing?? Trespassing is braking a law and trespassing on someone’s property is putting your self at risk! You never know what’s going to happen. Maybe they have a dog that will bite maybe they will just kick your ass or maybe if you’re threatening them waving a weapon or throw sones or trying to fight them you may get shot or even stabbed. So because I believe standing up for what belongs to me and my family I should move to Idaho??
                These come backs to comments make me laugh. Maybe I should since so many in mendo county want to lay down and let criminals walk all over them. I hope I never read a story saying the cartel decided to move in to your house and you laid down so they can. Or better yet you whining cause some criminal is bullying you to get what they want. Hope laying down for law breakers works for you! #STAYLSYINGFOWN #EASYTARGETFORCRIMINAKS

                • You have got to be kidding me so that means you think trespassing should be the the death penalty he didn’t have a weapon or do anything trespassing is a misdemeanor and always has been when did it become so serious call the police that’s why I told you to go to a stand your ground state then you can shoot anybody for any reason that is why I live here in wonderland of California maybe you are a paranoid man who should try to enjoy life without being so angry and volatile Texas Florida are great for that ask George Zimmerman

                  • How do you know he didn’t have a weapon?? Were you there when it happened?? I’m didn’t say it should be the death penalty I said it’s ok to stand up for what is yours. Sorry but not everyone is just going to shoot for no reason. Obviously the “shooter” felt threatened. Not sure if you read the other article on how abshire was shot by cops in the ass cause he was threatening to kill someone and his family?? So there is a history with this abshire guy and no doubt he has repeated it many times.
                    I feel bad for both sides loosing a child is horrible and being the one to shot isn’t an easy decision either. So maybe instead of pointing fingers and assuming cause someone says stand up for what’s yours means they want all trespassers dead. That’s not the case it just means stand up and protect. Sorry not everyone is willing to just lay down and allow someone to take advantage whether animal or human. Get off the gun rotting band wagon and use common sense. #liberalsmakemelaugh

                • I’M NOT GONE YET NOR WILL I BE, shooting a person just because he’s on your property is not allowed in MOST states. Holding a person under a citizens arrest for the police to show up is allowed.If you kill an unarmed person just because he’s on your land you have committed murder.

                  • OLDUKIAHANDi Did I say anything about killing an unarmed or armed person on my property? No I said it’s ok to stand up for what’s yours. I also said trespassing is putting your life at risk because you don’t know what you will come across.
                    And no you are not allowed to detain some when you do citizen arrest. I know cause I have asked. Also do you really think calling law enforcement is going to work? Let me share something I called law enforcement when some Lu it I was whipping my dogs with a bull whip. It was oh about 2:30ish in the morning. Not sure what it was since it did sound like a gun. I told the dispatcher I think he’s shooting at my dogs. I was asked what way he was heading and told them. Then asked if I would go out side and make sure he was heading away from the house. Um ok what if he had a gun? So when my husband went out he came at him with a miners light and a camping ax. Isn’t that a weapon if not being used for camping? Around 7am in the morning we get a call from an officer asking if we still needed him to come out or if we had any questions. So tell me what I’m supposed to do? And this isn’t the only time law enforcement has not shown up or shown up after the fact. Am I supposed to just retreat into my home and let them do this or should I stand up so they know this neighborhood doesn’t mess around? Back in the day it was ok to go out and kick someone’s ass if they were doing wrong. Some people need to get over the gun thing and use common sense and reality.

                    • Under California Penal Code 837 PC, a private person can make a citizen’s arrest only in the following circumstances:

                      When the person commits or attempts to commit, a misdemeanor crime in the citizen's presence;
                      When the citizen knows that the person has committed a felony, though not in their presence; or
                      When a felony has been committed, and the citizen has reasonable cause to believe the person committed the crime.

      • The big question here, was Abshire armed when Maxwell shot him? If so its clearly self defense if not it’s murder. Property trespassing is not grounds to use deadly force.

  1. Why did the homeowner get in trouble? The filthy animal was on his property. And who even knows what the trespasser was going to do? I am all for the homeowner.

    • At some point more will be revealed. If the trespasser was unarmed that would be why the homeowner was arrested. You can’t shoot someone just for being on your land.

  2. The comment moderation here is a joke. You will be censored for saying Camille Schraeder looks like an alcoholic nurse ratched, but look at all the other bullshit that flies on mendofever.

  3. I hope thatan doesn’t have to go to trial with a public defender… He deserves a fair trial and that’s what he won’t get with court appointed council… nobody cares if your innocent when you hqve no money #BIGFACTS

    • Well then start a gofundme for him. All the folks on here supporting his shooting of a trespasser should be more than willing to help his cause, right?

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