Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Willits Man Missing for Nearly Two Weeks After Being Released From Regional Hospital

Raymond Tyler [All photographs provided by his sister Colene Brown]

38-year-old Willits resident Raymond Tyler was released from Shasta Regional Medical Center in Redding on August 3, 2023. Despite arrangements for transportation back to Mendocino County, family, and law enforcement are concerned for his well-being after being unable to make contact with him or confirm he made it back to his Willits home.

Colene Brown, Tyler’s sister, told us she grew up with her brother in Willits and lived there until she moved to Kentucky.

She said Tyler was hospitalized due to psychiatric issues. “This is the first he’s had a break from reality like this.” In the days since his release in Redding, his location and condition have remained unknown. “I’m trying to spearhead the search for him but it’s difficult to do from 2000 miles away.”

From Brown’s understanding, “the last confirmed sighting of her brother was someone reporting they “gave him a ride north of Willits on Oil Well Hill on August 5th.”

Willits Police Officer John Gale is heading the investigation into Raymond Tyler’s whereabouts. He told us that Redwood Community Services had arranged Tyler’s transportation from Redding back home to Willits, but despite his attempts to confirm the transportation had been provided, RCS has yet to provide information to his inquiry.

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Officer Gale said he has spoken with three individuals who reported seeing Tyler in the Willits area between August 3 and August 10. One woman told Officer Gale she saw Tyler near his Willits residence located by the intersection of South Main Street and Monica Lane

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These reports have led law enforcement to believe he is likely in Willits, but he remains missing based on the fact both his family and law enforcement have not substantiated his location nor made direct contact.

Fundamentally, his sister Colene Brown wants to know her brother is safe. She said, “He may be very sick” and asks the public to keep their eyes out for Tyler.

Raymond Tyler is 38 years old, stands 5′ 7″, and weighs approximately 150 pounds. His hair is reddish-blond, his eyes are blue and he has freckles. Brown says her brother has a scar on his chest as a result of open heart surgery, a noticeable scar under his right eye, and asthma. He is known to carry a backpack.

Officer Gale asks that if anyone has information about Raymond Tyler’s whereabouts to contact Willits Police Department immediately at (707)459-6122 so officers can make contact and verify Tyler is safe and in good health.

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  1. My heart goes out to his family. Missing a loved one and not knowing their whereabouts is a difficult thing. I will keep my eyes open for him and pray he is found safe.
    To many missing young people in our area.

  2. Raymond please let someone know where you are. I miss you my best friend. You are one of the main reasons I am still pushing through life today.

  3. Wish someone out there would organize a search for him where he was allegedly last seen. If he’s had a break from reality then you know he might be alive out there paranoid but time is running our 💔

  4. I have tried to locate Raymond. No one has a clue. Unbelievable. Saying prayers for his safety. And I also have a lot of people willing to do a search for him. We combed the camp south of town. Went to outlet creek road across from reynolds. Over oil slick hill and looked a few places. Stopped at a few houses. Asking anyone and everyone. Nothing. Gonna try again tomorrow.

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