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Ukiah CHP Conducting DUI Checkpoint This Saturday, August 19


The following is a press release issued by the California Highway Patrol:

[Stock image from Matt LaFever]

The Ukiah CHP will be conducting a DUI checkpoint to aggressively seek those who choose to drive intoxicated. It is our goal to use this enforcement tool to assist with the reduction of injury and fatal crashes caused by intoxicated drivers. We are asking the public to designate a driver if they happen to allow alcohol to be a part of their evening. Arrive Alive, Don’t Drink and Drive!! 


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  1. Checkpoints are an illegal stop & detainment of your person & violation of your civil rights!!! Do not answer any questions or provide ID or proof of anything to these copsuckers!! You have not committed a crime & their “investigation” is to find a way to get you to commit one. Its a tyrannical show of their power over you….fuck cops!!

      • I was stopped at a checkpoint and asked by a cop after his courteous good evening, “Where are coming from?” My reply was “None of your business”..Immediately shined his flash light into my eyes and asked if i had been drinking, I replied “NO” and asked if he had anymore questions for me ? He was visibly irritated and waved me through. DUI checks are a catch-all then determine who to cut loose and who to keep! Completely unconstitutional …

    • all of you obviously don’t get why they are doing it and it has nothing to do with civil rights go back to school if you’re going to be illiterate
      if you’re really concerned about the checkpoints or you’re going to be driving drunk or high stay home you’re the risk!

      • It has everything to due with the constitution. I don’t drink and drive, Evidently you need some schooling on the constitution. You’re ignorance is showing when you accuse the commenters of being illiterate , which means an inability to read or write , But then someone who refers to themselves as “GOD” obviously has some issues.

  2. I don’t know why the local cops don’t just hangout down the road from the bars in and around town and wait for people to drive off drunk at 2:00 am and catch them right away. All the cops did that back in the 70’s…

    • Old ukiahan, they do. This is for people just randomly driving drunk thinking they’re fine, leaving a friend’s house, maybe with their kids in the car. Drunk drivers are a serious problem and more of them are concerned about a dui then killing someone.


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