Saturday, September 23, 2023

Missing Willits Man Found Deceased

Raymond Tyler [Photo from Colene Brown]

Raymond Tyler, the 38-year-old missing Willits man, was tragically found deceased this morning, his sister Colene Brown confirmed.

His remains were located along Highway 101 in the area of Oil Well Hill north of Willits. Brown said her brother’s body was found near a residence after an ad-hoc search was conducted near a home he was reportedly dropped off at around August 5, 2023.

Tyler went missing after he was released from Shasta Regional Medical Center in Redding on August 3, 2023.

Brown told us her brother, “was kind to everyone he met, strangers and friends alike. He went out of his way, even in the depths of addiction and depression, to help anyone that needed it.” She went on to say, “He was abused and neglected from the day he was born and never failed to be a good person. Even at rock bottom he helped other people and smiled while he did it.”

We have reached out to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office for more information about the case and will update this article when they respond.

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  1. Raymond I am so heart broken and I can’t believe that you are gone. You were my best friend and the one who helped me put all my pieces back together whenever I fell apart. You were the kindest and most sweet and thoughtful person that I have ever known. You gave me courage to make the decision to speak up about what was happening to me with the law enforcement up there. I don’t know how I’m ever going to get through this without you my friend. I love you to the moon and back and then some. Please rest in peace ….

    • Lorna take a nap….. miss recovery…. the stuff you are making up about law enforcement is really all kinds of innocent people into the Limelight it’s not cool to drag other people along in hopes to facilitate your agenda get real even the porn in your Prime was not it.

  2. What gets me is how close to the house he was found, how long it took, and the fact that is was somebody who didnt live on that property that found him. It has been hot hot hot for the past two weeks. If he was as close to that house from what i hear, they should have noticed a decaying smell… not trying to be insensitive because he was a dear friend of mine as well. Im just upset it took so long to find him.

    • I agree with you I was wandering the same thing. I no nothing will bring him back now but I hope his family and friends get answers as to what really happened. Prayers 🙏 for y’all. And again I am sorry for your loss. I do not not any of y’all but this story caught my attention so I have been keeping up with it and praying and hopeing for a good outcome. Again I’m so sorry.

  3. Ray, you will be missed.

    You were the first friend I made when I was put into a foster home across the street. You treated me kindly when others did not. You looked past my outer appearance and helped me become a better person. Thank you for being you, Ray… the kind hearted, nonjudgmental, helping, uplifting, funny, giving, wonderful person you always were.

    Thank you for putting up with the difficult person I always was when gaming. Thank you for teaching me how computers worked when I had no clue. Thank you for letting me crash at your place when I just needed to get away from home. Thank you for sharing everything you had when I had nothing to give. I especially thank your friendship.

    I’m now remembering good times we had: rollerblading to school together, playing our first online video game (T4C) while sharing your computer, meeting at Ryan’s weekly to game, hanging out in our small town, and so much more. I regret not getting to talk to you in recent times and I’m sorry for not reaching out.

    Ray, you will be missed. I miss you even now.

    Rest In Peace, Ray.

    Your Friend,

  4. Ray,

    You invited me into your home when I had none. You welcomed me with open arms into your neighborhood and introduced me to so many friends. You were part of the original group. You were a part of something that showed me family wasn’t about blood. I’m sorry time and distance separated us. I hope whatever happened, you found peace.

    See you later, friend


  5. I didn’t know Raymond, but this broke my heart. I’m so saddened by this tragedy. ✝️💔My heart and prayers go out for his family and friends. 💐💐💐💐💐

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