Saturday, September 23, 2023

Willits Center for the Arts Presents ‘Made in Mendocino, Art Quilts’

The following is a press release from Willits Center for the Arts:

Robin Goldner’s “Caution Climate Change” [All images provided by the Willits Center for the Arts]

Willits Center for the Arts is delighted to announce its upcoming exhibition, “Made in Mendocino, Art Quilts,” showcasing the diverse and creative work of 20 talented art quilters. This highly anticipated show will captivate art enthusiasts and quilt aficionados seeking a unique and inspiring experience.

Art quilts, a fusion of traditional quilting techniques and artistic expression, have gained significant recognition in recent years. The Willits Center for the Arts is proud to have dedicated space for this exhibition, allowing the intricate details and ingenious designs of these unique quilts to shine.

Laura Fogg’s “Bad News”

Made in Mendocino, Art Quilts promises to transport visitors into a world of color, texture, and storytelling. Each piece has been carefully selected to demonstrate the diverse range of quilters’ artistic visions and technical mastery, showcasing the vibrant diversity within the local community.

The exhibition will feature an assortment of quilting styles, incorporating various materials, techniques, and themes. Visitors will be amazed by the intricate stitchwork, stunning patterns, and inventive use of colors. From contemporary, abstract compositions to more traditional and narrative-driven quilts, “Made in Mendocino, Art Quilts” presents a kaleidoscope of quilted masterpieces.

Linda McDonald’s Portait of J Robert Oppenheimer

This exhibition celebrates the incredible talent and creativity of our local art quilters, offering a unique lens into their artistic journeys. We invite everyone to join us and immerse themselves in the beauty and intricacy of these extraordinary pieces.

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“Made in Mendocino, Art Quilts” will run from September 2 until the 24th. The Willits Center for the Arts welcomes visitors from Fri. – Sun. 11 a.-5 pm. to explore and appreciate the remarkable craftsmanship on display.

Admission to the exhibition is free, with donations to support your Willits Center for the Arts gratefully accepted.

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