Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Ukiah’s Downtown Streetscape Project Construction Update for October 2-6

The following is a press release issued by the City of Ukiah:

This is what “installing services” looks like
the “laterals” carry water from the main line in the street to the water meters in these meter boxes in the sidewalk [Photograph and caption from the City of Ukiah]

On the south side (Mill to Gobbi), crews will continue installing the new water infrastructure. The “services” or “laterals” will be going in, including the infrastructure for fire hydrants.  These are the perpendicular lines that bring water from the main line to each of the buildings/hydrants.  Work will continue to proceed northbound from Gobbi to Mill.  No interruptions to utility service are planned next week; however, some—not all—of the properties in this area will have temporary interruptions to their water service during the following week of 10/9.  Those property/business owners will be individually contacted at least 72 hours in advance. Access to all properties will be maintained.  

On the north side (Norton to Henry), construction crews will continue work on the “joint trench,” which will hold the new underground electric lines, as well as phone and cable lines. This part of the project is moving from south (near Henry) to north (to Norton).  Immediately upon the completion of work in each section, steel plates will be placed across the trench to allow vehicular access.

Looking ahead (North): Starting around October 9th, sidewalk demolition is scheduled to begin on the southeast side of State (near the intersection of Henry/State).  The first thing that will occur is the removal of the existing street trees.  We know this seems drastic, but just look how the trees in Phase One are thriving!  By planting them in larger tree wells with irrigation, they grow faster and healthier, and are less likely to later damage sidewalks and buildings. After the tree removal, the removal of the old sidewalks will begin.  As with Phase One, temporary, ADA-compliant sidewalks will be installed with base rock immediately following demolition.  Also, we are committed to not demolishing any sections that can’t be replaced with new in a reasonable period of time. 

Where will the work occur? Trenching for water on the south side, working northbound from Gobbi/State; joint trench work will continue on the north side, primarily in the area of 456/476 North State Street.

What are the construction days/hours? Construction hours will be Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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Will there be dust and noise? Yes. There will be some dust and fairly significant noise associated with both sections of work.

Will there be any disruptions to parking access or streets? Yes. On-street parking in the construction zone will be closed. Pedestrian access to businesses will be maintained at all times.  Through traffic on State Street will be allowed in both directions. Traffic signals at Gobbi/State and Mill/State will be on flash. Any impacts to driveways on the north side will be coordinated in advance with business/property owners.

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  1. Curious what’s the update to Clara avenue last I seen we had a public worker surfing on recently laid asphalt has that been fixed?

  2. Could someone please fix the North State Street /Raleys/In-n-Out/Lovers Lane intersection of horror? The hugest intersection in Ukiah is about to get a drive thru Starbucks and shits gonna get crazy…

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