Thursday, December 7, 2023

Grassroots Institute Kicking Off Campaign to Ban New Gas Stations in Mendocino County

The following is a press release issued by the Grassroots Institute:


The Grassroots Institute of Mendocino (GRI) is launching a public campaign to halt the construction of any new gas stations in Mendocino County. The kickoff event for this campaign will take place at its quarterly General Meeting on Sunday, October 22nd in-person at the Caspar Community Center from 12:00-2:00 pm.

GRI is excited to announce that our guest speaker will be Woody Hastings, an environmental activist who was instrumental in successfully pursuing new gas stations bans in Sonoma County. Members of GRI’s Climate Crisis Workgroup and Woody will make the case for such a ban, leading a discussion and answering questions.

Woody Hastings is the co-coordinator of the all-volunteer Coalition Opposing New Gas Stations, or CONGAS. Founded in 2019, CONGAS is a community-based organization with a simple mission: stop the construction of new gasoline stations. Since 2019, CONGAS has played a role in stopping at least three gas station proposals and has led the effort to enact local ordinances prohibiting new gas stations throughout Sonoma County and beyond.

Woody is an energy and environmental policy analyst, strategic planner, and community organizer with over thirty-five years of experience in the non-profit, governmental, and private sectors. In his professional capacity, Woody serves as the Phase Out Polluting Fuels Program Manager for The Climate Center, a statewide climate and energy policy non-profit organization founded in Sonoma County in 2001. Woody earned his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies with an emphasis on sustainability and social justice from San Francisco State University. He is also a Fellow of the Sonoma County-based Leadership Institute for Just and Resilient Communities.

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  1. I didn’t know gas station installation was even a threat.
    What I do know is that electric vehicles hurt my brain hurt and hurt my ears, nauseates me. Why dont we encourage walking in the city limits? Make walking normal again. And safe again. Where is the coalition against more vehicle bodies being made?

    • Civilization is a threat to these social engineers. As for the insane EV it’s a crematorium on wheels. And a huge environment disaster.

  2. Meanwhile it’s good for the environment for 15 cars to be idling at the Coyote Valley gas station waiting on a pump to become available.

    • Well I’m not sure if you’re if you’re aware of this but everybody in California is supposed to own a electric car by 2025 I believe. And have a federal ID and at a chip embedded in their freaking hand to replace my phone I’m joking about the ship in their hand but the federal ID and the electric car are laws got a passed just waiting to be implemented have to give us time to submit

  3. No I grew up in this county I did the save the redwoods thing I delivered food to butterfly I respected the young lady who tried to stop the bypass of will it by living in the tree I’ve lived in a few trees myself and I do respect the land of these activists think I should take they’re not activist at all I challenge somebody just just research on this so-called activist groups you’ll find it’s a freaking woke go broke save the world climate change scam demic

  4. Not to mention I’ve spent the last five years you’re locally on the streets after previously having the family owned and run county Business my whole life and also doing 20 years back country I’m glad the dams are coming out of the Klamath and I hope to see some good come out of the damn removals on the eel but this whole go green electric car BS this is just too much maybe people should just learn to separate their own carbage that would be a good start

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