Thursday, December 7, 2023

Bureau of Land Management Ukiah Field Office Eases Seasonal Fire Restrictions


The following is a press release issued by the Bureau of Land Management:

Cow Mountain Recreation area [Photograph from the Bureau of Land Management]

With cooler temperatures and measurable precipitation, the Bureau of Land Management has eased fire restrictions effective today for public lands managed by the Ukiah Field Office in Colusa, Glenn, Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, Solano, Sonoma and Yolo counties. Fire restrictions were originally initiated on June 28 to curb the risk of wildfire. The rescinded fire order is available on the website.

Public land visitors can again use campfires outside of developed campgrounds and posted recreation sites. Recreational target shooting may also resume in designated areas. Visitors are encouraged to check weather conditions for Red Flag Warnings and Fire Weather Watches to avoid shooting in hot, dry and windy conditions.

“Due to cooler fall weather conditions and declining wildfire danger, we are lifting seasonal fire restrictions,” said Ukiah Field Manager Nicholas Lavrov. “While weather conditions are no longer causing high wildfire danger, we still urge everyone to Recreate Responsibly to help minimize wildfire potential when visiting public lands.”

The public is reminded to remain cautious and practice good fire safety to help prevent wildfire. Good fire-prevention safety tips include keeping vehicles off dry grass or brush; carrying a fire extinguisher, shovel and water; and getting a permit for any campfire or use of portable gas stoves. California campfire permits are available free online or at BLM, U.S. Forest Service and CAL FIRE offices. The statewide Fire Prevention Order remains in place for BLM-managed public lands in California

Recreational target shooters are reminded that hot bullet fragments and exploding targets can spark a wildfire. Tracer round ammunition and incendiary devices are not allowed on BLM-managed public lands. Consider using paper targets to eliminate sparks. Recreational target shooters are required to pack out all spent shells, brass and targets. More information on safe recreational target shooting is available on the BLM website.

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For more information on preventing wildfires and additional tips for keeping campfires and target shooting safe, visit ReadyForWildfire.org or call the Ukiah Field Office at 707-468-4000. The field office can also provide additional information on public lands available for target shooting.

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  1. Are they nutz???
    We’ve just had the warmest October on record, again! Nov 3rd, 2023…81° in Ukiah. Remember the Paradise fire started when? November 8th!

    More evidence, plain to see, how human kind are sorely in want of capability in managing our precious home, 🌎

    • Please remember that paradise was from DOWNED POWER LINES not campers or burn piles or global warming. Redwood Valley, Hawaii happened because of corporate neglect!

      • Yes, thank you. But the volatility of the conditions surrounding the ignition of those terrible events, is the point here. A “cooler” fall season…until it’s actually raining not just misting or sprinkling…would be a much more of a “sound mind” type of decision.
        No personal disrespect or pointing fingers intended here. My desire is for a peaceable, healthy, SAFE-AS-POSSIBLE & for everyone, next couple moths.
        Ones who give permissions or revoke them are also equally responsible. WE all are responsible regarding our choices. WE all are accountable for those choices.

        No decision or choice EVER existed with out consequences. Whether to the good or to the bad.

        Permit/Don’t permit
        Obey/Don’t obey
        Think of others first/ or make selfish choices because it’s a, perceived “entitlement”.
        I’m only going by, time, history, experiences and observation of facts.
        Thank you for, piping in, your point is valid too.

        • I totally agree with you too Carolyn, and looks like a burn escaped yesterday on the east side already!! Who makes these choices and why?

          • The Twining fire, it was an unfortunate exclamation point to what we’re talking about here, right? Have you ever heard the expression related to cleaning, “it will look worse, before it gets better?” This is where human society, this worlds ways are, as it now stands.

            It will get better, but until then, please, be safe.


            Your Ukiah Neighbor.

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