Matt LaFever

I am a Mendocino County educator and local news junkie. It takes a special combination of community and grit to thrive in this region. MendoFever strives to keep each other informed and communicating across the vast vistas that make up our home.

If my reporting has provided a broader perspective on our county, been a help to you, or ever been of value to you in some way. please consider donating.

MendoFever’s Comment Policy

Civil dialogue is essential. The wisdom of the collective community is an asset. In these vast vistas we call our home, the knowledge of our neighbors is akin to sacrosanct.

We do not want to promote an environment where social capital is gained through call-outs and name-calling. Instead, MendoFever should be a community compendium of information and perspectives that enrich ourselves and others.

The following are rules/guidelines that will inform comment moderation from here on out:

  1. Approach all dialogue in good faith and with the principle of charity. Instead of assuming, inquire. Instead of attacking, engage.
  2. This platform will not be a host for libel. If you are critiquing a person, that critique must be based on facts, and not defaming their character. 
  3. Add value. Information, photographs, well-formed perspectives, humor, hot-takes. If your comment is not adding to the community’s understanding of a topic, consider why you are posting it.
  4. No slurs or epithets of any kind will be tolerated. These sort of words dehumanize others and diminish the discourse.
  5. MendoFever values free speech. There will be points where a reader’s contribution might be questionable, but their insights are worthy of examination. This line is foggy, I know, but will exist nonetheless. 
  6. When it comes to critiquing community leaders or those in authority, good-faith criticism will always be invited. Satiric commentary will always be appreciated. When the lines are crossed to cruel mockery, your comment will be deleted.
  7. Calls to violence will not be hosted on this platform and fundamentally diminish the civility of conversation.

These principles will guide the comment moderation on MendoFever. I retain the right to edit this list at any point as issues arise.

If you find yourself questioning why a comment was deleted, please contact me at matthewplafever@gmail.com and we can hash it out.