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Mendocino County Code Enforcement Begins Releasing Weekly List of Actions Against Non-Compliant Cannabis Growers

Providing an overview of Code Enforcement’s approach to cannabis compliance press releases, Officer Trent Taylor explained going forward the public would be informed any time the office cites someone for refusing to comply by issuing a stand-alone press release describing the nature of the non-compliance and the location of the grow site.

Environmental Crimes Discovered and 17,000 Cannabis Plants Destroyed on Island Mountain in Northeast Mendocino County

“Over 17,000 illegal cannabis plants were eradicated. Numerous environmental violations were documented by CDFW and the State Water Board, which included illegal diversion of surface water for cannabis irrigation, trash, debris and pollutants within 150 feet of waters of the state and unlawful deposition of substances into state waters, which are harmful to fish, plant life, mammals and birds.”

Round Valley Resident Concerned Cannabis Cultivation Expansion Under Phase III Will Lead to Dry Wells

“The Covelo CalFire well is already showing signs that it will soon run dry, as stated during the April 12th BOS meeting on water shortages, and the CalFire Chief expressed concerns that when the well runs dry and no longer has water pressure, the aquifer could subside and water storage capacity could be lost forever, as we’ve seen over the years in other parts of CA.”

County Resident Argues Phase 3 of Cannabis Expansion Will Provide Jobs Giving Way to the ‘Return of the Middle Class’

“Cannabis expansion will give way to the return of the middle class. We will have the ability to provide jobs for people who otherwise may be working for minimum wage, struggling to survive and support their families. People will no longer have to make the tough to decisions to continue living minimally or relocating elsewhere to raise their families. People will have the ability to work as trimmers, farm laborers, lab technicians, agricultural specialists.”