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In Just Over One Month, Mendocino County’s COVID-19 Cases have Increased 341%

🗣Most significant information gained from this evening’s infographic update provided by Mendocino County Public Health:
📍Looking back just over one calendar month, the total amount of COVID-19 positive tests in Mendocino County has increased 341% moving from 107 to today’s total of 472.
📍45% of Mendocino County’s positive COVID-19 cases are under investigation as to their source.
📍Women are contracting COVID-19 disproportionately compared to men. 209 of the infected are men(44%) 263 are women(56%).

Sherwood Oaks Outbreak Update: Two More Residents Test Positive for COVID-19 & Two Residents Recover

Since the outbreak began 24 residents have been infected, with 7 deceased. No staff have developed Covid in the past 3 weeks. All residents and working staff are being tested by the state lab in Richmond at least once a week. All Sherwood Oaks residents are isolated in their rooms for protection, and staff use full protective gear for each encounter.