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Standing on the Parched Lakebed of Lake Mendocino, California State Governor Gavin Newsom Signs Emergency Drought Measures

In his address, Governor Newsom pointed out the ground he was standing on should be “40 feet under the water of Lake Mendocino save for this rather historic moment.” Recognizing the phrase “historic moment” is somewhat overused, he grounded the characterization in the stark fact Lake Mendocino is at 43% capacity for this year. Lake Sonoma, the other water reservoir within the Russian River watershed, is at 62% capacity.

Laytonville Water Operator Concerned Phase III of Cannabis Cultivation Could Exacerbate County’s Water Shortage

“In this valley and in most valleys we all share the “cone of influence.”  At this moment, We need to shift how we think of water to one of a non-renewable resource until the time this precipitation trend reverses.  Phase III will directly influence the health and well being of every individual in the County.  I ask that we all look at Lake Mendocino,  anywhere on the Eel River,  or any of our seasonal streams that are dry and cracked in April.  Please conserve and preserve the little water we have available in this county,  we already promise too much away.”