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[UPDATE]Lost Hiker Outside of Philo

According to scanner traffic, there is a lost hiker seeking medical attention near Nash Mill Road & Clow Ridge Road outside of Philo. The hiker is a 70 year old female who reported she had been lost for approximately 2.5 hours. Anderson Valley Fire and a CalStar helicopter have been dispatched to assist in the search for the hiker.

Quarantined with Kids in Mendocino: One Resident’s Experience of County-Provided COVID-19 Quarantine Housing

Brendlen and her two toddlers were housed at a Ukiah hotel from July 10 to July 24 and were told to stay there “for 14 days and not leave the room.” Under the strict guidelines of quarantine, Brendlen said she “was not allowed to have visitors.” She described feeling as if the “front desk wouldn’t deal with me” because “they have a contract with the county, so there are special circumstances.”