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Public Health Warns of ‘Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Toxins’ in Locally Foraged Mollusks

“PSP toxins affect the central nervous system, producing a tingling around the mouth and fingertips within a few minutes to a few hours after eating toxic shellfish. These symptoms are typically followed by loss of balance, lack of muscular coordination, slurred speech and difficulty swallowing. In severe poisonings, complete muscular paralysis and death from asphyxiation can occur.”

Due to a Rise in COVID-19 Cases, Mendocino County will be Redesignated to the Purple (or Most Restrictive) Tier at Noon Today

Mendocino County Deputy Chief Executive Officer Sarah Dukett told us, “[B]ecause of the surge across the state, the State is waiting only 1 week rather than 2 weeks to reassess County data. We were notified last night that we are being moved back to purple today at noon during the governor’s press conference.”

Mentally-Compromised Man Last Seen in Mendocino County; Mother Seeks Public’s Help

27-year-old Silas Callahan Dunn has had mental illness for many years, and since late August has adopted a transient lifestyle in Northern California, according to his mother, Christine Dunn. He has inhabited mental hospitals, homeless shelters, and encampments ranging from Dunsmuir, Eureka, Garberville, Fort Bragg, Boonville, and was most recently reported to be in Willits.