Valuable Equipment Stolen from the Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department

The following is a statement issued on the Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department Facebook page:

The Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department [Photo taken by Nicholas Wilson posted on the agency’s Facebook page]

Mendocino Fire unfortunately needs to inform you that, while one of our apparatus was in the shop for adjustments, several thousand dollars worth of equipment was stolen.

In these difficult times we understand that people are desperate, down on their luck, and make poor decisions. We are a 100% volunteer fire department relying on the generosity of our community. This theft is truly a theft from our collective community.

If you are the perpetrator, or know who the individual is, we are hoping that you’ll do the right thing and return the stolen goods to our station at 44700 Little Lake Rd. We would gladly accept the items back no questions asked.

For more information please call 707-937-0131. Thank you.

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  1. This is something I will never understand. How could these low lives take away from local Fire Department With what we are dealing upon our community always someone has to ruin it. We have a low percentage of the virus and holding steady compared the entire state world wide. Why would someone step so low to make change. Or steal from your own. That’s a down right shame. Shame on you. What have you been taught. Obviously not the right way. I don’t know but I will spread the news to all my family and friends and I say everyone else needs to do the same. Our Fireman are out there putting there lives on the front line and someone steals from our heroes. WTH

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