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The Mendo Low-Down

Corning Man Reportedly Hurls Molotov Cocktail at Cops After Coaxing Them Outside Station

"Russ lit what was later determined to be a Molotov cocktail and threw it toward the Officer. The molotov cocktail missed the officer and exploded near a parked vehicle."

Lecturer of American Indian Studies weaves traditional Pomo music in latest album

"I’m Pomo Indian, and my heritage greatly influences me as a musical artist. One of the important things for me was to feature a new song that I wrote called ‘Myanik Xe,’ which is ‘beautiful music’ in Southeastern Pomo language."


Corning Man Reportedly Hurls Molotov Cocktail at Cops After Coaxing Them Outside Station

"Russ lit what was later determined to be a Molotov cocktail and threw it toward the Officer. The molotov cocktail missed the officer and exploded near a parked vehicle."

Cannabis Delivery Driver Robbed at Gunpoint in Santa Rosa

"The delivery driver realized he was being robbed and quickly ran away from the van. As he was running, he could see the two suspects enter his van and take items"

Fort Bragg Man Arrested After Deputies Locate Stolen Checks in His Vehicle

"Deputies in the Ukiah area contacted the adult female owner of the checkbooks, who confirmed the checks were stolen and Ogawa had no legal right to possess them."

DMT, Heroin, Oxycodone, Meth, Long Guns: Two Ukiah Women Arrested After Investigators Find Stockpile

"Evidence included shaved keys for stealing vehicles, rifle and shotgun ammunition, drugs, drug paraphernalia, and indicators of drug sales such as scales and  baggies."

Man and Woman Allegedly Ditch Daughter With Stranger and Take Off Into the Mendocino Headlands

"This good samaritan told Deputies that he was approached by an adult male and adult female, and they asked him to watch their child and they left the area."

Willits Police Arrest Felon for Alleged Possession of Meth and Flare Gun

"The methamphetamine was later weighed and determined to be 22 grams."

Ukiah Man Allegedly Carjacked a 78-Year-Old Woman After Yanking Her Out of the Vehicle

"The suspect forcibly pulled her out of the vehicle by her upper arm.  The suspect got into the vehicle and fled the scene."

Local Trucking Company Agrees to Pay $71,967 Penalty After Three Crashes on Hwy 20 Result in Spills

Local company, Steve Wills Trucking and Logging LLC, had three major crashes on Hwy 20 between January of 2020 and December of 2021 which...

The Spread of Suspicion: The Unsolved Murder of Mendocino County Cannabis Legend Les Crane

"The first evidence pointed to a home invasion, in the nearly two decades since then, the shifting eye of suspicion has landed on everyone from law enforcement to loved ones."
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By the Numbers: California’s Mild 2022 Wildfire Season—CalMatters

"Moderate weather and well-timed rainstorms in much of California combined to curb the acreage and structures burned."

Trailer on Fire in Covelo

Reportedly located near the intersection of Biggar Lane and Crawford Road, the Incident Commander confirmed a single trailer is fully involved.

Home Burning in Covelo

The Incident Commander reported that heavy smoke is showing and 20% of the structure is currently involved.

Two Trailers Engulfed in Flames at Wildwood Campground East of Fort Bragg

Within ten minutes of the initial callout, the Incident Commander reported the fire was mostly knocked down and reduced incoming resources.

[UPDATE: Extinguished]Structure Threatened as Vegetation Fire Burns in the Coastal Town of Mendocino

A full wildland fire response has been requested and a firefighter at the scene is indicating one structure is threatened.

CAL FIRE’s Parlin Fork Prescribed Burn Begins Under ‘Perfect Weather Conditions’

"This burn will continue periodically, on days that weather conditions and air quality allow, through October 28, 2022, or until completed."

Afternoon House Fire in the Hills West of Hopland Quickly Extinguished

"Once on scene, the fire was found to be emanating from the kitchen stove and the homeowner was actively fighting the flames with a garden hose."

California Attorney General Issues Guidance to Local Governments to Mitigate Wildfire Risk from Proposed Developments in Fire-Prone Areas

“Local governments have a responsibility to address wildfire risks associated with new development projects early in the planning process when changes to these projects can still be made."

The Bright Side

Bringing Back the Buckhorn: Covelo’s Historic Bar Reopens Under New Ownership

The landmark's new owner Lyndsay Boccaleoni acknowledges the Buckhorn's connection to community trauma, while looking towards one day reclaiming the space for the healing of all.

Hunkered Down in Their Car, A Mother and Father Deliver Their Baby on the Shoulder of Highway 128

In the early morning dark, around 3 o’clock, that couple realized that their baby was ready to see Mom and Dad. The couple drove a Nissan Rogue and pulled over to the side of the rural highway not far from the turn to Hendy Woods. 

A Mendocino County Woman and Her Four Dogs Were Stranded Seven Hours After Crashing Off a Snowy Mountain Road

"Milberger was unable to get out of her vehicle, leaving her stranded and hanging upside down in her vehicle."

‘There’s a Giant Wiener in the Road’: Fort Bragg Resident Spots the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

There, in all its glory, was the famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile driving down Fort Bragg’s Elm Street, shining in the sunlight of the Mendocino Coast.

Round Valley’s Blackberry Festival is Back and Needs the Community’s Support

It's times like these when our community shows its best self. If you value the Blackberry Festival, community events, and the small-town ethos that defines our Mendocino County way of life, please consider donating.


81-Year-Old Willits Man Dies in State Route 20 Traffic Accident

"Alcohol or drug use does not appear to be a factor in the collision."

Early Morning Traffic Collision in Eastern Lake County Results in Major Injuries

One reporting party indicated there was a subject lying in the roadway near the collision.

One Dead After Vehicle Veers Off State Route 20 East of Fort Bragg

Upon arrival, first responders found the vehicle overturned and a deceased subject inside.

Extrication Required After Vehicle Crashes Into Fort Bragg Ditch

A first responder at the scene reported the vehicle is on its side resting against a fence and the female driver has minor injuries.

One Vehicle Hits House, One Lands in Creek After Head-On Collision North of Laytonville

The reporting party told dispatch a female occupant of a Hyundai Santa Fe appeared injured after the vehicle struck the porch of a roadside home that was reportedly unoccupied at the time of the collision.

Woman Jumps Off Overpass Near Ukiah Onto Highway 101—Traffic Stopped Southbound

A reporting party stated the man appears to have minor injuries described as road rash.

Vehicle Engulfed in Flames South of Point Arena

The reporting party told the dispatcher they could not determine if any parties were in or around the vehicle.

Wheelchair-Bound Man Suffers Major Injuries in Ukiah Traffic Collision

At this point, investigators are still looking into the accident. They have not found any indications that alcohol or drugs are factors in the collision.


Fire Safety and Library Funding, Tree Mortality, Waterway Protections, Possible Brooktrails Home Hardening —3rd District Supervisor John Haschak’s Monthly Update

"I am also thankful for the people who run for office, win or lose. To have 8 people running for 3 seats on the Willits Unified School Board is beautiful."

Cannabis Eradicated on Road E, Illegal Dump Site on Road A, Emergency Sirens Coming Soon—Highlights from the Redwood Valley MAC Meeting

An attendee asked if Supervisor McGourty thought Lake Mendocino might be filled next summer for recreational purposes. It’s doubtful.

Leaders Work to Backfill a Multi-Million Dollar Budget Shortfall in County of Mendocino’s Health Plan

"So how do we figure out where this deficit happened, and how do we get to the bottom of it to see, why wasn’t the Board informed about it, and how this all happened?”

Mendocino County’s Superior Court Announces This Year’s Judicial Assignments

"Presiding Judge Jeanine Nadel has announced the judicial assignments for 2023. Primary judicial assignments are reviewed every two years. However, adjustments and reassignments are made at the discretion of the Presiding Judge, if necessary."

The Emerald Triangle’s Top Cops Slam Legislation Mandating They Run for Office During Presidential Elections

AB 759 has provoked another dust-up between California’s urban, political centers and the gritty, self-reliance of its countryside. Legislators see an opportunity to empower voters; sheriffs and district attorneys see government intrusion on their autonomy.


Emergency Endangered Species Act Protections Sought for Clear Lake Hitch

"The hitch can’t withstand one more year of failed spawning. The Fish and Wildlife Service’s failure to protect this severely imperiled fish for more than a decade is shocking and unacceptable."

Old-Growth Trees More Drought Tolerant Than Younger Ones, Providing a Buffer Against Climate Change

"Given their high resistance to drought and their exceptional carbon storage capacity, conservation of older trees in the upper canopy should be the top priority from a climate mitigation perspective." 

Wolves and Ranchers Can Coexist Now that Fish and Wildlife Will Pay for Livestock Predation—Op-Ed

"Wolves are native to California, and they are considered a keystone species. Without wolves, natural ecosystems are incomplete in their native ranges."

‘Chemli-bida’: The Mysterious Origins of the Pomo Peoples’ Name for the Noyo River

"We welcome input on this subject from anyone, especially local Pomo people who would like to contribute information about the translation"

Researchers Reveal How the Extinct Steller’s Sea Cow Shaped California’s Kelp Forests

"For millions of years, the Steller’s sea cow, a four-ton marine mammal and relative of the manatee, shaped kelp forests along the Pacific coast of North America by eating massive quantities of kelp fronds from the upper canopies, thus allowing light to spur productivity in the understory."

Mendocino County Distributes Over $2 Million in Grants to Bolster Climate Resiliency

"The use of funds is for projects that are designed to assist local governments in assessing impacts and planning for coastal resiliency, including adapting to the impacts of climate change and sea level rise, and which contain an LCP planning component."

Skydiving Salamanders Live in the Canopies of the North Coast’s Redwoods

“What struck me when I first saw the videos is that they (the salamanders) are so smooth — there's no discontinuity or noise in their motions, they're just totally surfing in the air."

CAL FIRE Invites Public to Jackson Demonstration State Forest for November Advisory Meeting

"You may submit comments or correspondence to the JAG by email at: JDSF@fire.ca.gov or by mail to 802 N. Main Street, Fort Bragg CA, 95437."

Large Groups of Humpback Whales Foraging on California Coast Prompt Delay of Commercial Crab Season

"Based on recent surveys, large aggregations of humpbacks whales continue to forage in California coastal waters and allowing the use of crab traps would increase the risk of an entanglement."



Sonoma Clean Power Leads Plan to Develop New Geothermal Power in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties

"The Geysers geothermal power plant already generates about 700 megawatts of electricity. The GeoZone partnership aims to develop an additional 500 megawatts in the region."

State Leaders Kick Off 10,000-Mile Statewide Broadband Network Project

"I’ve been fighting for this for my Northern California district, which is mostly rural, since being elected and it finally feels like there is progress.”

New Public Charging Stations in Mendocino and Sonoma County to Enable More EV Drivers

“We want people to have access to EV charging options near the places they live and work."

Citing Record Profit and Price Gouging at California’s Gas Pumps, Consumer Watchdog Calls for Windfall Profits Tax

"Historically every gas price spike in California shows up as profit spike as well. The only way to rein in these outrageous gas prices is to take back the oil refiners’ excess profits.”

California Governor Signs Assemblyman Jim Wood’s Broadband Access Legislation

“This new law will ensure that broadband maps reflect the reality of access actually felt by Californians at the household level. Currently, these maps overstate access to service, especially in rural, low-income and tribal communities


‘We’re Past Awareness; We Need Solutions’: Mendocino County Tribal Leaders, Law Enforcement, and Others Discuss California’s Missing and Murdered

Gathered on the western steps of California’s Capitol Building in Sacramento, the cross-section of speakers stood united in their recognition of the state’s disproportionate numbers of missing and murdered indigenous peoples and the need to develop new strategies and relationships to bring justice and healing to Indian Country.

Legislation Introduced by California Representatives Advancing Tribal Inclusion in Public Lands Law

“It’s long past time we fix this omission and allow Tribal governments to have the same opportunities to access and purchase public lands as state and local governments."

Middletown Art Center Hosts the First ‘Native American Art Exhibit Curated by a Native American. Ever.’

“They are museum quality,” Pearce said of the pieces on display. “But we are not people who live in museums. So it’s important for us to share, in community, that we’re still here.”

Over $1 Million Will Be Distributed to North Coast Tribes for ‘Preservation of Tribal Sites and Cultural Traditions’

“Thanks to the investments made by Congress in this year’s funding bill, over a million dollars is heading their way to preserve places of cultural significance, ensuring America’s diverse history is protected and celebrated.”

Community Foundation Stands United With Native American Leaders to End Humanitarian Crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

"These are our girls, our friends, our community. Their absence is devastating to us all. Today, and every day until it is no more, we are called to face the crisis that is Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons. We can do something to end this now.”



New State Policies for Drilling Wells Could Dramatically Increase Costs and Permitting Times for Mendocino County’s Farmers—Op-Ed

"The State of California has billions of dollars available for water infrastructure. The new rules put a tremendous burden on the county and farmers. Will the state provide funding for any of this?"

State Drought Manager and Atmospheric River Expert Featured in Sonoma County Town Hall on November 10th

"A third consecutive year of below-average rainfall in the Russian River watershed has left the region’s two primary water storage reservoirs, Lake Sonoma and Lake Mendocino, near historic lows."

A Lake of Summer Memories Is Now a Grim Symbol of Mendocino County’s Water Crisis

The quiet crisis building in the background of our Mendocino County lives is water. Sometimes a couple of photographs can tell the story better than any reporter could.

Fort Bragg Facing Down a Stage 1 Water Alert—City Will Recommend Restrictions Next Week

"The City was fortunate to receive late rains this past spring extending our need to require water conservation restrictions, however, as current water supply conditions are beginning to show the effects of a third year of drought."

Town Hall on Drought to Update Long-Range Weather Forecast, Impacts on Russian River, and Parks

"Hosted by Sonoma County Supervisor Lynda Hopkins, the town hall will feature a panel of experts reporting on current drought conditions, the latest long-range weather forecast, and the impact of the drought on Russian River water quality, recreation and the county’s regional park system."


Winter Viruses Circulate in Mendocino County Causing Spike of Children Requiring Emergency Room Care

"Cold and flu season has begun early in Mendocino County and COVID is still a  threat as well. These viruses affect everyone including children, and most severely infants and toddlers less than 2 years old."

Mendocino County’s Masking Policies Dial Back from ‘Orders’ to ‘Strong Recommendations’

"Orders for universal masking in public settings including schools, childcare, and on public transportation have already been replaced by 'strong recommendations.'"

Bivalent COVID-19 Boosters Now Available in Mendocino County

"The updated boosters are free and provide the best protection against the currently dominant Omicron BA.5  variant of COVID-19, as well as the original strain."

Mendocino County Infant Passes Away with the COVID-19 Virus

“COVID-19 has become one of the top  3 leading causes of death in California over the last year."

Free At-Home COVID Tests Available Until Sept 2nd

"All households in the U.S. have been eligible to receive three (3) orders of free at-home COVID tests."

Community Events

Fort Bragg Residents Should Expect Hard Road Closures Saturday Night for the Annual Lighted Truck Parade

"Businesses located in the downtown district will not be reachable by vehicle. Parking restrictions will be in effect in the downtown district prior to and following the parade until pedestrian traffic clears the area."

Mendocino College Announces Open Auditions for the Musical ‘Once’

"“All are welcome at the auditions regardless of whether or not they play instruments, so if you want to be a part of this show, please come.  If you cannot play an instrument, we may still be able to use you in a non-instrumental role."

Mendocino County Museum Partners with Roots of Motive Power for Holiday Happenings

"In collaboration with the Roots of Motive Power Holiday Express Event, the Mendocino County Museum will have extended hours on Saturday, December 3, 2022, from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., offer FREE Admission, and invite the public to enjoy our exhibits and festive activities."

It’s the Holiday Season! Sign Up for Ukiah Valley’s Let It Glow House Lighting Competition

Do you think your house has the best lights in Ukiah?  Get into the spirit of the season and join the competition!

Deep Valley Arts Collective Calls for Submissions to Juried Group Exhibition ‘Storytelling’

"Artists are invited to submit artwork that is their interpretation of storytelling. Whatever form the art may take, let it tell the viewer a story."


MendoMoments: ‘Frost and Fire’- A Covelo Sunrise on a Chilly Morn

"When the short day is brightest, with frost and fire/ The brief sun flames the ice."

The Birds and the Bees: Mating Time on the Coast— Dispatch from Mendonoma

"Birds do it, bees do it, and apparently if you are lucky, you might see butterflies doing it."

MendoMoments: Savage Waves Batter the Mendocino Headlands

The Mendocino Headlands attract thousands of tourists each year. Despite our affection for the place, the danger imbued in the rocks and waves always lurks.

MendoMoments: The Super Flower Blood Moon Descends Behind Duncan Peak

Hopland resident Vernon Hamilton Budinger arose in the darkness to capture the strange sight of the moon-turned- ochre. He managed to snap a shot of Duncan Peak's silhouette as the eclipse waned and the moon descended below the western horizon.

This Day in MendoHistory: June 28, 1915- Volunteer Firefighters Extinguish Roof Fire at Jarvis House

"Local citizens turned out in large numbers, and the fire company volunteers were quick in getting to the fire engine house on Main Street and hauling out the fire apparatus."


Crashing Surf at Navarro Beach— Dispatch from Mendonoma

"There was a high surf advisory and the conditions didn't disappoint. You can almost hear the action by looking at Jeff's photos."

Humpback Whales Breach Off the Mendocino County Coast—A Dispatch from Mendonoma

"As I tried to capture a few pictures she pointed out that I was missing all the breaching whales, which for a while, were everywhere I wasn’t shooting."

Sandbar Traps Steelhead in the Gualala River— Dispatch from Mendonoma

"We have had a lot of rain overnight and continuing today. It's very possible the Gualala River will breach the sandbar, possibly today."

Dispatches from Mendonoma: An Adolescent Bald Eagle Nabs a Gull

"Another gull [a Western Gull] made a few dives at the eagle, but the eagle kept going and disappeared around the cliff.”


MendoLit: ‘When Her Bones Were Found Your Grief was Uncontainable’— An Untitled Poem by Rose Brown

For our first installment of MendoLit, we're featuring an untitled, free verse poem by Rose Brown found in her collection entitled "A Briefcase Full of Feathers".

Poets and Writers! Help us Capture the Essence of Mendocino County in Our New Section ‘MendoLit’

To capture the essence of our vast vistas, MendoFever will be featuring a new section we're calling "MendoLit" that will showcase poetry, short stories, flash fiction, and vignettes that put to words that hard-to-pin-down feeling we call home.

Op-Ed/Letter to the Editor

The Miller Report: Lessons Learned, Opportunities for Improvement

"I’m also happy to report that thanks to our community’s help, we now know the issues they are facing and we have since implemented a plan to address them."

President of Mendocino Railway Criticizes the City of Fort Bragg’s Proposed Purchase of the Mill Site South

"We urge the citizens of Fort Bragg to stand up and say no to the officials who look to mortgage our towns future simply to fuel a war against the Skunk Train."

Letter to the Editor: Tom Allman on Matt Kendall—’I’ve Witnessed a Young Deputy Mature Into a True and Disciplined Leader’

"I voted for Matt because he has proven his ability to lead and improve the sheriff’s office."

Covelo Resident Details the Effects of Black Market Cannabis on Round Valley Including Crime, Water Theft, and a ‘Dangerous Climate in Our Home Towns’

"Our wells are going dry, but their plants and crime are flourishing. Our legitimate businesses are struggling, but illegal growers, most of them residing outside the county, are sailing around, destroying our roads with their speed and heavy trucks."

Mendocino County’s District Attorney Should ‘Do the Right Thing’ and Recuse Himself from the Noble Waidelich Investigation—Op-Ed

"Why is DA Dave suggesting more investigation might be needed by his office, and whether referring the case to the Attorney General's Office for independent review and possible prosecution is still being pondered?"

Police Logs


Ukiah Unified School District Trustees Will Appoint New Board Member After No Candidates File to Run

"The current members of the Board of Trustees will interview Trustee Area 6 applicants in an open session at a special meeting on Monday, January 30, 2023, beginning at 5:00 p.m. "

Mendocino College and Arizona State University Partner to Offer College Students Transfer Pathways

"These pathways will ensure their courses are applicable toward their degree in their chosen major and minimize credit loss."

MCOE Accepting Applications for Phlebotomy, Medical Assisting, and Dental Assisting Programsa

For more information about MCOE’s workforce development programs, call 707-467-5123 or email snevarez@mcoe.us.

UC Hopland Extension Hosting Recruitment Fair for Volunteers Supporting Local Environmental Education

"Despite having well-developed and refined outdoor programs, we still rely heavily on volunteers. If we lack volunteers, the quality of our environmental education programs is diminished."

A Round Valley Wailaki and a Hoopa Valley Woman Recieve $20,000 in Scholarships from SoCal’s Morongo Tribe

“Students like this year’s recipients will be the tribal leaders of the future."

‘Learning is Unfinished, Not Lost’—A Message from the Mendocino County Office of Education

"Schools are now faced with how to help students catch up with their learning. Research suggests more students have experienced more unfinished learning during the last two years than ever before."


Pathway to Healing Suicide Remembrance in Fort Bragg, September 17, 2022

"...a time in which individuals, organizations, and communities around the world can educate and engage everyone in our community to find their role in suicide prevention."

When Religion Dictates Healthcare: Access to Abortion in Humboldt and Mendocino Counties Is Restricted

Abortion remains legal in California, but there have been barriers to access since well before the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade. In Mendocino and Humboldt Counties, religious hospitals refuse what they term elective abortions.

Adventist Health Ukiah Valley Extends Pediatric Clinic Hours as Parents Seek Care for Kids with Winter Virus Symptoms

"The extended hours are intended to help parents of established pediatric patients better manage their children’s health during the current surge of respiratory disorders cases in Mendocino County."

Winter Viruses Circulate in Mendocino County Causing Spike of Children Requiring Emergency Room Care

"Cold and flu season has begun early in Mendocino County and COVID is still a  threat as well. These viruses affect everyone including children, and most severely infants and toddlers less than 2 years old."

John Redding’s Plan to Build a Modern Hospital on the Mendocino Coast—Letter to the Editor

"There is a plan in place to keep a hospital on the coast if the new Board acts quickly."

Mendocino County Public Health Actively Monitoring Monkey Pox and Offers Child Hepatitis Guidance

"Currently, there are no confirmed cases of monkeypox or child hepatitis in Mendocino County."

Mendocino County Hosting Overdose Awareness, Education, and Resource Events Throughout October

"In support of National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, join us as we remember those we’ve lost to overdose, acknowledge the grief of the family and friends left behind, and renew our commitment to end overdose and related harms."

Mendocino County Public Health Monkeypox Update

"In California, 434 cases have been confirmed. The California Department of Public Health currently reports the risk from monkeypox to the general population as very low."

Hospice Services Expanding in Mendocino County—The Miller Report

"The focus of hospice care is on reducing suffering, both physical and mental. Emphasis on helping the patient maintain dignity and self-determination is important. Hospice also provides emotional and spiritual support for the patient’s loved ones."

Adventist Health Ukiah Valley Launches State-of-the-Art Magnetic Resonance Imagining(MRI) Machine

"The new MRI is a big win for the people of Ukiah and all of Mendocino County as it makes it easier for patients to access state-of-the-art technology without having to leave the area."


The Day the Devil Came to Willits

"Want to know what the definition of Hell actually is? It's when it turns pitch black at 3 p.m. and becomes a deep blood red by 6."

MendoThrowback: An Interview With a Pomo Basket Weaver—The ‘Best Baskets Are Buried With the Dead’

Clara Williams was born in 1883 and grew to master Pomo basketry. When the Ukiah Daily Journal interviewed her in 1955, she spoke of being one of the last Pomo basket weavers left.

A Look Back at the Ebbs and Flows of Mendocino County’s Skateboarding Scene

"Oh gosh, skateboarding and Mendocino County... For the most part, especially back in the '80s, there was a definite love-hate relationship between kids, adults, police and city council folk in the three major towns: Willits, Ukiah and Fort Bragg."

How the Death of Fifteen Firefighters in the Mendocino National Forest Sowed the Seeds of Today’s Firefighting Aircrafts

“The important thing about the original air tanker operation was its enthusiasm. The conviction that “this idea will work” spread from the dozen or so pilots to the Forest Service and state people, who call the pilots back, again and again, to help put out fires all over the state."

‘Defend Against All Enemies’: When Nativism and Moral Panic Fueled the Rise of the Ku Klux Klan in Mendocino County

The 1920s would see hundreds of Mendocino County residents don white robes, attend initiation ceremonies, and gaze upon burning crosses glowing in the hills above Willits, Ukiah, Fort Bragg, and other areas.