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Covelo Cannabis Heist Ends in Gunfire and Arrests

"It was reported that residents interrupted multiple subjects stealing marijuana, who subsequently fled the location in a red pickup and a U-Haul box truck."

Email Dispute Halts Criminal Case Against Mendocino Auditor

District Attorney David Eyster’s high profile criminal prosecution of the elected Auditor of Mendocino County ground to a halt Tuesday, its outcome hinging on another hearing next week focused on thousands of disputed internal emails that once were declared missing and now are believed to exist.

Cloverdale Police Department Arrests Suspect in Decades-Old Murder Case of 13-Year-Old Girl

"The Cloverdale Police Department has announced a major breakthrough in the decades-old Sarah Geer murder case, bringing closure to a tragic event that has haunted the community for over forty years. The cold case, dating back to the 1982 murder of 13-year-old Sarah Ann Geer, has finally been resolved."


Ukiah Invites Community Input on Climate Strategies This Summer

"The City of Ukiah will be hosting three community workshops this summer designed to provide opportunities for the public to learn more about the City’s ongoing efforts to address the climate emergency and make recommendations for future climate action strategies."

Eel River Restoration: Tackling 200 Years of Degradation

An initial report on restoration and conservation of the Eel River lays out the complexities of the watershed and future efforts to rehabilitate it.

Rare Predatorial Sea Star Spotted by Scientists on the Mendocino Coast

Aside from the occasional uni-loving human, the pycnopodia sea star is the one creature that will eat purple urchin, which have devoured most of the bull kelp off the California coast.


Op-Ed/Letter to the Editor

Mendocino County Physicians and Nurses Implore County Residents to Vaccinate Themselves Against COVID-19

"Our ICU is full and deaths are mounting. The cases are overwhelmingly non-vaccinated and increasingly younger. The medical and nursing staff are increasingly overwhelmed and exhausted. Help us."

Mendocino County’s COVID-19 Cases Are Increasing; Vaccinate and Test Now, Says Public Health Officer

"There is now a danger of surge, which could cripple our economy just as we are trying to get back to normal."

County Office of Ed Employee Endorses Nicole Glentzer for Mendocino County Superintendent of Schools

"During the pandemic, it was not unusual to see Nicole filling in to various positions, such as crossing guard, food service, classroom aide, or teacher."




The Bright Side

Mendocino County Veterans Triumph in Battle for Ukiah Office

“The powers that be thought that they were going to abscond on our office. And all of us did the thing that we knew how to do, because we’ve all been in the military: work together. And we decided that we were going to keep our space.”

Willits Community Saves Redwoods from Starbucks’ Chainsaws

Consider the irony of cutting down two healthy redwoods within sight of the town's iconic "Gateway of the Redwoods" sign.

Fort Bragg’s Officer Frank Honored for Major DUI Enforcement Success

Chief Cervenka noted that of all the DUI stops Officer Frank has ever initiated, the highest recorded blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was 0.28%, detected at 3:15 on a Thursday afternoon. 



Mendocino County Secures Victory as Telecom Deregulation Bill Pulled

A bill that would have relieved telephone companies of their legal obligation to provide essential telecommunications services at affordable prices was pulled from a key committee last week, meaning it is not currently on its way to a vote by the full House.

PG&E’s Willits Substation Upgrades to Affect 6,000 Customers Overnight

"As part of our commitment to providing customers with safe and reliable electric service, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will be conducting important safety work at our Willits Substation on Saturday, June 22."

PG&E Completes Gas In-Line-Inspection from Ukiah to Santa Rosa

" This gas in-line inspection project ensures that our system continues to provide safe and reliable service that will benefit thousands of Sonoma and Mendocino County customers."


Ukiah Valley Welcomes New Family Medicine Specialist

"Growing up in rural Alabama, Dr. Bender knows all too well the challenges rural areas face when it comes to access to care. That’s why she specifically chose Ukiah Valley, for the opportunity to fill that gap and serve where she’s most needed."

Three Mosquito Samples Test Positive for West Nile Virus in Lake County

In 2023, six Lake County residents fell ill and one died from West Nile Virus.

Mendocino Coast Healthcare District Promises Reform After Scathing Grand Jury Findings

The Grand Jury report notes that the district’s “financial issues do not stem from lack of money, but rather mismanagement of what they have.”

Report Sheds Light on Mendocino County’s Health Woes: High Smoking, Firearm Deaths, and Overdoses

Like much of rural California, Mendocino County has a shortage of healthcare providers, including a decline in public health staff. 



Community Events

Ukiah Photography Club: Exploring Seasons Through the Lens

"Photographing the same scene across different seasons highlights the dynamic nature of landscapes."

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse Tours Offer Rare Look Inside

Visitors will have the unique opportunity to climb to the top of Mendocino's historic lighthouse, stand next to the 1909 Fresnel Lens, and enjoy stunning views of the Mendocino coastline.

Step Back in Time on the Mendocino Coast at Little River Museum

"Come see our Antique Train Exhibit, map to the Little River Pioneer Cemetery, including veteran and Civil War sites, locate old abandoned local railroad track sites, hold an owl egg, pick up free post cards, maps to local Pomo Indian trails, and pamphlets on Humane Exclusion of local wildlife."


MendoMoments: A Roosevelt Elk at Sinkyone Wilderness

Sometimes a sliver of time can capture the immensity of our world. Joshua Harden found himself immersed in the primordial and other-worldly environment of the Sinkyone Wilderness, Mendocino County's very own stretch of the legendary Lost Coast.

MendoMoments: ‘Frost and Fire’- A Covelo Sunrise on a Chilly Morn

"When the short day is brightest, with frost and fire/ The brief sun flames the ice."

MendoMoments: A Wake of Vultures Feast on a Carcass

Vultures are a prime example of the wonderful world of collective nouns within the animal kingdom. As per ConservationAfrica.net, a group of vultures while perched in a tree can be called a "committee," a "venue," or sometimes a "volt." When vultures are feeding on a carcass, they are referred to as a "wake."


‘It Walked Hunched’: A Deer Hunter’s Encounter with Bigfoot in the Mendocino County Mountains Forty-Nine Years Ago

"Its forehead was gunpowder gray with the temple area being purple red down the side of the face partway then dark tan. Its face was flat with a flat nose. It walked hunched over with his arms at a dead hang as he walked."

It Was 59 Years Ago When Children in the Mendocino County Woods Met the Legendary Bigfoot

Far-flung residents of Mendocino County throw around “way out there” and “up in the hills". Nothing says we live on the frontier like being on the edge of Bigfoot Country. 

Eyewitness Reported an X-Shaped UFO Flying Over Redwood Valley in Early October

On the morning of October 1, 2022, according to a report in the National UFO Reporting Center, an unidentified Redwood Valley resident saw something they’ll likely never forget. 

Police Logs


Adventist Health Ukiah Valley Hosts Free Physicals and Back-to-School Fair

"The goal of these exams is to ensure the athlete can participate safely and facilitate any additional workup necessary to be safe on the playing field."

Governor Newsom, Don’t Forget Mendocino County’s Rural Schools in Facilities Funding—Op-Ed

"During my superintendency at Anderson Valley Unified School District, a 70-year-old school system in rural Mendocino County, I was faced with facilities that were in an extreme state of deterioration. An unincorporated town of just 1,650 people had passed a bond measure back in 2012; but the $8 million they were able to get out was nowhere near enough to remediate the aging infrastructure."

Mendocino County Invites You to Run for Board of Education

"This fall, two seats on the Mendocino County Board of Education are up for re-election in Trustee Areas Three (Covelo, Laytonville, Willits) and Four (Caspar, Cleone, Fort Bragg, Leggett, Piercy, Westport)."

Cold Cases

Eights Years After Asha Kreimer Disappeared, One of Mendocino County’s Most Mysterious Missing Person Cases Remains Cold

On September 21, 2015, Asha and two friends went sightseeing and later ate a meal at Point Arena’s Rollerville Cafe for breakfast. She did not touch her plate, engaged little in conversation, and said she was going to use the restroom. This would be the last confirmed sighting of Asha. 

‘An Evil and Horrible Place’: The Baffling Death of a Drifter From Texas Who Sought Solace in the Emerald Triangle

When Tad Bradley was 18 years old, he was ready to get out of Texas and head to California to find himself. He hit the road bound for the Pacific. He found himself immersed in the Emerald Triangle street kid culture bouncing between Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity Counties.

Authorities Identify Jane Doe Found Near Mendocino and Lake County Boundary 44 Years Ago

"On September 18, 1979, a couple was hunting in the area of Hwy 175 between the Lake and Mendocino county lines when they stumbled upon skeletal remains."


This Day in MendoHistory: November 9, 1930- Tragedy Strikes When the Schooner ‘Brooklyn’ Founders Killing 17 Crew in the Humboldt Bay

"72 hours later, First Mate Jorgen M. Greve, the only survivor, was picked up by the fishing trawler, Two Sisters. Greve had clung to a 4’ by 8’ piece of bulkhead for 3 days despite the rough seas, his injuries, and lack of food or water."

This Day in MendoHistory: June 9, 1940- California Governor Dedicates the Russian Gulch Bridge

"In his speech, Governor Olson spoke of the beauty of the Mendocino coast and the need for adequate fire protection for the forests of California, citing the appalling losses through fires and calling for more fire-fighting funds."

This Day in MendoHistory: Logging Contractor Purchases 8,000 Acres Near Big River

"May 22, 1905 - Logging contractor Alfred R. Johnston made his last timberland purchase on the river. Over 20 years, he had acquired nearly 8,000 acres, logging a great portion of them, then selling the properties."

MendoHistory: The Horrible History of Round Valley, Part II

"Clarence White was tried at Ukiah for killing Wylackie John and promptly acquitted. Such satisfaction was shown over the verdict that even the Judge got drunk and so noisy that the Sheriff attempted to arrest him."

Remembering the 1906 Earthquake in Mendocino and Humboldt Counties

Mr. Fouchee rushed into the room and did his best to smother the fire but his efforts were futile and he only succeeded in scorching and burning his hands in a frightful manner, and came very near being caught and burned to death. From there the flames spread rapidly and soon the entire block was a seething mass of flames.

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