Sunday, May 28, 2023

Mendocino County’s Board of Supervisors Pave the Way for Cannabis Farmers to Achieve State Licensure

“The changes that we’ve seen come through in the last couple of months are the best indication that this county is starting to shift its perspective on how to support our local licensed cannabis operators."

California Senate Passes Bill to Decriminalize Psychedelics

"We shouldn’t be criminalizing people for personal use of these non-addictive substances."

Traffic Jams at Eagle Peak, Marijuana Enforcement Conducting Overflights, Air Conditioning at the Grange—Highlights from the Redwood Valley MAC Meeting

The Sheriff is prioritizing grows that involve: 1) trespassing; 2) environmental damage; and 3) violent behavior and trafficking.

Argentinian Man Sentenced to 5 Years in State Prison for Boonville Market Armed Robbery

"On December 9, 2022, Vietto robbed the Mi Esperanza Market in Boonville at gunpoint and stole $17,000 in cash before fleeing the area."

Ukiah Man Arrested for Domestic Violence Accused of Choking a Pregnant Woman

"The victim received medical care at a local area hospital."

Woman Arrested After Allegedly Bludgeoning Ukiah Police Officer with 8-Pound Rock

"The officer was transported to the emergency room via ambulance. He suffered a laceration on his upper lip which required 6 stiches."


Russian River Water Users Face Off with Dam Removal Advocates in Water Forum Meeting

One member cautioned not to underestimate the difficulty of reaching a consensus in this group. The decommissioning will eventually be paid for by PG&E customers.

BLM Temporarily Limits Vehicle Access to South Cow Mountain to Protect Imperiled Local Fish

"The temporary closure of the Scott’s Creek gate entrance near Lakeport is effective starting on Friday, May 12 and ending Thursday, June 1."

Mendocino Management Area’s Recreational Groundfish ‘Offshore-Only’ Season Opens Today

"...for the first time in over two decades, anglers can enjoy fishing for groundfish in deeper offshore waters."


Trailer on Fire in Covelo

Originally dispatched around 11:30 a.m., initial reports stated the incident was located near the intersection of Hopper Road and Crawford Lane.

Controlled Burn Escapes East of Laytonville—Firefighters Quickly Gain Control

Originally reported around 2:55 p.m. as a dark column of smoke rising somewhere east of Laytonville, the Incident Commander arrived on the scene finding a 50’x100’ escaped controlled burn on the 1500 block of Laytonville/Dos Rios Road.

Op-Ed/Letter to the Editor

‘Public Safety Is and Will Remain My Priority’—An Open Letter from Sheriff Kendall

"With your help, my goal during this term is to rebuild safer communities by restoring patrol levels across the county to meet public safety needs. County residents are typically industrious, caring people who want what is best for their families, friends, and communities. So do I"

Letter to the Editor: Be Forewarned! Mendocino Coast Residents May Lose Control of Your Healthcare Future

"...there appears to be an effort underway to dissolve the district and hand your future and your taxpayer money over to a distant Board of Supervisors."

‘Phase 3 is the Only Path for Legal, Local, Conscious Cannabis Farmers’: Cannabis Consultant on Proposed Ordinance

"The reality is, practically no environmental protections existed with the previous ordinance, and illicit grows currently operate more acreage than 22.18 could ever allow."


The Bright Side

Ukiah’s State Street Glows with Holiday Cheer During Last Night’s Parade of Lights

Our photographer was there to capture the bright lights and holiday cheer.

A New Year May Bring New Life for Ukiah’s Historic Palace Hotel

Noted San Francisco architects and engineers who specialize in recycling historic buildings into new uses are pouring over restoration plans for Ukiah’s storied Palace Hotel.The goal is for construction to begin in 2024

Perfectly Willits: A Guy Dressed in a “Scream” Costume in Front of a “Scream” Poster Outside a Screening of “Scream”

Is this nonsense? Yes. Newsworthy? No. Deserving of our admiration? Absolutely.


Mendocino County’s Board of Supervisors Pave the Way for Cannabis Farmers to Achieve State Licensure

“The changes that we’ve seen come through in the last couple of months are the best indication that this county is starting to shift its perspective on how to support our local licensed cannabis operators."

CDFW Moderating Panel Discussions and Hosting Information Table at Native American Cannabis & Hemp Conference

"Our participation at this event is a great opportunity to connect and listen to Tribal leaders and the Native American community to better understand their needs..."

Redwood Valley’s Proposed Cannabis Prohibition Zone Intended to Fight Nuisance Grows Could Catch Legal Cannabis Farmers in the Dragnet

In an attempt to rid Redwood Valley of illegal grows, one local official ears “two licensed operators who have already invested large amounts of time, money and effort into licensing will be further victimized if the ordinance is passed because they will lose their ability to operate in their current location.”


Lawsuit Challenges California’s ‘Regressive’ Rooftop Solar Policy

“California is ground zero for the climate emergency, and it’s outrageous that the commission is slow-walking our renewable energy transition when we need to be racing toward it."

Two Solar Projects Slated for Mendocino County

With one located in Laytonville and the other in Ukiah, both projects "will commence construction in March 2024 and are expected to be completed by early 2025."

Share Your Thoughts on Where to Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations from Redwood Valley to Hopland

"MCOG is seeking input from countywide residents on where these chargers should be placed, since many households work, shop, or attend school in the greater Ukiah area."


Mendocino County Infant Passes Away with the COVID-19 Virus

“COVID-19 has become one of the top  3 leading causes of death in California over the last year."

Mendocino County Residents Can Get Tested for Flu and COVID at Local Test-to-Treat Sites

"Having easy access to testing and treatments for flu or COVID will really help decrease the stress in our emergency rooms and medical offices.”


A Sense of Urgency at Mendocino Russian River Forum as Leaders Consider Continued Water Release at Lake Pillsbury

PG&E announced on March 16 that it would not be closing the gates at Scott Dam in April for seismic reasons, which will result in less water stored in Lake Pillsbury this summer.

New State Policies for Drilling Wells Could Dramatically Increase Costs and Permitting Times for Mendocino County’s Farmers—Op-Ed

"The State of California has billions of dollars available for water infrastructure. The new rules put a tremendous burden on the county and farmers. Will the state provide funding for any of this?"

State Drought Manager and Atmospheric River Expert Featured in Sonoma County Town Hall on November 10th

"A third consecutive year of below-average rainfall in the Russian River watershed has left the region’s two primary water storage reservoirs, Lake Sonoma and Lake Mendocino, near historic lows."

Community Events

Grub on Some Purple Sea Urchin at This Year’s Mendocino Unifest from June 16-18

"Join chefs, educators, experts, and adventurous palates for all things purple sea urchin this summer as sustainability takes center stage."

Celebrate Father’s Day on June 18th at Comptche Volunteer Fire Department’s 56th Annual Chicken BBQ

"Just how long these dinners have been being held goes back a breath shy of 60 years."

Get Your Open Mic Vibes at Ukiah’s Medium Art Gallery on June 2nd

"Come read a story, sing a song, recite a favorite poem or any other short performance."


MendoMoments: ‘Frost and Fire’- A Covelo Sunrise on a Chilly Morn

"When the short day is brightest, with frost and fire/ The brief sun flames the ice."

MendoMoments: Lost in the Maze of Brooktrails

Seth Garcia found himself lost in the circuitous roads of Brooktrails yesterday evening when he looked up and beheld a sight. He was inspired to grab his camera and take a picture because he "liked how the road was windy and the sun was setting perfectly in between the trees."

MendoMoments: A Glass Beach Squirrel Gets Ornery When It Does Not Get a Snack

The squirrel instantly transitioned from a story-book creature to a figure in an Edvard Munch painting with its face locked in a silent shriek and body trembling in the wake of a promised snack that proved unfounded.


Covelo Native Son Recounts His Encounter with a Mutilated Cow in the 1970s

As he walked along, a shape caught Hill’s eye in the middle of a field sparking his interest enough to approach. There, in the middle of the field, Hill saw a sight still burned deeply in his memory. 

As the 1970s Brought a Swell of Unexplained Livestock Death Across America’s Rural West, Seven Cattle Were Found Mutilated in Round Valley

[WARNING: This article contains graphics images and descriptions of violence wrought on animals] Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Barron L. Hankes, who was serving as the “livestock investigator,” revealed that “six animals owned by three ranchers in this area have been found dead and sexually mutilated in the past two weeks.”

It Was 59 Years Ago When Children in the Mendocino County Woods Met the Legendary Bigfoot

Far-flung residents of Mendocino County throw around “way out there” and “up in the hills". Nothing says we live on the frontier like being on the edge of Bigfoot Country. 

Police Logs


Ukiah High School Student-Leader Cody Zeher Selected as Delegate for State-Wide Youth Leadership Forum

"He is a beacon of inspiration to his peers, teachers, and our entire community. This remarkable accomplishment serves as a testament to Cody's spirit and unwavering determination."

Big Picture Ukiah/South Valley High School Welcomes Kita Grinberg as New Principal

“My passion and life’s work is providing alternative options in education for students who have been marginalized by the traditional system."

Mendocino College Receives $2.6 Million Hispanic Serving Institutions Grant to Support Student Success

"With this funding, we will be able to strengthen our institutional systems and services to support the success of Latino students, improving retention, re-enrollment, follow-up, and degree/transfer completion.”

Cold Cases

49 Years Ago, A Southern Humboldt Woman Was Killed on Her Way Home for Christmas by the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murderer

Instead of returning home, 23-year-old Miranda woman Theresa Walsh was killed by an unknown suspect. Instead of getting to hold her son again, Walsh would become one of six women who fell into the web of a predator stalking and preying upon the young women of Sonoma County. 

Fairfield Man Arrested After DNA Links Him to Cold Case Homicides from 1980 and 1986

"A Fairfield man has been arrested in connection with multiple homicides spanning three jurisdictions and more than three decades."

The Spread of Suspicion: The Unsolved Murder of Mendocino County Cannabis Legend Les Crane

"The first evidence pointed to a home invasion, in the nearly two decades since then, the shifting eye of suspicion has landed on everyone from law enforcement to loved ones."