Thursday, November 30, 2023

The Latest


Mendo’s Auditor Turmoil: Defense Attorney Demands District Attorney Recused Amidst Public Feud and Legal Firestorm

“There is potential conflict of interest, in the sense that Mr. Eyster had been public in his opposition to her, has gone before the Board of Supervisors saying that he didn’t think she was qualified to do the job."

Tools Stolen from Lower Lake High School Found and Recovered

"The estimated total loss of tools was valued at over $8,000.00."

Santa Rosa Man Receives 36-Year Prison Sentence for Child Sexual Assault Convictions

"The charges against Leiva-Moreno stem from two separate sexual assaults committed against a 12-year-old child."


Public Invited to Talk by Prominent Redwood Activist and Scientist on the Mendocino Coast

"Anyone concerned about forest health and climate change will not want to miss a special free event on December 2 from 1 to 3 p.m. at  Mendocino’s Stanford Inn."

PG&E Unveils Surrender Plan for Potter Valley Project Sparking Debate on Water Diversion, Dam Removal, and Environmental Impact

“Owning, operating and funding the maintenance and actual functioning of the diversion works is going to be what, regionally, people that are dependent on this water supply are going to need to fund on an ongoing basis. We have yet to understand what kinds of costs we may incur.”

A Letter to Mendocino County’s Board of Supervisors: Reject Proposed Defunding of Energy Conservation and Decarbonization

"Decades of research demonstrates investing in energy conservation, solar systems, replacing obsolete inefficient HVAC with heat pumps, converting to energy-efficient lighting, insulating and weatherizing to conserve HVAC use, and converting to a fuel-efficient vehicle fleet produce ongoing enterprise-wide savings that far exceed costs."


Op-Ed/Letter to the Editor

Woman Thanks Deputy Who Comforted Her After a Bad Car Accident North of Willits—Letter to the Editor

"I was very scared and the first person on the scene was a sheriff. I don't know his name, but he kept me calm the whole time."

Mendocino Cannabis Alliance Offers the Board of Supervisors a Compromise on Phase 3 Ordinance

"It is imperative that existing operators have this pathway as an option, and we ask the community at-large to stand together in support of these existing, tax-paying, small businesses and to say ‘No’ to any referendum that could put many of our licensed community members out of business."

Letter Writer—’Being a Disgruntled and Entitled Millennial Does Not Qualify You for the Position of Sheriff’

"So vote for whom you think is best suited for the job. But be aware of the character of who you vote for."




The Bright Side

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens’ Festival of Lights Celebrates Community, Nature, and Clean Energy

"Behind the wonderment of the Festival of Lights at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens is a message of community, delight, and reverence for the natural world, including a commitment to energy efficiency and clean energy."

KYBU Round Valley Community Radio is Celebrating 12 Years On-The-Air on Saturday, December 9, 2023

"KYBU Round Valley Community Radio is an all volunteer, member supported community radio station that began broadcasting to Covelo/Round Valley listeners at 96.9 FM in 2011, and now streams online at www.kyburadio.org."

Announcing the 22nd Annual ukiaHaiku Festival: Beloved Open Competition Returns After Three-Year Hiatus

"Despite its apparent simplicity, haiku can capture subtle and profound aspects of nature, mood, and existence itself."



Construction of Phase 4 of Ukiah’s Recycled Water Project is Underway—Traffic Impacts Anticipated

"The community should anticipate traffic detours and active construction in the areas of Bush Street near the intersection of Bush and Low Gap, and Low Gap between State and Bush beginning October 23rd."

Ukiah Solar Users Unhappy With City Billing Practices

City representatives blame a software glitch, but they also argue that there is a “common misconception” that solar homeowners will no longer receive a bill, or their costs for electricity will drop to zero.

PG&E Invites North Coast Region Customers to a Town Hall for Updates on Wildfire Season and Safety

"On Wednesday, August 9, from 5:30 to 7 p.m., PG&E experts will provide a brief presentation, during which participants will have the opportunity to ask questions."


Mask Mandates Return to Mendocino County for Health Care Workers Who Interface With Patients

"High quality and well-fitting masks for employees helps prevent staff from spreading Covid, Influenza, RSV and many other infections to each other and to their patients."

Mendocino County Public Health Issues Water Advisory for Caspar Beach Due to Infectious Bacteria

"Warning signs have been posted at Caspar Beach warning the public to avoid contact with ocean water due to an increased risk to human health."

Mendocino County Public Health Issues Advisories for Upcoming Respiratory Virus Season

"Now that we have made it through the summer heat, it is time to think of this fall’s seasonal respiratory diseases. We used to call it the Flu Season, and it still is. But we know many other germs cause respiratory symptoms. Most are mild. But some may be more severe and, for some, even life-threatening."

Mendocino County Public Health Warns of Monkeypox Circulation

"The medical community has been notified. I am sending this out so that those who need to finish their vaccine course (2 doses, total for the series), and so those at risk, are aware and can take precautions."


A Sense of Urgency at Mendocino Russian River Forum as Leaders Consider Continued Water Release at Lake Pillsbury

PG&E announced on March 16 that it would not be closing the gates at Scott Dam in April for seismic reasons, which will result in less water stored in Lake Pillsbury this summer.

New State Policies for Drilling Wells Could Dramatically Increase Costs and Permitting Times for Mendocino County’s Farmers—Op-Ed

"The State of California has billions of dollars available for water infrastructure. The new rules put a tremendous burden on the county and farmers. Will the state provide funding for any of this?"

State Drought Manager and Atmospheric River Expert Featured in Sonoma County Town Hall on November 10th

"A third consecutive year of below-average rainfall in the Russian River watershed has left the region’s two primary water storage reservoirs, Lake Sonoma and Lake Mendocino, near historic lows."



Community Events

Deck the Halls and Unleash Your Inner Artist: MEDIUM Art Gallery’s Festive Finale with Ornament-Making, Holiday Art Fair, and Santa’s Cheer

"MEDIUM Art Gallery stages multiple gallery shows per year and First Friday events every month and supports working artists and the local community with workshops, in-person events, and art sales."

Deep Valley Arts Collective Calls for Entries for ‘Big Works’ Juried Art Exhibition

"This theme has endless possibilities, as your imagination will be the only limiting factor in creating your artwork. The only requirement is that your artwork must be of a certain size to qualify."

Illuminate Your Holidays: Experience the Annual Festival of Lights at Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

"Gardens staff and volunteers began prepping for the event back in October… countless hours spent stringing thousands of twinkling lights."


MendoMoments: Fall Colors in Ukiah’s Downtown

Please, if you see a sight that represents Mendocino County's transition from this blazing summer, into the brilliance of fall, and finally to the temporary slumber of winter, reach out to us. We would love to feature your MendoMoment.

MendoMoments: Noyo Harbor’s Baby Ospreys Emerge

Fort Bragg resident Judy Valadao Valadao said, "We were very surprised as they exposed themselves one at a time until there were three. Be sure to bring binoculars if you want to see them as they await the male's return to the nest with a fish."

MendoMoments: A Spooky Halloween Sunrise on the Mendocino Coast

The spectacular stems from the everyday. Moments of beauty can evoke the otherworldly. On October 31st, we welcome the strange.


As the 1970s Brought a Swell of Unexplained Livestock Death Across America’s Rural West, Seven Cattle Were Found Mutilated in Round Valley

[WARNING: This article contains graphics images and descriptions of violence wrought on animals] Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Barron L. Hankes, who was serving as the “livestock investigator,” revealed that “six animals owned by three ranchers in this area have been found dead and sexually mutilated in the past two weeks.”

It Was 59 Years Ago When Children in the Mendocino County Woods Met the Legendary Bigfoot

Far-flung residents of Mendocino County throw around “way out there” and “up in the hills". Nothing says we live on the frontier like being on the edge of Bigfoot Country. 

‘It Walked Hunched’: A Deer Hunter’s Encounter with Bigfoot in the Mendocino County Mountains Forty-Nine Years Ago

"Its forehead was gunpowder gray with the temple area being purple red down the side of the face partway then dark tan. Its face was flat with a flat nose. It walked hunched over with his arms at a dead hang as he walked."

Police Logs


Fort Bragg Unified Seeking Applicants for Vacant Position on the School Board

"An individual will be appointed to fill the vacant position through the November 2024, General Election."

Mendocino County Construction Corps Set to Recieve $1 Million to Train the Next Generation of Builders

“California is going to need an additional 400,000 construction trade, transportation and utility jobs through 2030. We also know that large employers here in Mendocino County and throughout the North Coast are in desperate need of skilled workers. And what we also know is, we need to grow our own.” 

Unleash Your Inner Bard: The Search for Mendocino County’s Next Youth Poet Laureate

"The Youth Poet Laureate will be an emerging poet that exemplifies and celebrates the rich diversity and innovative spirit of all Mendocino County youth."

Cold Cases

Nearly Twenty Years After a Siskiyou County Woman Was Murdered, a Suspect Has Been Charged with Her Death

"This arrest is the result of the determination of our investigators and reflects our faithful commitment to pursuing justice for victims of violent crimes and their families."

The Disappearance of Cannabis Activist and Pioneer Chris Giauque: A Father’s Search for His Son

On the evening of August 9, 2003, Chris set out for a remote property in Northern Mendocino County, to collect $150K owed to him by his business partner. He would never return home.

The Disappearance of Chris Giauque: Breaking the Case

In the quiet, secluded landscapes of northern California, a chilling mystery haunts the memory of Chris Giauque. Over twenty years ago, late in the afternoon of Saturday, August 9, 2003, Chris left his Salmon Creek home in Southern Humboldt and never returned.


The Leopard Lily Blooms—A Dispatch from Mendonoma

"A legend warns that if you sniff these wildflowers, you will get freckles!"

The Gualala River Breaks Through the Sandbar— Dispatch from Mendonoma

"Those Steelhead I showed you yesterday have surely exited the river, entering their next journey in the Pacific Ocean. Hooray!"


MendoThrowback: The Boonville High-Roller Reports— Klondike Fever, Panther Skin, Ax Stuck in Head

The smell of men curing squirrel bacon was in the air, the High-Roller reported, as multiple Boonville residents prepared for their sojourn into the Klondike with visions of gold.

How the Death of Fifteen Firefighters in the Mendocino National Forest Sowed the Seeds of Today’s Firefighting Aircrafts

“The important thing about the original air tanker operation was its enthusiasm. The conviction that “this idea will work” spread from the dozen or so pilots to the Forest Service and state people, who call the pilots back, again and again, to help put out fires all over the state."

Covelo Celebrates Richard Wilson, the Man Who Stopped the Damming of the Eel River and Flooding of Round Valley

A celebration to honor Richard Wilson at Live Power Farm in Covelo expanded into a reflection on the historical contributions of tribal leaders, agricultural innovators, and efforts to promote the environmental and social health of the Valley going forward.

This Day in MendoHistory: July 27, 1909- Mendocino Votes to Ban Booze

"The final day for liquor sales was August 6th, and “there was one giant party within the community” as all 14 businesses dispensed with their stock of liquid refreshments."

This Day in MendoHistory: October 1, 1905- Steamer Slams Into Gualala Reefs Becoming Stuck for Three Weeks

Three weeks later, the licenses of the Santa Barbara’s Captain, Chief Mate, and Second Mate were suspended because they had been “unskillful and negligent in navigating the steamer on this occasion.”