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You are reading this because you have come to know Maybe you know our site through our coverage of September’s Hopkins Fire, or our in-depth coverage of the Redbearded Burglar. Maybe you’ve come to appreciate our coverage of the traffic accidents, fires, and other happenings that affect our day-to-day lives in Mendocino County. 

Regardless, any loyal readers will know that MendoFever is dedicated to bringing our audience the news they need now.

This dedication has generated a faithful following and dynamic comment culture providing insight into what goes in our community and the hearts and minds of our neighbors.

To put some numbers to it:

  • Since September, our website has been viewed just shy of a million times at 948,481.
  • In that same time span, nearly 400,000 separate people have visited MendoFever totaling 386,339.
  • The most significant age of our readership ranges from 25-64.
  • The top five cities where our content is most read are: 1) Ukiah 2) San Francisco 3) Fort Bragg 4) Santa Rosa 5)Willits

What do these numbers mean? Your advertisement on has the potential to be viewed hundreds of thousands of times by readers in some of Mendocino County’s most populated cities and even urban readers in Santa Rosa and San Francisco. Also, with the majority of our readership being of working age, they have disposable incomes to consider your business or goods. 

Our advertising prices are affordable, and the personal approach we will bring to working with you and your business will always keep your experience a priority.

We know the challenge of starting something from the ground up, the late nights and early mornings, the courage and wherewithal entrepreneurship requires. As our website has gained success, we want to provide a platform to local businesses to share their passion and gain customers. As MendoFever grows, so do you.

Please, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

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