Laytonville Water Technician Inspects His 16th Dry Well of the Season and Advocates for the ‘Small is Beautiful’ Cannabis Referendum

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My name is Jason and I’m a water technician in Laytonville. I sounded my 16th dry well in Laytonville so far this year. This one is different. Well depth = 200’ Location in the bottom of the valley. Uphill I can see 15 greenhouses clear as day. Two old ladies live at location with very low usage. Now they have to pay for and find ( good luck) a tank and booster system so they can get a city water delivery. It will cost $4000 for install with water costs for delivery $350-400. Hard for older ladies on a fixed income to produce, and I will be forced to work out a payment plan so they can have life’s most precious necessity. And we want to draw more? How….from where? This is truly a mess that will take 3-5 years of 60” of rain to mitigate. As far as the county’s direction for wrapping Phase 1 into Phase 3, the Supervisors should eat cake for not listening to the state…. But it will penalize Phase 1 applicants if Willits referendum succeeds. I strongly suggest voting for the Small is Beautiful referendum. It’s the best way forward, especially in this long-term drought.

-Jason Augustyniak

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  1. as a water witcher this is hard to believe that a person can make a statement about water the way he did ? i have been to laytonville have found water in the valley floor ? one was a well that i told the young man to pull his pump out and get a air compressor and blow out the well ? he did and got water just by doing what i told him to do ! also east of laytonville i went to two homes on the same road and told them the same thing blow out the well see if you get water back ? one person had me come to witch his land when he told me he had a well i checked it out told him to blow it out ! water is running 24 /7 365 days a year so if people have a low or no water situation they either have a well that will get low but returns later on in the year as springs that dry up then come back later on ? i have been witching for over 30 odd years and have found wells 100 gals a minute a well in redwood valley 16 gals a minute 960 gal an hour so a person going around telling people about water can ask for the moon and tell people they can help for money ? while i can come and tell them the truth as if they have water or not honest is my name ! doug brown 81 years old willits,ca 95490 101 mill creek drive 707-354-0386 or 459-2877 home #

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