Saturday, September 23, 2023

Like It Or Not Hosts Interview the Man, the Myth, the Legend Dr. Andy Coren— Mendo’s Public Health Officer

In episode 83 of the Like It Or Not podcast, hosts Carter Lane and Drew Nicoll prove their growing access to local officials interviewing Mendocino County’s Public Officer Dr. Andy Coren.

Host Carter Lane said the conversation ranged from “COVID-19, masks, mandates, and much more.”

Mendocino County residents get insight into the challenges public health officers faced as society navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Coren said, “One of the things that threw me off, besides public speaking, was the necessity to write orders. And what becomes apparent is that when I write an order that I think is safe for people to do, I get anger just because it’s an order.”

Ukiah Natives Carter Lane and Drew Nicoll produce a weekly podcast exploring all things Mendocino County called Like It or Not. Episodes are released weekly on Thursday mornings at 5:00 am and are available on all podcast platforms.

Past guests of the podcast have included local musician Korey Ross, Financial Advisor Richard Kostas, Owner of Ukiah Valley Athletic Club Lauren Strangio, Pastor Mike Dyer, DJ, and Juvenile Probation Manager Jack Seshwann, and Dr. Marvin Trotter, and Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall.
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  1. When orders from local doctors rape the first amendment without due process they are wrong.
    When science cannot be questioned there is no longer science.
    When hospitals quit treating other illness to focus on a propaganda plague, then blame deaths of their plague we have the dark ages.

  2. andy how can we miss you when you won’t go away?

    this new format seems to curb any public discourse….guess it will just brew to a bad thing

  3. The problem is when you make an order it negativity affects my health and my right to do as I see fit for my own circumstances. The way you handled things shows you not only can’t be trusted to do the right thing but you practice gross negligence!

    I have great disgust for you holding this position. You can’t responsibly use your power.

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