Saturday, September 23, 2023

Ukiah Man With a Known ‘Violent History’ Arrested After Assault Resulting in ‘Severe Concussion’

The following is a press release issued by the Ukiah Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Adam Pearson [Mugshot from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Booking Logs]

On 02-23-2023 at approximately 1:56pm, Ukiah PD personnel received a call from a hysterical female subject requesting an emergency response to the Super 8 Motel (693 S. Orchard Avenue) regarding a physical altercation where an adult victim was unconscious. UPD Officers and Detectives responded to the location Code 3 (Lights and Sirens). Upon arrival a UPD Officer observed a juvenile male (victim) and female walking towards the front office of the motel. 

The Officer observed the juvenile male subject had blood on his clothing and the female juvenile was crying. After speaking with the male juvenile the Officer determined that a physical altercation occurred inside of room #116, then continued out into the parking lot area of the motel. The juvenile male further told the Officer that an unknown male subject (later identified as Adam Pearson), had followed his Uncle (adult victim) to the motel room. His Uncle knocked on the door to room #116 due to not having his room key with him. The male juvenile opened the door and his Uncle entered. Shortly after, Pearson entered the room telling his Uncle not to talk to the juvenile the way he was, and struck him in the face with his fist. The assault caused the adult victim to fall to the ground. The juvenile came to his Uncle’s aid and engaged in a physical altercation with Pearson. After multiple punches were exchanged, Pearson fled the room on a bicycle. 

The adult victim pursued Pearson on foot and fell on the wet parking lot asphalt causing his head to collide with the ground, rendering him unconscious. As the juvenile approached he observed his uncle regain consciousness, then Pearson struck him in the face again with his fist causing his uncle to lose consciousness for a second time. The juvenile engaged in a second physical altercation with Pearson before he fled again on his bicycle. 

The adult victim was transported to the AHUV Emergency Room by his girlfriend, prior to our arrival. He later returned to the Super 8 on foot, disoriented and confused. It was determined by the Officer that he had left the ER prior to being treated. The Officer was concerned by his behavior and the visible injuries he had, that he could possibly have internal bleeding in his brain. An ambulance was requested and the victim was transported back to AHUV for treatment.   

The Officer provided a description of the suspect to assisting UPD personnel and requested that they search the area for him. A UPD Sergeant located a subject matching the provided description at Oak Manor Park. He observed the subject had fresh blood on the knuckle portion of his right hand. The subject was known to the Sergeant from prior law enforcement contacts to be on active CDC Parole, and additionally to have a violent history. Pearson was detained in handcuffs without incident. 

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The adult victim’s girlfriend had returned to the Super 8 during that time and told the investigating officer that she would be able to identify the suspect if she saw him again. The Officer provided the witness a ride to Oak Manor Park where she positively idenitified Pearson as the suspect. 

Pearson was interviewed regarding the incident and admitted to his involvement in the assault. He was transported to the Mendocino County Jail where he was booked and lodged for the following violations. Due to the adult victim losing consciousness and later determined to have a severe concussion, Pearson was charged with battery causing serious bodily injury (243(d) PC). Pearson was also charged with child endangerment (273a(b) PC), and a violation of his Parole terms (3056 PC).  

 As always, UPD’s mission is to make Ukiah as safe a place as possible. If you would like to know more about crime in your neighborhood, you can sign up for telephone, cellphone, and email notifications by clicking the Nixle button on our website; http://www.ukiahpolice.com.

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  1. Reminds of the song by Jason Isbell Super 8…..Don’t want to die in a Super 8 motel, just because someones night didn’t go to well….

  2. Motel vouchers really working out for these poor motel owners. Look around Ukiah! The way this town is being run is not working!

  3. At least UPD was concerned about the victim and talked to witnesses. Got the guy needed medical attention due to obvious head trauma, even though the guy may have thought he was ok.
    Also they didnt threaten to arrest the victim if he wanted to press charges.
    Like a different world compared to the WPD. Where a guy gets attacked by two chicken scat punks in rite aid parking lot at 5pm. They didn’t question or try to find any witnesses. One person caught the tail end of it with his phone. WPD Threatened the victim, who was held down by one and hit dozens of times in the head and face by the other finally slamming the dudes truck door on his head, with going to jail if he pressed charges. When he asked when the ambulance was coming they told him he could drive himself.
    The guys got blood and fluid draining from his sinus and clear marks where the door slammed on his temples. They had video of the attack. They had plenty of witnesses but chose not to question any.
    Yeah, I feel much safer that those two violent bullies are being enabled by law enforcement. No word if DA is even going to pursue it. I guess they are calling it self defense. Two on one, and the guy is just trying to get away.

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