Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Asymptomatic Juvenile Hall Resident Infects Two Probation Office Staff with COVID-19; All Three Now in Isolation


The following press release was released by Mendocino County Public Health in collaboration with Mendocino County Juvenile Hall:

On November 4, 2020, two Mendocino County Juvenile Probation Office staff members, after experiencing mild symptoms, tested positive for COVID-19. Mendocino County Public Health collaborated with Juvenile Hall to begin contact tracing the same day. This contact tracing effort led to the testing of an asymptomatic Juvenile Hall resident, who was recently transported in a vehicle by the two positive staff members. This resident also tested positive for COVID-19. The family of this resident has been notified, and it is believed that this resident may have been infected before arriving in Mendocino County.

All three positive individuals are in isolation, and outbreak testing was conducted at the facility today. Mendocino County Juvenile Hall has sanitized their facilities and the vehicle that was used to transport the resident, and they are continuing to monitor all residents diligently. Contact tracing and investigation are still underway.

Released in collaboration with Mendocino County Juvenile Hall

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  1. Juveniles have zero civil rights in California. Until age 18 magic makes them human beings.
    Do you know what is required to become emancipated? Very complicated bureaucratic process! But to be charged as adult at 12 or 14 is simple, crime that pisses them off.
    I grew up in this system and it is amazing that I did not become a mass murder, that only requires taking bureaucracy personally.
    You can’t vote, you can’t consent to sex, but you can go to combat with parents consent.

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