Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Mendocino County Public Health Applauds Fort Bragg Restaurants for COVID-19 Outbreak Mitigation


The following is a statement published on Mendocino County Public Health’s Facebook page:

We want to set the record straight. Please share.

Mendocino County Public Health announced last week that there were 15 positive COVID-19 cases tied to a total of 7 Fort Bragg Restaurants: Silver’s At The Wharf , Laurel Deli & Desserts , Denny’s , Angelina’s Bar & Grill , Noyo Harbor Inn, Restaurant and Tavern , David’s Deli , and Mayan Fusion.

When it comes to COVID-19 positives in the workplace, a business’s integrity and dedication can be seen in their RESPONSE to such a situation.

Thankfully, Fort Bragg is home to several restaurant owners who have proven by their actions that they love their community.

All of the businesses above immediately sprung into action when they learned they had COVID-19 positive staff members:

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  • Each and every restaurant thoroughly sanitized their facilities.
  • Restaurant owners coordinated with Public Health to have their staff get tested for COVID-19.
  • Each restaurant ensured that all positive employees stayed home while sick.
  • Most restaurants closed their doors as a precaution, even though it was not ordered by the County Health Officer.
  • Most restaurants threw out food as an extra-protective measure.
  • COVID-19 protocols are still being maintained by each restaurant, by having staff wear masks, maintaining social distance, and having their facilities constantly sanitized.

“We go above and beyond to protect both staff and guests while providing a brief escape for our patrons,” said Noyo Harbor Inn Restaurant General Manager, Scott Schneider. “SERVICE used to be our priority; now, it is SAFETY.”

REMEMBER: No business is immune to a COVID-19 outbreak. What is truly indicative of a business’s integrity is the way they RESPOND when an outbreak does occur.

If you heard from Public Health that a certain restaurant had an outbreak, that in itself is evidence that they are an upright establishment, because they alerted Public Health to the outbreak and took care of the situation.

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