Monday, May 29, 2023

Mendocino County’s Public Health Officer Recommends Masking and Vaccines as COVID-19 Cases Rise


The following is a letter to Mendocino County Residents published by Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren:

Mendocino County’s Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren [Picture provided by the County of Mendocino]

Hello Mendocino County,

I am making this strong recommendation to you as your Public Health Officer and as a family doctor. I am very concerned about the increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in our county. In the past month we have seen the average new COVID cases triple from 3.7 to 11 per day and the number of people hospitalized has almost tripled from 5 to 14—numbers we have not seen since the terrible surge last winter.

The Delta Variant, which is now in our county, is twice as contagious, spreading to more people faster than we’ve seen before. It mostly targets the unvaccinated people but even vaccinated people who are immune-compromised (advanced age, some illnesses or medications) are at risk. COVID-19 is targeting younger adults and it is now the 10th leading cause of death in children.

Therefore, I am strongly recommending that everyone in our community (who is not exempt) WEAR A MASK INDOORS AND OUTSIDE in a crowd with unvaccinated people.

Masks are proven to slow transmission to friends, family and the community. Masks should be 2-3 layers of cloth and should fit tightly over the nose and under the chin for optimal protection of those around you. People who need more protection should consider a more effective N95 type mask.

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Masks will help control this pandemic. But vaccines can help get us back to normal. So GET VACCINATED NOW. Vaccines are extremely effective. Unvaccinated people get COVID 8 times more than vaccinated. And those who are vaccinated who get COVID have milder disease, rarely need the hospital and almost never die. Immunity obtained from the vaccine is greater and more reliable than getting COVID. The science behind the vaccines has been around for over 20 years and has been used successfully for influenza, rabies, ebola and others.

Vaccines are safe. There is no evidence that they change our DNA, tag or “chip” us or interfere with fertility. In fact, Infants and nursing babies whose mothers have been vaccinated get immune globulins that may protect them. American Academy of Family Practice, American Academy of Pediatrics, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, and the CDC all recommend vaccinating pregnant and nursing women. ‘Long COVID’ has already proven to be much worse than any long-term side effects of the vaccine.

Bottom line: the risk of getting COVID is much greater than the vaccine.

Finally, if you get sick with even mild symptoms, STAY HOME and GET TESTED, even if you are vaccinated, so we can stop further transmission. None of us want to get sick, get others sick, or go back to “lock-down mode” again.

Our community successfully fought this pandemic last year by working together. If we follow these common sense, scientifically proven recommendations we can get control of this surge sooner and get back to normal again.

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  1. Why doesn’t everyone get a real MSDS sheet from the CDC and or company that makes them. Read what they are made Out of ! Read for gosh sakes! Then if you want one get it! I HAVE READ IT AND YOUR EYES DON’T REALLY LIE!

  2. Virtually all ICU patients and deaths at this point are among the un-vaccinated. Basic public health protocols such as masks made sense until mass vaccination was possible to keep our hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. It was legitimate. Vaccine skepticism? China loves you for it. They are dumping staggering efforts into misinformation to psychologically undermine American medical ingenuity.

    Having said that, public health should not be hysterical or untruthful. Basic fact check of child mortality claim? A physician in Alabama made this claim, which appears unsupported by any actual study, let alone peer review. Using hysteria or untruthfulness to encourage vaccination is not something public health officials should be involved in.

    Covid deaths in children (especially prepubescent children) remain *quite* rare. But child suicide and clinical depression rates are truly staggering. Wanna help our economy, our nation, and our children? Get vaccinated so we can get back to normal.

  3. I live in Lake County and I went to 4 different places yesterday. I never stopped wearing a mask even though I am fully vaccinated. Approximately 97% of people I saw yesterday, didn’t wear a mask. My masking 100% of the time will protect others. Others not masking does not protect me on any level.
    Common sense people. Get fully vaccinated and wear a mask.
    I continue to carry and use antibacterial gel,wipes, and gloves everywhere I go.
    As soon as I return home I change my clothing and wash my face and hands.

    • LOL a bit OCD there JoAnne? See if you are vaccinated, why do you care? You are protected right? What if we already have tested for antibodies and we have robust immune system from past infections? I do not care to take a jab of something that is a gene splicing trigger for my immune system after I’ve already caught it? What happens to your vaccinated immune system when something else other than a coronavirus hits your system? You may very well come down with auto immune disease. We are waiting to see what happens to all of you guinea pigs in the future from the biggest human trial ever conducted. Thanks for your contribution…

  4. He’s a liberal twit who believes the sky is falling. Good scare tactics there buddy, but try a bit harder. Don’t threaten us with your lockdowns. They don’t work. DIdin’t work for a year and a half, won’t work now. Time to be free, time for us to live, and all of you vaccinated freaks who still wear the face diaper and soak yourself in sanitizers…GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS!

    • Actually it would be a lot more accurate to say goodluck to those of you that catch Covid-19 they never got the life saving vaccine. It seems that someone’s manhood is fragile and insecure…face diaper?? Soak in sanitizers?? The freak gas been self identified.

      • Life saving vaccine?? Thanks for the laugh! Good luck to us people who have healthy immune systems who aren’t worried about catching the virus…never worn a face diaper, never will. Haven’t been sick in over 5 years. Why? Because I don’t eat garbage like most of you. I take the proper nutrients for vital immune health. I don’t drown myself in alcohol like most of you. And one more thing, my “manhood” is non-existent. Probably just like yours is lol

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