Sunday, January 29, 2023

5th District Supervisor Runner-Up Chris Skyhawk Endorses John Redding for June Election

The following is a press release from John Redding for District 5 Supervisor:

Chris Skyhawk, runner-up for Supervisor four years ago, has endorsed John Redding for District 5 County Supervisor. Skyhawk writes:

“If we are to come together as a community, we need people with integrity to be our leaders, and that’s why I am endorsing candidate John Redding for 5th District County Supervisor. John has extensive personal and professional experience that will benefit our county. I very much appreciate his call for the County to actively engage in Economic Development. His call to appoint an Economic Development Coordinator is an exemplary and clearly overdue proposal. And he pledges to work with Community Trusts to help alleviate our housing crisis, which is growing worse with each passing day.

As I have gotten to know John, I find him to be a smart, sensitive, and responsive person, and I believe the people of the 5th will find him the same. There is much to recommend John for the position.”

Redding welcomed Mr. Skyhawk’s endorsement.

“I am honored to have his endorsement. Chris is a beloved leader in our County, a man of integrity and considerable courage,” Redding said. “It shows that people with different backgrounds can find common ground. Chris and I will work together to address those issues of most concern to Mendocino County residents.”

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  1. thank you, Chris Skyhawk …your former opponent has not worked out all that well. i trusted him over you in that election. now i have many regrets.

    • And Williams does? He is pretty good at screwing things up in Government. Pretty good at telling lies. Seems like Redding already has a clue, by running against this moron.

  2. I have seen John Redding’s Comments over the years on the MCN announce list and his behavior on that list should be troubling as it was to me. Also see:
    Supervisor Ted Williams is a far cry from that behavior as he acts with respect for all. William’s record is one of service to the residents of Mendocino County and not one steeped in conspiracy theories or polarization politics.
    Williams has a solid grasp on navigating and understanding the issues this county has faced.
    Unfortunately many people do not understand how government functions and Mr. Redding’s tropes and rhetoric is just that and reflects such. William’s experience and record speaks to his competence and dedication and getting results.

    • You must be related to Williams!!!!!! Just combining Treasurer/Tax Collector and Auditors office, which he supported, shows he has no grasp or navigation skills. Probably one of the most dishonest Supervisors this County has ever had.

  3. Would love to have a supervisor that isn’t part of the Covid cult of fanatics. The covid situation has injected itself into so much of our daily lives and could have dramatic impacts on our future. Unfortunately, at this point I don’t seem to be too concerned with much else beyond that. The mainstream covid response has had a dramatic, negative impact on society, mental health, our youth, personal relationships, small businesses and our ability to make choices for our own personal health.

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