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First-Ever ‘Hog Farm Hideaway’ Brings Legal Cannabis to Inaugural Laytonville Festival

The following is a press release issued by the Hog Farm Hideaway:

Mendocino Cannabis Resource Events (MCREvents) is proud to announce the launching of the Kind Bud Lounge Cannabis Club, in agreement with Shooting Star Events. The legal cannabis lounge and retail sales area is a part of Shooting Star’s new festival: The Hog Farm Hideaway, taking place June 10th through June 12th, at the historic Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, California.

The “Hog Farm Hideaway” is a family-friendly, three-day event which will feature nightly performances of the legendary band String Cheese Incident, along with dozens of other artists, art installations, food and craft vendors, swimming, a healing sanctuary, beer, wine and legal cannabis.

MCREvents is heading up the “Kind Bud Lounge Cannabis Club” at the festival, according to organizational founder Karen Byars. “We are pleased to be offering the public safe, licensed cannabis for sale and for consumption in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, where it all began,” she explains.

“We will be featuring seven cannabis booths and a smoking lounge, which will
allow adults 21 and over to enjoy some of the best cannabis offerings from our region, grown by licensed farms and managed in a safe, welcoming environment.”

Black Oak Ranch has deep roots in the cannabis community. Cannabis vendors and sponsors jumped at the chance to be part of the historic event, and both vendor and sponsor slots were filled immediately.

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“It is our generous sponsors and vendors who are making the cannabis lounge possible,” says Byars, who is gratified that legal cannabis can finally be purchased and consumed at public events, which helps support cannabis farmers and provides consumers the opportunity to sample some of the finest cannabis products available.

Garcia Hand Picked is a Kind Bud Lounge Gold Sponsor. The legacy of the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia continues on with his family’s line of a variety of cannabis products grown by farms that are “hand-picked” by the Garcia family. Some of the farms include Bigfoot Family Farms in Willow Creek, High Water Farms in Humboldt County, Lantern Farms in Mendocino County and Luminescent Farms in Nevada County. Garcia’s Hand

Picked offers outdoor and indoor-grown flower, joint packs, and “Jerry’s Picks” Gummies shaped like the guitar picks used by Jerry through the years.

“As a musician and artist, this is what Jerry Garcia was all about. His passion and creativity had the unique power to connect us all in a celebration of self-expression and positive vibes. Garcia Hand Picked was grown in this very spirit. Every aspect of the business has been carefully curated by the Garcia family to create an inspired cannabis experience that is spontaneous, harmonious, and can bring people together the way only Jerry could,” notes Annabelle Garcia. The team will also bring their celebrated Airstream trailer aptly named “Bertha,” which will be stocked with merch and memories.

Woodstock Heritage Strains is also a Gold Sponsor, dedicated to “bringing back the Counterculture.” Their premium line of cannabis products celebrates the Golden Age of Cannabis- from the politics and activism that sparked a revolution, through to the music and radical expression of the Woodstock generation. Their cannabis is sourced from Northern California legacy farms, with heritage strains like Maui Wowie, Acapulco Gold and Hindu Kush offered alongside celebrated contemporary strains. Products are available in vape, pre roll and edible formats.

Woodstock is partnering with 365 Recreational Dispensary and Feeling Frosty Hash to create an immersive Dab Bar and retail experience in the Kind Bud Lounge. Their “Woodstock Live” series combines live music with live rosin dabs, live resin infused pre- rolls and their ever-popular Nepali Vapes.

“We are very proud to announce that Woodstock Heritage strains is donating 10% of their proceeds to the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance and the Origins Council, both of which have been on the forefront of advocating for our farming community,” says Byars.

Other cannabis vendors include Redwood Remedies, Tall Tree Society and the Bohemian Chemist, all from Mendocino County, and Backroads Distro from Lake County.

MCREvents has decades of history- first as a cannabis advocacy organization which produced conferences, business development workshops and job fairs. Now, with the procurement of a California Cannabis Event Organizers license, their focus has evolved. “Our mission is to create direct-sales cannabis marketplaces and lounges that feature Northern California outdoor cannabis flowers and products at festivals and events,” Byars concludes.

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MCREvents is hosting their own cannabis event July 9th – the Kind Bud Campout, which will be an educational and musical experience with special seminars on hash and unique hash tasting opportunities. For more information
visit https://www.kindbudcampout.com/

For ticket and additional information about the Hog Farm Hideaway visit their website: https://hogfarmhideaway.com/

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