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Mendocino Forest Protectors Arrested at State Capitol After Blocking Entrance of Natural Resources Agency HQ

The following is a press release issued by Redwood Nation Earth First!:

Six elders were just arrested at the CA Natural Resources Agency Headquarters in Sacramento.  They are members of Redwood Nation Earth First!  protesting the announcement of resumed logging operations in Jackson Demonstration State Forest.  Arrestee Anna Marie Stenberg said: “Crowfoot needs to keep his promise.  He said logging operations would be paused while he was negotiating with the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians.  Why is Calfire ending the pause?”  

The six elders chose to block the door to the agency and were charged with the following misdemeanors: failure to disperse, failure to obey a lawful order, and blocking a public egress. Naomi Wagner was arrested, and said: “We are demanding that Secretary Crowfoot reinstate the moratorium on all logging operations including road building and herbicide use in JDSF.”

Naomi arrested handcuffed and arrested by a CHP Officer

Polly Girvin was arrested and said: “I went to jail today for my great grandchildren Daniel, Courtney, Chloee and Cambree. They are members of the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians and great grandchildren of Priscilla Hunter. I want them to remember that their auntie stood up for their future, so they can be out there in the forest gathering basket materials, gathering medicine, and learning about all the plants.  I am a role model for Pomo youth and that is why I took a stand today.”

Larry Aguilera, Naomi Wagner, Tom Shaver, Anna Marie Stenberg, Marggie Chandler and Polly Girvin were all arrested. 



  1. Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale about one lovely ship that ran into an iceberg upon it’s maiden trip…the lifeboats very lacking cause they did not feel the need to clog the deck with ugly boats try swimming yes indeed..swimming yes indeed…………
    Science can make many rich when conflicts are resolved..just rid the oceans icebergs our problems are now solved…..
    With CO2 and logging crews, them billionairs running rife, while movie stars sell Ponzi Schemes with a corporate smile

  2. Earth First on it’s, them, they T-Shirt (see picture above).
    Earth First used to kill and injure loggers and mill workers by spiking trees.
    Now they are petulant old people who block public access to get their way.
    When my three year old tossed himself onto a grocery aisle screaming for a sugar treat, I just walked off and ignored him. He got the message quickly.
    Ignore these crybabies, the forests are fuel loaded because of people like them stopping proper forest management. Even the Indians way back in pre-settlers days did controlled burns to manage their section of the forest. With this drought cycle (hopefully not a 200 year one) fuel filled forests with bountiful fire ladders everywhere will burn like crazy killing our wildlife. Allowing over populated insect clusters to bloom and spread killing trees makes the problem worse. Those who claim it isn’t natural, well it hasn’t been natural since man moved into these areas 25,000 plus years ago (based on your Science that if man is involved it ain’t natural).

    • Dear oh so sadly misinformed BK,
      Tell us exactly how many loggers and mill workers were ever injured by tree spiking, please.
      And of those how many were specifically attributed to Earth First???

      I call major BULLSHIT!!!
      Someone has swallowed the lumber companies’ poison pill without question.
      Automation has caused far more logging job losses than any enviro activism.
      Go ahead and keep swallowing their bullshit propaganda….just makes you less capable of assessing reality on the ground.

      Based on real reports, not lumber company propaganda, exactly 1 man was seriously injured at the Cloverdale Mill in 1987.
      This was done by an individual, or several, without Earth First approval.
      You can’t blame an entire political group for the unapproved actions of a one or a few extremists.
      (Should all republicans be blamed for the Jan6 insurrectionist actions that.killed 5???)

      Logging companies have actively & directly killed several forest activists, with premeditated intention.

      Remember Gypsy Chain!!!…intentionally & directly killed by a predatory logger with no ramifications.
      Earth First has ALWAYS advocated non-violent actions.
      Spiking trees has been a severe affront to that NV intent.

      In case you don’t know, or remember, Earth First was started by 3 Republicans….undeniable FACT.
      Later that same year it became 7 Republican activists.
      They practiced destruction of equipment by pouring sugar into fuel tanks….Hayduke motherf****rs!
      Mostly in Utah and the 4 corners area.

      Earth First has been STRONGLY advocating managed burns since the 1980s.

      Your false equivalency to your childs sugar addiction tantrum is laughable AT BEST.
      Your ignorance of the facts is blocking your ability to recognize the natural evolution and diversity of native forest communities.


      This Earth is the ONLY known planet with water on the surface.
      The forests are exactly WHY it rains on land.
      Not new info.

      END miniaturization and desertification of forests NOW.

      We are living in the final empire….no.more isolated empires, it’s all worldwide now.

      If we can’t stop the madness, the entirety of humanity that survives the coming environmental upheaval (that has been a major concern since 1953) may be forced back into the stone age within 100 or so years.

      • Dearest All Fiction: Your insults hold better water than your alleged facts. Quote:In case you don’t know, or remember, Earth First was started by 3 Republicans….undeniable FACT.

        Answer: Earth First was inspired by several environmental writings, including Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, Aldo Leopold’s land ethic, and Edward Abbey’s The Monkey Wrench Gang, a small group of environmental activists composed of Dave Foreman, ex-Yippie Mike Roselle, Wyoming Wilderness Society representatives Bart Koehler and Howie Wolke, and Bureau of Land Management employee Ron Kezar, united to form Earth First!. While traveling in Foreman’s VW bus from the El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve in northern Mexico to Albuquerque, New Mexico, the group pledged, “No compromise in defense of Mother Earth!”.

        Earth First! was founded on April 4, 1980,[3] by Dave Foreman, Mike Roselle (famous Yippee republican member per non-fiction), Howie Wolke, Bart Koehler, and Ron Kezar. Many new members to Earth First!, came from a leftist or anarchist political background or were involved in the counterculture, Activities such as a “puke-in” at a shopping mall, a flag burning were part of the act, with tree spiking encouraged but at least not publically. Tensions reportedly led several of the founders to sever their ties to Earth First! in 1990. Since 1990, action within the Earth First! movement has become increasingly influenced by anarchist political philosophy.

        Union Industrial Workers of the World website notes In May, 1987, sawmill worker George Alexander was nearly decapitated when a tree-spike shattered his sawblade at the Cloverdale Louisiana-Pacific mill in northern California.

        This grisly accident sent shock waves through our community, and eventually led Northern California Earth First! to renounce tree spiking. Southern Oregon and Southern Willamette Earth First! joined us, as well as a few Earth First!ers from Stumptown, but that’s all.

        The rest of Earth First! still endorses spiking, and many of them even today react to our no-spiking policy by denouncing us as traitors and dismissing us as wimps, without ever considering the reasons for our actions. Because of this, because there are so many new Earth Firsters who don’t know this history, I think it is time to re-examine the issue of tree-spiking. A few years ago, George Alexander and his wife Laurie agreed to talk to me about the 1987 incident. You can google the rest folks.

        So even the lefty Union above agrees about Earth First Tree Spiking.

        You are indeed all fiction!

  3. I am posting below this information as another reply to All-Fiction’s comments.
    Personally I am glad that large sections of the forests were saved, but by dedicated peaceful people, not earth first. Join the Sierra club or similar, but do not support these alleged Forest protectors noted in Matts article.

    The Secret History of Tree Spiking – Part 2
    By Judi Bari – Anderson Valley Advertiser, March 8, 1993; reprinted in Timber Wars, © 1994 Common Courage Press.

    Tree-spiking is a failed tactic by any standard. It has been practiced by Earth First! for 10 years now, and I think it’s fair to say that the results are in. Here’s [an excerpt of] Dave Foreman’s description of tree-spiking from Eco-Defense

    Tree-spiking is an extremely effective method of deterring timber sales, which seems to be becoming more and more popular. If enough trees are spiked to roadless areas, eventually the corporate thugs in the timber company boardrooms, along with their corporate lackeys who wear the uniform of the Forest Service, will realize that timber sales in wild areas are going to be prohibitively expensive.
    Believing this to be so seems to be an article of faith for some Earth First!ers. But a look at the actual history of Earth First! tree-spiking will show that it hasn’t really worked out that way.

    The most intensive spiking campaigns occurred in Oregon and Washington, although there have also been tree-spikings in California, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, British Columbia, southern Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, and New Jersey, to name a few. And I’m not going to say that none of them saved any trees, because in a few cases they did, especially early on, or in areas without a timber based economy. But the successes have been few and far between. Even unabashed Earth First! apologist Chris Manes, writing in his well researched book Green Rage, could only come up with two timber sales that were canceled because they were spiked, one in George Washington National Forest in Virginia, and one in the Wanatchee Forest’s Icicle River drainage in Washington state. I don’t know about the trees in Virginia, but the Icicle River sale has since been cut. Earth First! activists from Shawnee in Southern Illinois also report that when the hard-fought Fairview sale was finally clear-cut, the only trees that were left were a few oaks that had been spiked.

    But there have been scores and scores of tree-spikings, and in the vast majority of cases, the Forest Service or timber company just sent people in with metal detectors and, often with great public fanfare, removed the spikes and cut the trees. Sometimes spikes were missed and sometimes they hit the blades in sawmills. But the timber industry has made it quite clear that this is a price they are willing to pay.

    The first known tree-spiking in Earth First! history occurred in the Siskiyou Mountains of Oregon in 1983, on the Woodrat timber sale on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land. Notice was given of the spiking, and some of the trees were marked with yellow ribbons to make them easy to find and verify. The BLM reacted by having the loggers cut the trees and leave them on the ground for firewood cutters to saw at their own risk.

    More to read if you cab GOOGLE

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