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As COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Begins, Mendocino County Suffers 25th Casualty of the Pandemic

12.17.20 Stat Tracker
Mendocino County’s COVID-19 Dashboard from 12/17/2020

On the same day that Mendocino County received its first shipment of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, the county’s 25th resident succumbed to the virus. According to Sarah Dukett, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Mendocino County, the decedent was a 67-year-old Hispanic male who passed away at a Ukiah Valley hospital.

Mendocino County County Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren will hold a press conference today at 2:00 p.m. where Dukett said more information could be provided about the individual who passed away yesterday of COVID-19.

The announcement of yesterday’s death comes one day after Mendocino County Public Health posted on their Facebook page that the county is experiencing an “unprecedented surge” of positive cases. In a call to action, Public Health said, “The way we exercise our personal responsibility in the coming weeks has the potential of making or breaking our local healthcare system.”

Chief Medical Officer for Adventist Health in Mendocino County Dr. Bassant Parker said yesterday that AH Hospitals “have taken care of over 200 patients with COVID. We currently have 13 COVID patients in our hospital and about 30% ICU capacity.”

Cases/Date Tested from the 12/17 Update
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  1. This is a lie. This was my friend’s father and I was there when he died. He died of Pulmonary Embolism. He did not have Covid!!

    • Your job is to fact check and review all/multiple sources.

      Is this an investigative journalist website or a proganda mill?

      If I want to be fed bulshit all day I’ll just read the press releases direct from the offices themselves.

      Please check into this deeper, the claim that Lisa Wilson makes is a huge impact on the integrity of our “officials”.

      And is also a bigger impact if she is wrong or outright lying, because why would someone want attempt to sow any more doubt in an already challenged society.

      I’m sure many would appreciate your effort.

      • As you can see from my response to Lisa, I’m very interested in their perspective. It’s worth stating I’ve emailed Lisa, responded to her comment, and am still awaiting a response. As to “firehosing falsehood”, speaking with a source from the county is the publicly accessible source. Due to HIPPA, I can’t speak with health care providers about specific individuals and their medical issues. And, unless a family identifies themselves, these COVID deaths are anonymous. I looked forward to the opportunity to tell the “deeper” story.

      • My friend’s father was tested and he was negative at time of death. We know the truth. She has already contacted the medical records at the hospital and the public health officer.

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