Father and Two Children Rescued After Being Swept Out to Sea on Fort Bragg’s Pudding Creek Beach

A rescue surfboard brought to Pudding Creek Beach by first responders [Picture provided by Judy Valadao]

This afternoon, a father and two children were rescued after being swept out to sea by a wave while visiting Fort Bragg’s Pudding Creek Beach. 

Fort Bragg Police Department’s Captain O’Neal told us two beach-goers witnessed the circumstances and swam out to the trio using surfboards retrieving the father and children and bringing them to shore.

Captain O’Neal said the father suffered from issues associated with being in water but was able to walk away from the scene.

A resident told us she saw Fort Bragg Police Department, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office deputies, and two ambulances responding to the scene. While watching the rescue, the resident said she watched rescuers use a quad to navigate to the shore and deploy a body board.

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