Round Valley Shooting Victim Was Traveling With Suspect at the Time of the Attack, Says MCSO

After a man was shot in the chest yesterday evening and medevacked out of Round Valley, the suspect is at large, the victim is alive, and law enforcement is investigating, confirmed Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Captain Greg Van Patten.

Captain Van Patten said preliminary investigations have determined the shooting was a result of “some type of argument while the pair were driving together on Highway 162.”

At this point, the suspect is outstanding and Captain Van Patten said investigators are in Covelo today conducting follow-up investigations.

Captain Van Patten explained that around 8:30 yesterday evening the victim was dropped off at the Covelo Cal Fire station suffering a gunshot wound to the chest. There, deputies interviewed him and “learned the incident supposedly happened on the side of the roadway on Highway 162 and Mendocino Pass Road.” 

Deputies determined that the suspect is known to the victim. Captain Van Patten said MCSO will not release information regarding the suspect at this time “as we are trying to establish correct reliable information before putting that out.” 

That being said, scanner traffic from last night indicated that the suspect was driving a blue truck occupied by two males. 

Captain Van Patten did note “both the victim and suspect appear to be non-residents of Covelo or Mendocino County.”

California Highway Patrol is assisting MCSO with the investigation due to the fact the incident occurred on a state highway, according to Captain Van Patten.

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