Monday, May 16, 2022
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[UPDATE 9:52 a.m.] Multiple Spot Fires Near Confusion Hill, Arson Suspect May Have Attempted to Stab Someone

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Just before 8:30 a.m., a person called 911 reporting that there were multiple spot fires near Confusion Hill. The individual, a woman, reporting said that a suspect was seen who attempted to stab her. The suspect was last seen fleeing into the woods.

Multiple fire departments are responding to the area and dozers were dispatched to the area.

Two CHP officers are responding, according to the scanner.

The first firefighters at the scene reported finding two fires burning along Hwy 101 but they are “minimal” and quickly extinguished. The Incident Commander canceled the dozers and several of the units responding.

Law enforcement is looking for a vehicle that is possibly related to multiple spot fires overnight. The dispatch is requesting Cal Fire prevention to back.

UPDATE 9:02 a.m.: At least two spot fires are now being located in Humboldt County–two near Benbow. Copters and other firefighters are being called to them. They haven’t been proven to be related but the time is suspicious.

UPDATE 9:15 a.m.: Yvonne Hendrix, a resident of the town of Redway which is near to the spot fires in Humboldt County, is at the fire just north of Twin Trees shown in the video above. She said she is “looking at 14 people digging a firebreak. Two fire engines on the north side of the road.” She said, well-known firefighter Diana Totten told her it is believed to be arson. Hendrix does believe firefighters are getting the flames under control.

UPDATE 9:52 a.m.: According to Jeremy Ward, CalFire HUU Battalion Chief, he doesn’t know about the Mendocino fires but he is headed down to investigate the fires near Benbow. He reported that “a few spot fires have been located.”

He explained that one of the spot fires in Southern Humboldt had grown to a “couple of acres” but he thought firefighters were getting a handle on the incident. At this point, without investigating he isn’t able to state whether these fires are arson or accidental.




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