Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Protesters Gathered Saturday in Ukiah to Advocate for ‘Medical Freedom’ and to Denounce COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates


Yesterday, on the corner of Ukiah’s Airport Park Boulevard, approximately forty Mendocino County residents rallied to express their concerns and grievances regarding the federal, state, and local government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several themes emerged from the participants’ perspectives: the concept of body autonomy, suspicion of government mandates, and concerns regarding the health and efficacy of the vaccine.

This rally comes just two days after President Joe Biden issued the most sweeping vaccine mandate to date requiring upwards of 100 million Americans to inoculate themselves against the virus.

Multiple participants in yesterday’s rally cited these mandates as a threat to their freedom to control their bodies. One participant even said she and her children had decided to get vaccinated themselves, but stood in solidarity with efforts to leave it up to the individual to choose what was appropriate for their medical needs.

Mendocino County’s Public Health Officer Dr. Andy Coren was mentioned both in conversation with the participants and on signage displayed around the rally. Many questioned Dr. Coren’s authority to establish local COVID-19 protocols, one referring to him as an “at-will” employee who could be terminated but, as the participant put it, “The Board of Supervisors just keep letting him make all the decisions.”

Signs held by participants included slogans such as: “Where there is risk there must be a choice,” “Stop pretending this is about health,” “we stand for love peace health freedom,” and “end the censorship of vaccine risks.”

There were multiple participants who framed COVID-19 pandemic protocols as an encroachment by an unspecified government or as one referred to it as the “globalists,” to erode individual liberties and assume control of the population. 

Both cheers and jeers could be heard from vehicles passing by. Multiple vehicle occupants rolled down their windows to express support for the demonstration. Conversely, there were several passersby who scorned the participants.

Locally, Mendocino County is finally seeing the end of the recent COVID-19 surge associated with the Delta Variant, Dr. Coren announced at Friday’s COVID-19 press conference. At that press conference, Dr. Coren said approximately 17,000 “eligible residents are unvaccinated.”

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Daily Positive Cases as shown on Friday, September 10 during Mendocino County’s COVID-19 Press Conference

During Saturday’s rally, multiple participants described the citizen-driven town hall on Saturday, September 4, 2021 that brought PHO Dr. Coren and local business owners together to discuss the implications of a proposal to require restaurant employees and vaccination screening for customers as Mendocino County attempted to control the recent surge. 

In the wake of the meeting with business owners, Dr. Coren announced during Friday’s COVID-19 press conference that the recommendations that galvanized local business owners would stay just that. Instead of requiring these local restaurants to institute mandatory vaccines amongst staff and vaccine screening for customers, these protocols would be “strongly encouraged.”



  1. The thousand Americans who died from covid last week believed exactly what these people believe. And the thousand Americans who will die of covid this week believe exactly what these people believe. Kids have to be vaccinated to go to school, why should employment be different?

    • Isn’t that why you took the jab ? To protect yourself ? Why are you worried about me ? Because your dementia filled idiot told you too ? What happened to we the people ?

      • It not about YOU it’s about the US. WE the people, the majority want an end to the pandemic. If it were up to me- and the virus was not spreadable to others- I’d say let you all go ahead and get it and rid the world of you. Unfortunately, it kills the innocent as well.

    • and when patients get COVID who are not vaccinated… guess who begs for it? Ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power.. Some people prefer the bliss. But it won’t last forever..

  2. NO body can be forced to take any sort of vaccine, the fearless leader is way out of line. you can catch the Chinese flu or pass it on, you may be immune but no way can you be forced to take a vaccine against your will. fair or unfair?

  3. i was masked going just from the tractor dealer to friedmans yesterday… passed a big group of morons with signs and a few pointed at yelling whatever as my windows were up with the ac on…. i’m cool with that kind of protest as i feel thise voters numbers will fall. great.

  4. First off, hats off to the admin for constantly providing a platform and encouraging all forms of respectful discussions and points of view.

    I had a lengthy post citing various facts regarding Comirnaty/Pfizer-BioNTech. Rather than spamming this thread, for those interested in more info regarding individual choice and the obfuscation of authorizations versus approvals… just check out the link.


    In the meantime enjoy some Sevad (read the lyrics).

    Then a little Mesus on the side.

  5. from Citizen Free Press
    CAUGHT ON VIDEO — ‘We need to be more scary to the public, we need to inflate the real Covid numbers’…

    “Zoom meeting from a hospital in North Carolina with Dr. Mary Rudyk and Carolyn Fisher discussing inflating Covid numbers by counting recovered patients as active Covid patients.”


  6. I thank God for all those in our nation’s history who fought for the freedoms here in America! All gave some! Some gave all! Thank You American Soldiers!!!

    Isn’t that why people from everywhere else were so inspired to come here? People fought wars and shed their literal life’s blood so Americans could dwell in the land of the free. They were fighting for our safety while we pursued the American dream!

    Those who scorn the freedoms we have here are NOT American. I AM NOT REFERRING TO RACE OR IMMIGRATION STATUS.

    Once you accept a forced (mandated) vaccine you can FORGET YOUR PERSONAL FREEDOM.

    We have ALL been lied to and A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND! As TRUE Americans we MUST STAND TOGETHER AGAINST FORCED ANYTHING. Remember this is the land of the free.

    After you say yes to forced vaxxing ….will it will be forced abortion ? Wouldn’t that be a shocker? And here’s the real shocker, a forced IDENTIFICATION TRACKING CHIP ? AND YOU WONT BE ABLE TO BUY OR SELL WITHOUT IT. Any of that sound familiar now? This is a WAKE-UP call!

    Remember that MARK OF THE BEAST prophecy in that 2000 year old Bible that you all said was a fairy tale? It’s looking pretty relevant now!

    Everything that’s happening right before our eyes is end times prophecy. Jesus Christ REALLY is coming back! These really ARE the last days!

    Find a Bible believing church and ask them to explain it to you. It’s all in the Bible!

    Christians love you enough to tell you the truth!! Repent OR perish. See the Ten Commandments Exodus20 in The Holy Bible. Please don’t wait to make things right with The Creator because none of us is guaranteed tomorrow. Repent!!! from your sins! Turn from them.Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. Get baptized. Live a life worthy of repentance. Go to a Bible believing church.

    And Christians examine yourselves. Lay down your sins! Purify yourselves and get oil for your lamps! We also must repent. You know judgement begins in the house of The Lord.

    Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life AND Jesus is the only mediator between God and man.

  7. Our lives and economy are dependent upon a healthy population…not being vaxxed for Covid 19 is totally counter intuitive/productive in this regard. Covid 19 and its variants are still here due in part because of anti vax rhetoric. Covid 19 is not the Flu people get regularly. I don’t want you or your children to become ill, but impeding the process of getting everyone that can possibly become less susceptible to Covid 19 through a simple shot (or two) will continue keeping our health and economy in the dark (think medieval beliefs/fears/fails).

  8. god bless you my “local” brutha from the utha mutha!

    ps to you brutha wang chung (wasn’t that a popular song?).
    the stabs are way beyond the 2nd stab.
    dig in to the intel of Israel. they are thinking the 4th and so on.
    ask yourself a question. is it a f*ck up on the part of the science in developing the so called “vax”, or is it the plan of the of the fauci/gates/ccp plandemic?

  9. Oh, my word. I thank the Universe that social media were not around in the 50s, 60s, and 70s or we’d still have Smallpox (which killed a third of those who caught it) and Polio to worry about. I had to be vaccinated to attend school. I was revaxxed for everything when I started teaching because it was important to me to hold a safe space for the kids I worked with. I had to be certified free of TB to work in a school setting. Of COURSE medical personnel and first responders need to be vaxxed because they interact with vulnerable members of the public on an hourly basis. If they refuse they they should be fired.

    • I refuse any violation of my body and my Constitutional guarantees. I am retired. Try and fire me. Oh wait, there are calls to block my Social Security pittance and my Medicare. Will my grocery store refuse me entrance?

  10. The study found that from March 2020 through early January 2021—before vaccination was widespread, and before the Delta variant had arrived—the proportion of patients with mild or asymptomatic disease was 36 percent. From mid-January through the end of June 2021, however, that number rose to 48 percent. In other words, the study suggests that roughly half of all the hospitalized patients showing up on COVID-data dashboards in 2021 may have been admitted for another reason entirely, or had only a mild presentation of disease.


  11. The devolved snowflakes just like a reason to tribulate and steal from businesses. Have a Saturday afternoon party. The amusing part is- they don’t even eat the food they steal. They’re more the beercan on the head crowd. At least now we see their faces… whatever you do- when TSHTF if you’re an armed prepper do NOT let them in your bug out place. They obviously have no common sense, and are emotional wrecks.

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