Sunday, February 5, 2023

County of Mendocino Seeks Input from Fire Survivors About Disaster Recovery Efforts

The following is a press release issued by Mendocino County’s Prevention, Recovery, Resiliency and Mitigation Division:

The statue of a cat gazes over the remains of a home during the Hopkins Fire [Picture by Matt LaFever]

The Prevention, Recovery, Resiliency and Mitigation Division (PRRM) invites residents of Mendocino County, past and present, to complete the Recovery and Resiliency Survey!
Responses to the survey will help PRRM track the recovery progress, assess unmet needs in the community, improve future disaster recovery efforts, and plan future recovery and resiliency projects.

The survey is available now and responses will be collected until September 15th, 2022.

Please visit:

Or scan the QR code included in the flyer below to complete the survey.

If you were impacted by the following wildfires, we need your input!

  • 2017 Redwood Complex Fire
  • 2018 Mendocino Complex Fire
  • 2020 August Complex Fire
  • 2020 Oak Fire
  • 2021 Hopkins Fire

For additional information, please contact PRRM at:




  1. The State should take some money out of their billion dollar surplus and subsidize the homeowners who’s home owners insurance has been severely impacted by these firs; many arsons and many caused by PG&E and mismanagement of forests instead of the State taking our tax dollars and subsidizing billion dollar corporations like PG&E. Tens of thousand ms if not more have lost their home insurance due to no fault of their own. The insurance has gone up over a thousand percent in five years. People ask why the rents have risen so high in this county and put their heads in the sand to the causes. The County raises the Property Tax every year. The citizens of this county voted in a UUSD Bond for 150,000,000 and four other fire and Mendocino College Bonds to go directly into the home owners. For my one house alone the UUSD bond is 1,250. Every year. That is thousands of dollars added to every single home along with the thousands of dollars in property taxes that keep going up. There is no way that people are going to rent their home at a loss. These costs are passed onto the renter. If you don’t want high rents or property taxes then stop voting in Bonds. Make these government or government subsidized agencies balance their budget like every family in the county is forced to do.

  2. Why don’t they just take a drive out Redwood Valley towards Tomki and Fisher Lake and assess for themselves how the rebuilds are still in progress 5 years later with dead trees all up and down the road. The portion of survivors who’ve moved back still working to rebuild and move on every day, and empty lots where neighbors used to live still sit.
    It’s all about mental health availability.

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