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Jon Dewey Named Pomolita Middle School Principal

The following is a press release from Ukiah Unified School District:

Pomolita Middle School’s new principal Jon Dewey [Photograph from UUSD]

Ukiah Unified School District proudly welcomes Jon Dewey as the new principal of Pomolita Middle School. Mr. Dewey grew up in Redwood Valley and Ukiah, CA, and he attended Ukiah Unified schools throughout his primary and secondary education. His college educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in history and education and an MBA from Kansas Wesleyan University, followed by an Education Specialist degree and School Administration Certification from Arkansas State University. Jon also played football at the college level, and he served as the head football coach at Ukiah High School.

After receiving his degree and student-teaching in Kansas, Jon began his career as a Social Studies teacher at Pomolita Middle School. He then served as principal of the Ukiah Independent Study Academy and assistant principal at Pomolita. After serving as interim principal for part of the 2022-23 school year, Dewey was recently named Pomolita Middle School principal.

When Mr. Dewey went to college in Kansas, he had no intention of becoming a teacher. “My major was History, but my counselor placed me in an education class in college because it fulfilled an elective. I had no interest in education or teaching at the time, but I quickly realized that I loved it, and education became my major,” said Dewey. “I understood the biggest impact I can have on the world around me is to teach and help students realize their potential.”

Jon pours his heart into everything he does. As a lifelong athlete, he is constantly honing his skills and reflecting on how he can improve outcomes for the students he serves. Jon’s deep commitment to his job and the Pomolita community is apparent. “It’s all about the people who work here and the culture. It’s a fantastic place, and I am excited to serve our students, families, and staff every day. I look forward to continuing the great work going on at Pomolita,” he said. 

Dewey said, “As Pomolita principal, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to inspire and guide young minds during such a crucial period of their lives. I am excited about fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment, creating a culture of excellence, and helping students develop the skills they need to succeed both in and out of the classroom.”

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Jon and his wife, Ashley, have two daughters, Hunter and Laken, and recently welcomed Sutton, a newborn son. Jon enjoys spending time with his family and friends when not at work, and he is also a huge football fan.

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  1. Prayers for Jon and his family. Glad the school is getting someone that is going to make sure kids get an education.
    God is our kids and the school staff. Bring prayers back in our schools.
    Thank you

  2. Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Derick. I sent you two videos that kind of feature the violence happening at the local junior high school, and I’ve been in numerous times to speak with principal Dewey, and it was obvious that he was shocked and surprised at the sheer volume of videos that were circulating. He claims that there has only been three or four fights in the past four months and he couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s 3 to 4 fights a week at that school, and the kids don’t report it and they’ve created a subculture that promotes this violence, and I have a lot to say, and would love to go on record with it. In the video of the two girls fighting and the smaller and more docile girl getting her head bashed in repeatedly, it was obvious that the fight was premeditated, and the oppressor had already had her friend waiting to film it and that girl only got suspended for two weeks while the other girl went to the hospital for concussions and damage to her face obviously. I have told the principal, Mr. Dewey, that if these fights continue, and if my children are subject to the viewing of them, then the school needs to provide trauma therapy for all of its students who have normalized such brutality. This is what our children are growing up with, and they’re looking forward to these videos and it’s a sadistic release of dopamine and the beginning of trauma and addiction. I am also the father of three teenagers. I just want somebody to address these issues because the school isn’t. And there’s so many good kids that are being abused by each other and the system and something needs to be done. There has not been one meeting called forth for parents to talk about the violence that is happening at the school and there’s been no offer of therapy provided. Thank you for listening.

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