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Overdoses, Drug Dealing, Human Trafficking: A Tenant’s Experience at Ukiah’s New Low-Income Apartments—Letter to the Editor


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Dear Editor,

I am a tenant at the newly built Orr Creek Commons II, Redwood Community Housing Development Corporation property. In the year this property has been operated, we have experienced a whole lot of issues. Most common are drug overdoses multiple times a week, drug manufacturing in some of these apartments, lack of management even though she lives on site, retaliation and verbal assault by program directors, and lack of services that are in our lease yet have not been provided and an utter lack of responsibility by RCHDC.

There are several types of sponsored housing services that tenants work with but the moment many moved in those services were dropped allowing human trafficking, drug dealing and manufacturing, and a wide variety of criminal activity.  

Mendocino County recently received a lot of funding to provide much-needed housing, mental health services, and drug reduction services, and nothing is being done to provide these services.

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We would like to get this lack of support brought to a more public level and some accountability happening. In the name of the Harm Reduction Policy that this county has taken it puts more harm on the shoulders of our community members as a whole. Their No Harm allows extremely harmful substances and activities everywhere you look. Mental health and drug abuse are at an all-time high in this county. 

Would MendoFever be willing to write a story about our tenant concerns that go unhealthy with? Would the paper be willing to be part of a solution rather than part of the situation?

Beth Planer, Tenant

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  1. Thank you! I had just picked up an application for a loved one who has over come a LOT of obstacles and some barriers as well. (??Praise God, Jesus answers prayer ?)

    This person has managed to hold a job, stay off drugs, and out of trouble for a couple years now. This person desperately needs housing but not enough to move into that mess!

    And meth cooking?!!! CALL THE POLICE!

    I will tear that application up and throw it in the trash!

    • Presumably you’re railing against “the left” for this situation but tell me, when has “the right” ever given the slightest s*#t about the working class.

      • Didn’t your mommy teach you to not assume things? I don’t swing either way. Misspent money is happening on both sides. If we can stop the “catch and release” I’d feel a bit safer with even simple things like my wife going grocery shopping or even taking and evening walk. Defund the politcians….right and left.

    • I have a lot I can say to this. Some nice and some not so nice. I will try and keep it civil. We need housing for all walks of life’s. Unfortunately with the marijuana industry it has driven property and rental prices up. And not to mention inflation doesn’t help any. Marijuana is drying up kinda but rentals and properties are still out of reach for many. Then there was “covid” the lively governor made it known people who got laid off from work didn’t have to pay rent. So landlords were at a loss. Not fair to them they have payments also. Well the lovely governor didn’t undo that until it was too late and people were having to sell their homes.
      Then the loss of jobs during covid didn’t help many people became homeless and haven’t recovered from that. Oh then there is the open border which not only brings more people but it brings the drugs that are making zombies out of people.
      So needless to say this county is a mess and until WE THE PEOPLE stand up and speak out about it nothing will be done.
      This issue is just a small part of what is really going on and there are very good people out there doing what’s right and hoping for a safe place to call home.
      So instead of saying welcome to California where helping bums and meth heads is more important you should thank the governor for his soft on crime and sanctuary state policies. He’s the one that is to blame for all this. #recallNewsom

  2. I knew this was going to happen at ground breaking. The was even a murder there the first year if you would recollect. I do believe it was the on-site manager’s boyfriend that got stabbed so you might add murder in with the drug trafficking, drug distribution drug, making human trafficking and everything else that goes on there that place is a joke and so is harm reduction and low barrier. Stupid penalties and accountability consequences seem to work as my whole life growing up but I’m 60 years old shit they don’t even have to do their own laundry at the Homeless shelter and staff does it for them. The old walk around all those blocks in around those apartments. Like zombies rocking back-and-forth doing backbends that are almost humanly. Impossible thanks for fitting ojoke and so is harm reduction and low barrier. Stupid penalties and accountability consequences seem to work as my whole life growing up but I’m 60 years old shit they don’t even have to do their own laundry at the Homeless shelter and staff does it for them. They all walk around all those blocks and around. There’s apartments like zombies rocking back-and-forth doing backbends that are almost humanly. Impossible thanks to fentanyl. at least on heroin people stayed in them selves and hidden.

  3. Are you a
    Sure she wanted this letter to be published? Or was it just sent to you requesting help ? Seems that with retaliation being a issue this letter may cause her issues at her home.

  4. Thankful she wrote the letter, and that it was published. Would like to see the place investigated, a new manager, and RCHDC held accountable! Good job Mendofever

    • I am homeless and have been since my mother died in the jail,iv been sined up to get housing through mcgavin, manzanita and the cdc this year it will be 9 years iv been homeless, iv been , assaulted physically, had everything taken from me by mcgown more than once and i am currently one of the people who are walking the creek behind the apartments, no one has been human trafficed by anyone but them selves, there is mo manufacturing going on or the property would have been completely closed because it would have been condemned . And i believe it to be atrocious for people to refer to other human beings who are unfortunately condemned with the disease of addiction to be called meth heads or anything other than somebody who’s sick. But thsts just my opinion, I need help in meany areas of my life , but at least i can say that everything i do in my daily life is to help someone else, nothing is perfect the frist time around and not everybody can admit when they need help antway im getting off topic my point is whats done is done what has already been published can’t be taken back if everyone could take a second to stop and take a breath reflect on there part learn from it and atleast try to do better tomorow the problem would work its self out .but slandering people , complaining about something that your not willing to help be part of a solution and pointing the finger is only going to have 3more fingers poiting rite back at you so any way im going to close this with the hope that tomorrow anyone reading this will wake up with the thought of only doing things that will make them be a better person today than they were yesterday.

  5. So if you’re homeless but you’re trying really hard to redeem your life and working every day, but are still low/single income and have a criminal record you’re trying to overcome, where should you apply for housing at?

    If you DON’T want to be living around drugs and rampant criminal behavior, where can you go? Everybody should have housing it’s true, but there should be enforced expectations that correlate with improving one’s life.

    There’s a church right next door. (To the church, there’s your mission field. ??? Let your light shine people of God.)


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