Saturday, July 20, 2024

KZYX Benefit Screening of ‘The Unredacted’ Documentary Followed by a Q&A With the Filmmaker

The following is an event submission from Stuart Campbell:

You’ve heard about them but you haven’t heard from them.

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Meg Smaker seeks to understand the world’s “evildoers” in this series of interviews with former jihadis in the world’s first terrorist rehabilitation center.

Imprisoned in Guantanamo for fifteen years, four al-Qaeda-trained Yemeni fighters travel to Saudi Arabia to learn what it means to be free…and not so free.

Interview and Q&A with the filmmaker following the screening.

This is a benefit for the KZYX Building Fund.

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Tickets on sale September 1st
General Admission: $25.00

Mendocino Book Company, Ukiah
Mazahar Boutique, Willits
Harvest Market, Ft. Bragg
(Cash or check only)

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Contact: Stuart Campbell
(707) 509-9206

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  1. I agree with Joan. Sound of Freedom would be better to show.

    Maybe show the movie about offshore windmills, Thrown to the Wind, too.
    Huffman wants offshore windmills in Humboldt Bay. This movie can shine a light on something that can affect local communities, killing whales and ocean life to put in giant offshore windmills.
    The east coast is having a great number of whales wash ashore since the ocean floor exploration for windmills began. They also have dolphins and sharks washing ashore.
    The onshore windmills aren’t so environmentally great, either. They kill a lot of birds, especially raptors. They also catch fire and cannot be put out because the windmills are so tall.
    Beside being an eyesore, this is a subject the green energy companies, lobbyists and zealots don’t want to talk about, the environmental destruction by windmills, as well as large solar farms and the making of EV batteries. There are pros and cons to everything.



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