Last Night, Law Enforcement Responded to Ukiah Hotel Regarding Suicidal Subject Armed with Knife

The following is a press release issued by the Ukiah Police Department

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On 5/21/21 at approximately 1816 hours, UPD officers were detailed to a possible  domestic violence incident at Motel 6 (1208 S. State St.). Officers were advised the  female half of the incident was believed to have been injured during the altercation.  While in route to the location, officers were advised by UPD Dispatch that the male  suspect had possibly cut his own throat with a knife.  

Three UPD officers arrived at the above listed location and contacted the male subject  standing in the parking lot. The subject was holding a knife to his own throat and was  yelling that he was going to kill himself. The officers could see that the subject had a  small amount of blood on his neck from a minor self-inflicted laceration.  

The officers attempted to calm the subject and asked him to put the knife down. The male refused to listen to the officers and advised the officers he was going to force them to  shoot him. The subject repeatedly walked towards the officers with the knife in his hand  and repeatedly said he had done things that he could not take back.  

Believing an involved female was still on the property and possibly injured, the officers  requested MCSO deputies respond and check the male subject’s hotel room for any  injured persons. MCSO deputies arrived on scene and searched the hotel, but did not  locate any injured persons. UPD officers requested a mental health professional respond  to their location and attempt to speak with the male. While waiting for a mental health  worker to arrive the male again began advancing on the officers while wielding the knife.  One officer deployed his taser at the male but it had no effect on him.

A mental health professional arrived a short time later and attempted to contact the male  subject from a safe distance. The male would not communicate with the mental health  worker and continued to make threats to attack the on-scene officers. While the subject  was distracted by the mental health worker, a UPD officer deployed a second taser at the  male subject. The taser was effective and caused the male to drop the knife and fall to the  ground. Officers immediately ran to the subject and safely detained him.  

The male was transported to the AHUV Emergency Room where he was placed on a  mental health evaluation hold.  

The male subject sustained a small laceration to his forehead when he fell to the ground  after the taser was deployed at him. As mentioned earlier, the subject had a minor self inflicted laceration to his neck, but it was not life threatening. No officers were injured  during the incident. It was later determined the male subject had been involved in a  verbal argument, but an act of domestic violence had not been committed.  

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