Monday, May 16, 2022
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Mendocino County Cannabis Code Enforcement Abates 777 Plants Across Eight Properties


Mendocino County’s Code Enforcement began publishing cannabis code enforcement efforts in May 2021. MendoFever will be republishing these releases for the public:

An unspecified cannabis cultivation site photographed by Code Enforcement

In the Months of July and August 2021, the Mendocino County Code Enforcement Division conducted investigations regarding non-permitted commercial cannabis cultivation at the listed locations below. Any cannabis cultivation over the Medical or Adult Use exemption limit is considered commercial cultivation. Please see the Mendocino County Code (MCC) Section 10A.17 for additional information.

Code Enforcement investigations confirmed that commercial cannabis cultivation was occurring without either a County Cultivation Permit or a State Cultivation License, and/or cannabis was being cultivated in violation of MCC Sec. 10A.17 requirements.  It was determined that were significant community quality of life concerns in these neighborhoods. The responsible parties abated the cannabis plants being cultivated after Code Enforcement engagement.

7/20/21 – 10500 Block of West Road – 287 Cannabis plants abated

07/22/21 – 10700 Block of West Road – 214 Cannabis plants abated

07/23/21 – 2000 Block of Pepperwood Court – 60 Cannabis plants abated

08/10/21 – 1400 Block of Road D – 11 Cannabis plants abated

08/18/21 – 700 Block of Conrad Road – 98 Cannabis plants abated 

08/18/21 – 2300 Block of Rancheria Road – 9 Cannabis plants abated 

08/19/21 – 2900 Block of Road I – 93 Cannabis plants abated 

08/26/21 – 6200 Block of Walnut Lane – 5 Cannabis plants abated

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  1. They are scared to stop the cartel so they go after the small farmers just trying to get by.

    Even eradicating 100 plants is soooooo ridiculous.

    Especially when we don’t have an actual medical program and the cannabis grown is all for recreation… which is even more ridiculous!

    Yeah guys we have a million problems in this county, but small time cannabis ain’t one!

    I want to know about the meth labs being busted and all the kilos of meth they destroyed. OH WAIT THEY DONT DO THAT.

    What is going on with the hunt for fentanyl dealers in our county??? OH WAIT THEY DONT DO THAT.

    Let’s find out how many rapists they have investigated …. OH WAIT ONLY IF THE PERSON IS WELL KNOWN..

    BUT oh right, HEY! So this elderly lady is growing some pot…
    …… let’s harass her and destroy her medicine that she grows for herself and her sick husband.


  2. Beyond stupid we have so much coke, meth and heroin out here and y’all wanna go after majiuanna 😤😤😤🙄🙄🙄🙄 this government and it’s priorities is a joke

  3. What is this about? What happened to the rules and regulations put in place in 2017, 2018,2019? Bunch of bullshit! They eradicate whoever they feel like eradicating! We were vetted and grandfathered into the program with the county and state of California and it didn’t matter to the sheriff’s department. The CDFA didn’t do anything to make sure real, legal licensed and compliant cannabis businesses were safe from this bullshit, and that is why we took those mother fuckers to Federal court! We should be the poster child for this Rico case against mendoncino county! We were done dirtier than anyone!!


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