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Person of Interest in Gualala Attempted Home Invasion Streaked Last Year’s Super Bowl

Yuri Andrade [This photo was sent to us with a tip that Andrade was somehow connected to a home invasion attempt in Gualala. This has not been confirmed. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department will only say that Andrade is a person of interest in the incident]

On the afternoon of Tuesday, January 18, 2022, law enforcement descended on a rural Gualala home after reports emerged of multiple armed men making entrance into the home on the 45000 block of Seaside School Road. The victim reported seeing an AR-15 rifle and reported a man named “Yuri” was trying to kill him. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office later identified a man named Yuri Andrade as a person of interest in the circumstance.

Andrade is no anonymous member of a rip-off crew. In a hail mary of a crime story, Andrade made national headlines a little less than a year ago when he wore a one-piece pink leotard and streaked last year’s Super Bowl between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Yuri Andrade after his arrest for streaking the Super Bowl [Mugshot from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office]

An article by USA Today’s Tom Schad sheds light on the day of the infamous stunt. Andrade reportedly jumped the fencing between the field and the stands on the stadium’s north side during the fourth quarter and ran across the field, dodging and stiff-arming security staff until he was finally tackled and arrested. He was booked into the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office that night charged with misdemeanor trespassing.

Andrade’s game plan to streak the Superbowl was not just motivated by exhibitionism. According to Front Office Sports, Andrade bragged about winning $375,000 after placing a prop bet with online sportsbook Bovada with +750 odds based on the question “Will a fan run on the field during the game?”. Andrade claimed to have contacted several friends to place the maximum bet of $1,000. After learning that Andrade has essentially rigged the win, Bovada would void the win and never pay out the winnings.

Andrade told USA Today Sports that he knew he would be arrested for these antics and was not sure if he would contest the charges. He said, “It was just a joke between friends, pretty much. It was nothing crazy like I was trying to harm anyone.”

Yuri Andrade after her 2016 arrest in Gualala for multiple cannabis-related felonies [Mugshot from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office]

A self-described entrepreneur and influencer, Andrade’s one-piece bathing suit he wore was emblazoned with a “Vitaly Uncensored” logo, a pornographic website owned by Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, a Russian-American YouTube star. Zdorovetskiy is well known for his feud with Logan Paul and his outlandish pranks and stunts. At one point, he was actually arrested at gunpoint for a kidnapping prank gone wrong.

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As per a booking log in the Ukiah Daily Journal, in 2016 Andrade was charged by MCSO with multiple cannabis-related felonies including suspicion of marijuana cultivation and processing, and possession of marijuana for sale, all felonies.

According to Andrade’s website TheStreaker.net, a bio section states he moved to California in 2013, “with $400 in his pocket, and got a job working on a commercial fishing boat, following one of his passions.” There he also learned how to “grow and trim marijuana.” Andrade was said to be fascinated with the “Green Rush” “so he invested his time working 18 hours days, 7 days a week for two years, learning all facets of the field.”

With these skills in hand, Andrade reportedly purchased a 40-acre property but found as new laws went into place in 2016 he could no longer grow in the same amounts, and “the process became too complex.” Knowing the business, Andrade’s website claims he moved into consulting “providing guidance for investors who had more to invest” where he was able to guide his marijuana investors “to become profitable in just one year.”

There are a number of posts on Andrade’s Instagram that show the rugged shores of what appears to be the Mendocino County Coast. One of the posts depicts Andrade in a plot of trees that closely resembles the foliage of the Mendocino County coast captioned with the phrase “plottin on a mili u Ridin w me?”

How it has come to be that this self-described cannabis consultant, entrepreneur, and influencer has found himself wrapped up in cannabis and/or cash robbery attempt is unclear. Maybe his luck ran out and the bottoming out of cannabis prices left his investors dissatisfied? Regardless, let it be known, there were no reports of any man wearing a pink one-piece running away from Tuesday’s home invasion.

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  1. You said at the end of your article;
    “there were no reports of any man wearing a pink one-piece running away from Tuesday’s home invasion.”
    And I say… ok, but I can’t stop wondering… WHO shows up to commit premeditated robbery in WHITE PANTS❓❓❓

    This question has just been nagging at me! I would think he wouldn’t want to get his white pants dirty in case there was a scuffle😅but that’s just my thinking.

    And I’m only commenting because I’m glad nobody got hurt. Sounds like it could’ve been a really dangerous even deadly situation.

  2. Another menace to society. They are lucky that homeowner wasn’t a fellow “gun nut.” Had it been my house we would have had a fun day at the range. He’s gonna be visiting that grey stone chapel soon. And for many years hopefully.

  3. Propaganda 101 distract and redirect. A man in pink overtakes the Gualala story.. OJ Simpson media tricks.
    Please bring this story back to a pot robbery gone wrong if you are a true journalist.

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