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Enduring the Advancing Storm: The City of Fort Bragg Offers Guidance to Residents

The following is a press release issued by the City of Fort Bragg:

Waves battering the Mendocino Headlands. Two people can be seen on the bluffs providing a sense of scale [Picture provided by Wynter Rose Berlin]

Severe winter weather is expected to impact our community starting tomorrow, Wednesday, January 4, with the potential to create hazardous conditions across the County through Thursday. This weather system is still on track to deliver widespread Category 3-4 impacts and will include possible wind gusts in the 35-50 mph range. Moderate to heavy rain on the order of one to three inches for lower elevations and three to six inches across elevated terrain.

This is a friendly reminder to our residents to prepare and plan with their families. If you can, gather a three-day supply of food and water for each person along with items for any pets, as well as personal essentials such as medicine and clothing, a battery-powered or hand-crank radio, extra flashlights and batteries, and first-aid supplies.

Considerable outage activity is also expected this weekend and early next week as a series of impactful weather systems move through the area.

Monitor the potential PG&E outages here: https://pgealerts.alerts.pge.com/outagecenter/.
Should the power go out, the following locations will be available to charge electronic devices:

  • Fort Bragg Police Dept., 250 Cypress St.
  • City Hall, 416 N. Franklin St.
  • CV Starr Center, 300 S. Lincoln St.

Please be safe and be prepared. Updates will be made on the City of Fort Bragg’s Facebook
page and the City website.

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