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Authorities Searching for Man Presumed Dead After Falling Down Mendocino Cliffs and Soon After Washed Away

United States Coast Guard Helicopter searching the shores near Mendocino Headlands for a man presumed dead after falling off a cliff and washed away [Picture by Eric Lee Burch]

Multiple agencies are scouring the coast near Mendocino Headlands State Park after an intoxicated man reportedly stumbled down the area’s cliffs yesterday evening and was later washed away by waves.

State Parks Chief Ranger Loren Rex who oversees the Sonoma-Mendocino Coast District told us that around 8:30 p.m. last night an out-of-towner encountered a man on the bluffs above Portuguese Beach thought to have been drinking and showing signs of intoxication. This traveler would be the sole witness to the missing man’s fall into the Pacific. 

The out-of-towner told authorities the intoxicated man fell down the cliff, landed on the beach, and was subsequently washed out to sea. The reporting party told authorities that the last time he caught a glimpse of the now-missing man he was “floating face down in the water.”

[Picture by Eric Lee Burch]

Ranger Rex pointed us toward the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office for the identity of the missing man. He did tell us the missing man is known in the community of Mendocino and often seen in the area of the Mendocino Headlands.

At the time of publication, we are still waiting to hear back from MCSO and will update readers when the information is available.

Multiple agencies were deployed to search for the missing man beginning yesterday evening and continuing today. Ranger Rex said a Coast Guard helicopter and Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue’s unmanned aerial vehicle looked for any sign of the body from above. State Parks personnel and the Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department and others searched nearby shorelines and coves. Today’s search ended around 3:00 p.m. without any sign of the missing man.

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We asked Ranger Rex if the public should expect to see searchers in the coming days. He explained that when drownings occur in cold water the body usually floats for an approximately 24-hour window after which it sinks until decomposition gasses cause the body to reemerge around two weeks later. With this in mind, he told us search efforts would be dialed back while State Parks personnel would continue scanning the Mendocino Headlands, searching nearby coves and shorelines for any sign of the man. 

Range Rex asked the public to call law enforcement immediately if they see “a body floating in the water.” Call the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency dispatch at (707) 463-4086

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  1. This writing feels calloused, poorly thought out and lacks compassion or dignity, I hate it. It feels like it needs a trigger warning for how ridiculously devoid of human connection it is. This man was/is a huge part of our community deeply loved, honorable, and brimming with integrity. Amazing Fisherman, Brother, son, uncle, protector and great friend, Your writing attempts to reduce him to An ” intoxicated man ” and then you grossly speak about biological factors while OUR cherished community members’ family grieve. This is unacceptable and I feel you can do better. just fuck dude c’mon. #MightyQuinn

    • I agree that this article is dehumanizing and poorly thought out …..and you have dont this before…when we loose parts of our community its not everyday business it hurts our whole community when lossing people we love i think this needs to be considered with care these are not numbers these are people who are loved dearly….do better

  2. Incredibly insensitively written. This young man has a family and community that cared very deeply for him. No need to say intoxicated, why say that? No need for details about “after 24 hours..” etc. Sensational journalism neither needed nor appropriate.

  3. Sucks to read about a friend this way. RIP, buddy. Hope we can bring you home.

    Matt, maybe take a break from your “journalism” enterprise. You are all Fever and no Mendo. Grifting outsider? No bueno.

  4. Don’t listen to these whiny, woke fellers Matt. You wrote an article about a man that fell off of a cliff and more than likely is dead. Its sad. RIP. The end.

  5. Peace be upon him, and all of us. Not without struggles but a kind and loving soul among us; leaving a mother who loved her son, others who compassionately reached out to him, and grieve losing him and feel the pain of his loved ones. Peace be upon him and all of us.

  6. Sad end to a life, the article is concise and if it hadn’t been for an “out of towner” witnessing the man falling to his death no one would have known.The description is from the only witness . So what’s the problem with the writing?

  7. It is clear this man’s death has hurt many as has the information communicated in this article. I am sorry for your loss and if the information aggravated those feelings.

    I regret not clarifying reports of his intoxicated state came from a sole witness. I know the description of the body’s decomposition was tough, but necessary to understand why the extensive search was suspended after approximately 24 hours of searching.

    Sometimes the facts surrounding a circumstance are painful to those involved. It is my duty to offer that information to readers and allow them the opportunity to process the information as they see fit.

  8. Homie Quinn nobody loves everyone like you. Your heart is so big. To hear the ocean was your final embrace is both epic and tragic beyond words. We all wish to have been there to keep you away from those bluffs. You were there for many people in their time of need. You never forgot a name or a face. Once your friend always your friend. Laughing with Quinn was really the only thing worth time in Mendo. Dumb tourist should have helped you instead of just sitting there watching…

  9. To Matt LaFever…
    It’s NOT the necessary information that hurt those who love Quinn. It’s the unnecessary one and the cold hearted way it was written. How many times do you need to emphasize the fact that he was intoxicated, if even necessary at all? Do you really find the need to also give details of how a body floats and decomposes? Great freaking way to create a horrible vision for all the community mourning someone we loved. EVEN when intoxicated. He was a beautiful human being who always had big smiles and love towards everyone. You’re GROSS.
    Not only disgusting, but you’re a lousy writer utilizing the same words over and over and over.
    Shame on you!!!!
    Would you write a cold and insensitive article like this about someone you love?
    Please quit your job. Otherwise I hope you get fired. People like you shouldn’t be writing articles. ??

    • While we are at it let’s not refer to Quinn as he or him…we may hurt other people’s feeling. You know what we should take the word intoxicated out of the dictionary altogether.

  10. I don’t understand why so much backlash on the reporting of him being intoxicated? Is this some dirty secret that is to not be mentioned?? Are folks really that appalled by truth? Millions of people around the world struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. To sweep it under the rug and pretend it’s not a factor does not benefit ANYONE… alcohol will consume your soul and ANYONE can be taken by the spirit of the spirits… Instead of hiding from the inevitable truth that ALCOHOL kills (Quinn included) let’s normalize sobriety and living in our TRUTH. RIP Quinn, you were a good guy and you will be missed dearly. He was taken by the spirits and to deny that does a huge disservice to anyone else suffering in the same regard.

  11. Yes Quinn drank much but also The Mighty Quinn was always my friend. Everytime I made it to Mendo I looked for him.

  12. This is good reporting, just the facts as they come forth. Quinn was my friend but he was self distructive. I will always miss him in Mendocino but he is gone as all of us will be one day. Good by my friend.


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