Thursday, December 7, 2023

Mendocino County Public Health Issues Water Advisory for Caspar Beach Due to Infectious Bacteria

The following is a press release issued by Mendocino County Public Health:

Caspar Headlands [Picture from California State Parks]

The Environmental Health Division of Mendocino County Public Health received bacteriological ocean water quality sampling results for the week of October 17, 2023, that indicate that the ocean water quality at Caspar Beach does not meet State standards. The enterococcus bacteria levels in the sample taken on 10-17-2023 has exceeded acceptable levels.

Warning signs have been posted at Caspar Beach warning the public to avoid contact with ocean water due to an increased risk to human health. Contact with ocean water should be avoided for 50 yards on either side of the drainage entering the ocean. Caspar Beach is located just south of Jughandle and north of the lighthouse via Point Cabrillo Drive directly off of Hwy 1.

Caspar Beach will remain posted with the warning signs until water quality meets minimum standards specified by the State of California regulations. Environmental Health Division staff determine this safety standard based on bacteriological findings in their weekly water sampling.

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    • Agricultural runoff from where? I don’t know of any farming in the area. Since the health department didn’t specify which species of enterococcus bacteria was found, it’s hard to say for certain it’s source. “Entero” means relating to the intestine. They say 50 feet to either side of the drainage, so it may have come from one of the RV’s staying in the RV park. Possibly the source is farther up Doyle creek or even Casper creek. I’m sure they have a real good idea where the source is. That’s just my semi-educated guess.

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